Creepy and Bizarre Happenings in the Psych Ward


For centuries people have been drawn to the different or bizarre side of life. This could be why so many real life ghost hunters are drawn to closed down psychiatric wards like moths are to a flame. If ghosts do indeed stick around where they were troubled in life then maybe these ghost hunting moths are on to something. When it comes to creepy stories the workers in these psych wards have plenty to share.


Plenty of psych ward employees complain of how patients will use bodily fluids or feces as art materials, or for just flinging it for fun. This may not but creepy but it is really high on the gross factor. Creepy occurs when patients harm themselves. One story shared by a worker went beyond that creepy factor and launched itself right into nightmare territory. This patient took a fork and dug out his own eyes. While self mutilation is common in these places this patient took it to a whole new level.


Any scary websites can tell you that one of the creepiest sounds on the planet occurs just as the environment around us has gone silent. It could be a scratch on a window or an item falling in another room. When all of the patients in a ward are sleeping and suddenly you hear an unfamiliar voice speaking in a deep voice this goes high on the creepy factor. One worker in a psychiatric ward had the hairs stand up on her arms when a patient in the hospital did this. Not only did this female patient speak in a very deep voice, but the words she spoke were not from any decipherable language. When the worker went to check on the patient the worker panicked more when the patients eyes rolled back into her head as she began to scream.



Behind every whispered story, some piece of information is right, no matter how small it may seem. Rumors had it that Soros had financed the Blacks Lives Matter movement. Such a rumor had an adamant basis and could not just come from someone who did not understand the character of Soros. Rumors are just a series of words uttered and in that case an eavesdropper will only hear a part of and because they have no courage of confirming what they heard from who said, they pass the information as received to others. People’s belief in Soros’ capability to fund the movement was due to their view of him as a humane, caring man concerned with the well-being of others.

Being a survivor of the world war, George Soros was able to do what other people could not and rather perceive as impossible. He dedicated his efforts towards improvement of the quality of life for the financially unstable and ensured that justice was served. He participated towards the promotion of unity among communities through the exchange of culture between the blacks and the Westerners.

George Soros perceived there was a need to educate the masses, hence the establishment of the university. The education was meant to sharpen their wits hence would become less independent of their country for assistance and rather be resourceful. He worked towards the fulfillment of dreams by providing school fees for the promising students. It was meant to improve the morale of citizens from poor areas, hence would fully exploit their potential educationally.

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Soros is greatly concerned about the globe, and he is therefore contributed to its prosperity through writing books and essays. His books cover issues currently happening in the nation and will, therefore, provide guidance information for the current leaders at His expertise is based on open markets, globalization, politics, economy and philanthropy.

He has continued to promote the development of the nation compassionately. George Soros’ articles make the top headlines in the most famous global magazines as his information is up-to-date. There is the promotion of transparency because his ideas are stated in a clear and concise manner with no hidden crucial information. He has therefore become a success to his nation and to the world as a whole where his ideas are used to shape the countries.

Kyle Bass’ Recent Career Choices

Kyle Bass believes that there is 40-50% chance of a recession in the United States. Bass who is known for predicting financial trends. He is the founder and owner of Hayman Capital Management and made a fortune for himself when he predicted the global financial crisis that occurred between 2007-2008. He earned $ 4 billion by betting against the mortgages. In early 2006, he played a very crucial role in the eventual collapse and close of Bear Stearns. He gave a warning to the top company officials about the firms’ financial stability that was ignored. When he appeared at the Wall Street Week, he indicated that it was him who actually cast doubt in the firms’ balance sheet.

Stories about Bear Stearns leaked and its competitors used this information against it thus damaging its reputation. According to Kyle Bass, Bear Stearns, tried to leverage its balance sheet over 33 times with high risk mortgages. He says that they were either stupid or took the risks knowing the implications of it. The collapse of Bear Stearns led to what was later to be known as the Great Recession. If what was happening in Bear Stearns had not been leaked the firm would have been acquired by JP Morgan. Kyle Bass involvement and role in the collapse and final closure of Bear Stearns was revealed during the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission investigations and was also made public through its public records.

