Copa Star: A Luxurious Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

The last thing that you are expecting to see in a hospital is an elegant and expensive architecture. Today, the concept of hospitals has changed, and there are luxurious hospitals. One elegant hospital was inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro- the Copa Star.

It took three years for Copa Star to be completed and that is why it stands out with elegance and class. The hospital has combined class, quality service, and an excellent customer service. The architectural design resembles a five-star hotel with quality service.

If you are familiar with the Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, then you know that the elegance is nothing new. Copa Star has followed the standard concept that has been used on other hospital owned by the network. Copa Star stands on a 21,000 sq.ft. and has 155 deluxe patient suites, 59 Intensive Care Unit, and the nine operating rooms. They have also included hybrid rooms and also introduced the robotic medicine.

The hospital features state-of-the-art artwork from the famous Japanese Yutaka Toyota. It also features a restaurant that offers different cuisines. It took an investment of R$ 400 million to design the hospital. The primary focus for the hospital will be cardiology and neurology. The main goal of the hospital is to surpass the different hospitals in the same field.

They have included different technological features the iPads. All the patient rooms are fitted with iPads that they can use to control the various functions. They can control the curtains and the lighting of the room. In addition, the patients can use iPads to communicate with the doctors. The doctors, in turn, can also share the patient’s results with them. This has been made possible by the app that the hospital designed.

The other improvement has been in the ICU units. Most times the patients tend to get lonely and depressed when they are in these rooms. The hospital has therefore taken measures to makes sure that they are entertained. They have installed cameras at the tallest buildings. These cameras will then relay images on the big screens installed in the rooms.

Copa Star has qualified staff, and they undergo two-month training. They are trained to handle different situations that they face on a daily basis.

Rede D’Or Sao Luiz own the luxurious hospital. It is the largest operator of Hospitals in Brazil. Founded in 1977, the network has opened different hospitals in Brazil. They have made an impact in the medical sector. In 2010, the D’Or network opened their Institute for Research and Education. The main objective is to promote scientific advancement in the health sector. The institute coordinates the teaching and research activity. The Institute is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro.

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BMG Proudly Caters to Institutions and Individuals

Privately Owned
BMG is an institution that is controlled by the Pentagna Guimarães family. It is a privately owned institution. This is an experienced financial institution. The entire family is fully committed to the Brazilian financial industry. They have clearly shown their solid commitment since this institution was established in the year 1930. It is clear that this establishment does offer solid experience. BMG provides over 80 years of qualified experience to their clients. This privately owned financial institution is a trustworthy and knowledgeable business. BMG is trustworthy and credible in every way. This family has ensured that success in included for customers and the institution.

The Institution that Stands Out
BMG is a bank that has always stood out. This bank has shown the entire Brazilian financial sector their honest integrity. Include operational excellence and above average in their sales strengths. BMG is known nationwide. This financial institution has created a brand that does clearly have the ability to anticipate the movements in the major market. Up-to-date technology is included. This financial institution does stand out because it is competent and highly skilled.

Marcio Alaor and the Executive Team
The Vice President and Director of BMG is Marcio Alaor. He plays a major role within the entire executive team of the group at BMG. He is a dedicated individual with a strong commitment. This is a Vice President who is credible and highly skilled. He has a fine reputation. He is one of the very qualified and top managers. He is known worldwide. Alaor is assisting in leading BMG toward continued success. He enforces the services within customer funding. He also is well informed within payroll loans. Marcio Alaor is part of a highly skilled executive team. This team has a clear vision for the future. A plan for the success of BMG and the future is in place with a very high quality portfolio for the consumer. He has been the vice president since the year 1977. He does play a major role in the overall success and the continued success of BMG and for the valued customers.

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How To Choose The Best Lawyer For Your Lawsuit

Facing a legal matter in Brazil and need a lawyer fast? Are you searching for the most suitable lawyer to handle your case or advise you? Going through legal issues, no matter how simple or complex, can be a source of tremendous stress and inconvenience. The issue at hand cannot be resolved effectively without having a good lawyer on your side. A competent attorney will take appropriate steps to ensure that your legal rights are well protected. Having a powerful lawyer will give you the peace of mind you need during this time.

Before signing any document, it is vital that you have a clear written service or retainer agreement. The arrangement must set forth the agreement between you and your attorney as to charges and costs. Do not sign the document unless you understand it completely or if any one of the stipulations are not set forth fully.

The issue of legal fees always comes up during a consultation, in fact, right before you enter into an agreement to hire the lawyer. Make sure you understand how the lawyer bills and what you will be billed for. And it is absolutely important to understand the various fee structures used by attorneys, including hourly rate, flat fee, and contingency.

Below the flat rate fee technique, the entire cost is agreed upon in advance. This approach is used most often for certain activities, like preparing an operating agreement or an employee manual. Flat costs are seldom available in litigation cases unless they are discussed in a hybrid fee arrangement.

