Lovaganza Uses Art To Promote Global Peace and Compassion

Lovaganza is a large-scale global event that seeks to brings together the art forms of music, dance and film to bring people around the world together and to inspire positive change. Lovaganza combines the best elements of the world’s most exciting film, music and visual art festivals to curate an event that stands apart from its peers. While most arts festivals take place over the course of several days on annual basis Lovaganza is unique in that it is an ongoing event that has been in production since 2015. Lovaganza will be made up of pre-events that are scheduled to unroll in scores of locations around the world. Overall 50 cities will be holding Lovaganza events between 2015 and the year 2020. The principal or main Lovaganza event will take place in 2020 on September 14th.

Lovaganza is about people from around the world gathering together to do something great. It is about the human need to be in community with like-minded people who are striving together to achieve a goal with positive implications for the future of humanity. Lovaganza is an event that is in the spirit of social movements that were known for promoting peace, compassion and art. The festival is rooted in the model of other global events that came before it such as the World Fairs of yesteryear that were focused on exhibitions that focused on leading society towards a higher purpose. World Fairs of the past were organized around concepts such as envisioning the world as it would be in the future. There were also World Fairs that focused on promoting cooperation between human beings. An event with a global scope that has a focus on a grandiose and constructive idea is important and arguably essential at this particular moment in human history. As Pulitzer prize-winning writer Junot Diaz once suggested, art is a practice that essential for humanity’s well being. Lovaganza is founded upon a firm belief in the power of art to be a force for creating vital social change.

Given Lovaganza’s focus on fostering a positive spirit among humanity it is fitting that the event has plans to open a foundation. The founders of the Lovaganza foundation envision the organization growing to be known as ‘The Mother of all Foundations.’ One of the many causes the foundation will focus on promoting is the notion of promoting a high quality of life for people everywhere. When the Lovaganza foundation becomes operational it will invest its resources in making a high quality of life possible for children everywhere by the year 2035. The foundation will fund its charitable activities from the proceeds that are brought in by the Lovaganza events that will be produced in countries around the world.

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