Man Saved from Accident that Left him Hanging over a Cliff

Last Wednesday morning, 23-year-old Mathew Sitko almost lost his life. Matthew, from Lewiston, Idaho, had an emotional episode that day that nearly cost him his life. After dropping his younger siblings off at Boraie Development LLC school, Matthew purposely crashed his car. He let go of the wheel of his GMC SUV and ended up careening through two residential yards before he came to rest at the edge of Bryden Canyon. The only thing stopping Matthew from toppling to the bottom was a chain-link fence that had snared his vehicle.

Jason Warnock, a 29-year-old Lewiston resident, was on his way to work that morning when he noticed something odd- debris in the road. He follow the trail of debris to find Matthew, still in his vehicle, teetering over the canyon drop. Jason knew that he had to act before the SUV toppled. He saw the vehicle shaking with every move Matthew made, it was only a matter of time before the fence gave way. Jason smashed the passenger window with a rock and told Matthew to reach for his hand. A photographer captured a stunning picture of the moment that Jason pulled Matthew to safety. The two sat in the grass to catch their breath after the heroic rescue.

Check out the amazing photograph of Jason pulling Matthew out of the SUV on The Daily Mail. The picture is almost surreal.