Below a pure contingency fee arrangement or fee structure, the fee is usually based on an agreed upon portion or percentage of the recovery after payment of the client’s out of pocket expenses. The client is eventually responsible for all out-of-pocket costs incurred.

Choosing the best business attorney is a matter of fully understanding your own situations, and finding a lawyer with the right expertise. If you are dealing with a business issue, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, an experienced Brazilian lawyer. Ricardo Tosto has been providing top notch services to clients in Brazil.

For more than 22 years, Ricardo Tosto has represented a multitude of clients, including individuals and businesses. He is regarded as one of the best litigators that Brazil has to offer. Mr Ricardo Tosto has great expertise in all aspects of business and corporate law and delivers outstanding performs. He is well respected and admired by his clients and peers. Check out Tosto’s Twitter page for more information.

BMG Bank And Social Entrepreneurship.

One decade is a long time in business. That’s how long Ricardo Guimaraes has been the CEO and President of BMG Bank group. The booming Brazilian economy has played a significant role in in the organic growth of organizations within the country.
BMG Bank’s progress has been planned with the oversight of Ricardo Guimaraes. When he took over in the year 2004, Brazil was starting to experience rapid economic growth. During this time, the company took advantage of low inflation costs and better quality of life for the population to attract customers.
To satisfy the rising demand for credit, BMG ventured into the consigned credit market. At this time, access to such credit facilities stood at about 23% of the gross domestic product. Today, BMG acknowledges its contribution to the current credit exposure percentage of 47% of Brazil’s GDP.
The consigned credit market has multiplied from a mere $6 billion to about $90 billion. Around the same period, BMG’s credit figured adjusted upwards from $2.5billion to almost $20 billion. This growth reflects the state of the economy and the thriving nature of consigned credit companies. The bank’s equity capital has seen a growth figure of over a billion dollars. The CEO attributes the success of the bank to the rich organizational culture of collaboration and cooperation by all stakeholders.
Being a pioneer in the consigned credit industry, BMG benefits from its affiliation with other multinational investment banks in the industry. These contacts give them unlimited access to advisory and funding mechanisms. BMG has also undertaken massive expansion drives lately. The development was achieved byopening up new retail banking centers complemented by local agent banking systems. BMG has also acquired several startups. None of these transactions would be possible without the necessary involvement of investment banks.
Ricardo Guimaraes career and social life have also changed in a similar way to BMG over the past decade. His expertise and impact in the industry has not gone unnoticed. Mr. Guimaraes has become an advisor to policymakers in Brazil. He also mentors youths and aspiring career people.
During his tenure, BMG has invested heavily in the cultural exchange programs within Brazil. The other social investments the firm actively makes include major sports events for soccer and volleyball. According to Guimaraes, these sponsorships develop the game while improving the companies branding and marketing strategies.
The strategic placement of the BMG bank within the fabric of the Brazilian society is apparent for all to see. It wouldn’t be possible without the guidance of the visionary Ricardo Guimaraes.

Litigating by Example in Brazil

Brazil is a country of great beauty and diversity and when it comes to law and litigation in Brazil, having an experienced lawyer that understands that diversity in essential. Brazil has prided itself on having a growing number of businesses that provide jobs to every class of citizen. Labor lawyers in Brazil have historically stood for equality and working as partners with businesses to foster a safe environment that is employment friendly but also advantagous to businesses.

There are numerous great lawyers in Brazil but Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho or, for purposes of brevity, Mr. Tosto as he will be referred to for the rest of this article stands out in the crowd because he is and has been a great entrepreneur and has advanced Brazilian law greatly. He started with humble beginnings in a small office and has never forgotten his roots. He traversed his way through corporate litigation firms and put those firms on the map as some of the best in Brazil.

Furthermore, Mr. Tosto has worked on the defense of many individual celebrities and companies that have national scale. He has also provided legal services to an eclectic mix of multinationals companies and politicians of all ideologicals which relects that diversity of his experience and the fact that he is a unifier not a divider. Mr. Tosto also likes to give back to the community as evidenced by the fact that he has provided pro-bono or “free” work for organizations that are clearly in need. Mr. Tosto is not adverse to conflict however, he has been in situations that have had great turmoil during the defense of his clients. During these instances, he rallys his team and has stated that her really does enjoy “the good combat” as he puts it. It should not be overlooked that Mr. Tosto has made a significant contribution to the creation of economic laws in Brazil that are pragmatic and fair to both workers and corporations alike. Mr. Tosto was the leading figure in the initial adoption of several innovative legal tools which turned out to become pervasive. From a mentorship standpoint, he has developed the majority of the current partners at his firm from their start as interns.

In conclusion, Mr. Tosto is a great example of what is great about successful lawyers in Brazil. They are passionate and compassionate at the same time towards both employers and employees. They operate strategically without becoming overly political or biased in any fashion. Simply put, Brazil law is an example that the rest of the world should follow.