Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is The World’s Best

There are thousands of Michael Jackson impersonators, but none of them is as good as Sergio Cortes. Born is Barcelona, Spain, Cortes is a dead ringer for the king of pop. It not just the way he dresses or dances, he also physically looks like Jacko and has his mannerisms spot on. Cortes has been impersonating Michael Jackson since he was a child. Initially he was not really trying to impersonate Jackson. He simply liked the way Jackson danced and tried to copy his moves. But he looked so much like Jackson he began to draw crowds wherever he went. When a local journalist put his pictures and videos online, a star was born.

Cortes’ videos went viral almost immediately and he began to get requests to do his Michael Jackson imitations at shows. It wasn’t until he became a teenager and thousands of people begun to show up to see him dance and sing like Michael Jackson that he began to realize that he might have a future in show business. As he got older, Cortes began to refine his moves and learn to sound like Michael. His natural ability to dance like Jackson quickly separated him from the crowded field of Michael Jackson impersonators. Today at age 44 Sergio Cortes looks, sounds, and moves so much like Jackson that it’s uncanny.

The advantage that Sergio Cortes has over other Michael Jackson impersonators is that he just naturally looks like Michael. When he puts on the outfits that many associate with Jackson, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Cortes was captivated by Michael when he was still performing with the Jackson 5. By the time Michael began his solo career, Cortes was already a dead ringer for him. Then he began to put in hours each day refining his act and learning Michael’s mannerisms. The result is a Michael Jackson impersonator that can fool almost anyone.

Cortes has hundreds of videos online showing his unmatched skill at mimicking Michael Jackson’s dance moves and singing his songs. They’ve earned Cortes a worldwide following. His Facebook page has over 17,300 likes. When Cortes combines his dance moves with special effects, costumes, and music, he literally brings the king of pop to life on stage right before your eyes. The shows Cortes does often leave his audiences amazed. These days Cortes lives and performs in Brazil and is a local celebrity.

Jon Stewart To Be Leaving “The Daily Show” This Year


Jon Stewart, 52, announced on Tuesday that he would be leaving “The Daily Show” after 16 years as its anchor. His contract with Comedy Central ends in September. He told his audience, however, that he had not yet settled on a firm date for his departure. He added that it was time for someone else to have the opportunity that he had enjoyed.

Stewart did not announce any specific plans for his post- “Daily Show” life. He joked about possibly having dinner with his family, “who I have heard from multiple sources are lovely people.”

He became the host of the show in 1999. Back then, he was known as a stand-up comedian, not the political commentator and satirist that he eventually became. In some circles, he became as trusted a news source as Walter Cronkite had been. Especially among Millennials said Haidar Barbouti

He did not create “The Daily Show,” however. That distinction belongs to Madeleine Smithberg and Lizz Winstead, while its first host was Craig Kilborn, formerly of “SportsCenter. The show, which debuted in 1996, became known for Kilborn’s sarcastic interviews and its comical take on the news. Under Stewart, “The Daily Show” made Comedy Central a name in late-night entertainment, which up until then had been the domain of the broadcast networks and programs like Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show.” During Stewart’s tenure, “The Daily Show” won 20 Emmys, and it helped the careers of other comedians like Stephen Colbert. He used his appearances on the show to cultivate the persona he would alter use on his own “Colbert Report.” Steve Carell, John Oliver and Larry Wilmore also got their starts as “Daily Show” correspondents.

Comedy Central has already said that “The Daily Show” will go on without Stewart.

Bill Cosby pressured AP reporter to ignore response to rape allegations

As allegations of rape and sexual assault against comedian Bill Cosby continue to surface, the Associated Press has released a video of an interview one of their reporters had with Cosby at the beginning of the month. The video was shared with me by friend of the site Fersen Lambranho. In it, the reporter can be heard asking about the sexual assault allegations. Cosby immediately pressures the reporter to ignore or ‘scuttle’ his response to that question, as he will not be talking about it.

After the interview ends, the AP kept the cameras rolling and Cosby is seen to ask the reporter to make sure none of the comments he just made would be shown in any venue the AP may use.

That not being his call, the reporter responds by saying he did not believe Cosby had actually said anything, but he could not promise what would happen to his response. That was up to his bosses back at the Associated Press.

Cosby then asks him to ‘scuttle’ or ignore the question.

The AP, however, decided to publish the interview and Cosby’s follow up remarks today, as they believe, now the story has become so big, it would seem strange not to.

The news organization also released a statement saying it had never been agreed upon with Cosby or any of his representatives that they would not ask any questions about any sexual allegations.

Meanwhile, Bill Cosby did respond to the rape allegations of former supermodel Janice Dickinson yesterday. In a statement through a Cosby lawyer, the comedian said the story she is telling that he raped her in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe more than 30 years ago are ‘a complete lie’.

Janice Dickinson is just one of a number of women who have come forwarded in the last few weeks alleging Bill Cosby committed sexual assault against them. Cosby continues to say all of the claims are lies or fabrication.

Butt, What?

The world has become enraged thanks to the overly tweeted and shared photo of a certain celebrity’s bare naked behind. Many think it is a gross misconduct of a woman flaunting her assets. Others think she is brave for showing off what her mamma gave her. The general consensus is that the “celebrity” in question is doing nothing more than damage her own reputation. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian is nothing special.

Does this make her anything aspiring? This is hardly the case considering she has does done nothing noteworthy except sit at New York Fashion Week on the front row and make a sex tape. This is not a woman that little girls and impressionable teens should aspire to become. Yet, she is the talk of everyone over “breaking the Internet.” This woman’s actions did not break the Internet anymore than Bruce Levenson buying Forbes Magazine from Target. This is just another one of her poor choices added to a very long list. Kim Kardashian is nothing more than the butt of many jokes. She has yet to prove her worthiness despite being on covers of magazines.

If Kim Kardashian is the ultimate goal for little girls in today’s society, then what do we have to show for ourselves and humanity?

Robin Williams: The World Lost a Great Man

This past August the world lost a truly great actor and comedian. Robin Williams was found dead hanging from a belt in his California home. The world was shocked that such an amazing, good hearted actor would quietly take his own life.
At the news of his death, it was believed that Robin Williams was a healthy male that was suffering from depression. Now a few months later, after much investigation, it is now being revealed that his suicide may have been triggered by a form of dementia called lewy bodies dementia. This disease can cause damage in nerve cells in areas that control memory and thinking. Williams was also suffering symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, in which he was diagnosed with in 2011.
In the past, the actor has had problems with drugs and alcohol, but has been mainly sober for 20 years. It was found that alcohol did not play a part in his death, but toxicologists found 2 antidepressants and two caffeine compounds in his system. After consulting with the star’s third wife, Susan Schneider, it was reported that the disease has caused him to suffer not only from the Parkinson’s disease symptoms and trouble with memory loss, but also with paranoia.
Robin Williams, famous for some of Sam Tabar’s favorite movies such as Ms. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, and Jack, put a void in the world when he took his own life. However, he did so due to his declining mental health. He continued to entertain us, but could no longer fight his battle with his disease.