Despite being described as a genius in predicting the performance of financial markets, he seems to be making wrong career choices. The global financial crisis put him on the mark and people have been watching him closely. Questions have been raised on his career choices. Kyle Bass has recently been on the forefront defending Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. It is worth noting that Argentina has been experiencing some financial challenges with its President being accused of defaulting in the country’s debt in the past thirteen years. Kyle Bass says that attacking her is basically holding it hostage bearing in mind it’s a poor country.

He has also initiated campaigns that seek to discredit some drug patents and has lodged complaints at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. His ties with the late Chris Kyle and the subsequent legal suit against one of employees is a clear indicator of the downward trend of Kyle Bass career choices. It has been said that if his career was to fail eventually, he is likely to find solace in Argentina.

Kyle Bass: From Lucky Beginner to Bottom-Feeder

Kyle Bass was once known for his magical intuition for economics. In 2006 he started Hayman Capital Management, a hedge-fund out of Dallas. He quickly made a large fortune with this business venture, and it probably didn’t hurt that two years later he predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bravo Mr. Bass. Unfortunately, it appears that was all a case of beginners luck. Soon after, he seemed to lose his magic touch, and with it his credibility and, apparently, his scruples – if he ever had any.

Bass quickly became a bottom-feeder, in order to make up for the estimated 30% he lost in 2014, backing thieves, blaming innocent people and making those already struggling, struggle more.

UsefulStooges shows that Bass ardently backs Argentinian president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whom robs her own people and has defaulted on the sovereign debt of her country two times in 13 years. Her lack of economic savvy and her thirst for money has sent the country’s poverty levels soaring. However, at every wrong turn, Bass is there to make up some bogous excuse to back Fernandez.

Perhaps, most horrendously of all of Bass’ bad decisions lied in that with his alliance to GM. Over a ten year period about 303 fatalities were credited to a faulty switch that kept air bags from deploying in certain GM vehicles. OF course a lawsuit was brought forth. And in order to make good on his alliance with GM, Bass quickly sought to blame the victims of the accidents, saying they were probably drunk or weren’t wearing seat belts at the time of the accidents. He’s truly a gem.

Aside from boot-licking to line his pockets, Bass has also endeavored to swindle money out of multiple pharmaceutical companies, by challenging their patents after short selling their stocks. That means when the company’s stock goes down because Bass has tampered with its market, he makes a profit. Meanwhile, the price of medication sky-rockets to make up for lost cost, and money put forth by the pharma companies for research, goes down. Thus, people are unable to pay for the soaring prices of medications and treatment progress through research is slowed.

Unfortunately for the world, Bass is not only sleazy but sneaky, and he’s only out for himself.

Hopi Tribal Leaders Want To Stop The Sale Of Sacred Ceremonial Masks

The Hopi Tribe is getting a little tired of a Paris auction house selling their sacred items. The tribe’s leaders have asked the FBI and the Department of Justice to get the items back. The sacred items include ceremonial masks that are rarely seen. The Elders say the masks should never leave the reservation. But the French auction house, Estimations Ventes aux Encheres, has sold sacred Hopi items six times over the last couple of years. The items, according to the auction house, legally belong to the collectors that offer them for sale not the Hopi. A Paris court agrees with the auction house.

The Hopi have filed suits in Paris Courts to stop the sale of the items they call sacred Katsina Friends, but the French Courts have dismissed the cases because French laws do not protect indigenous people. Over 70 masks have been sold in France since 2013.

A charitable foundation bought 20 masks in 2013 and returned them to the Hopi, but because of French law more masks will be sold this year. The Hopi are still fighting, but this battle could be another major defeat for the tribe.

Bruce Jenner Comes Out on Vanity Fair

Looks like Kourtney and her sister are going to have some stiff competition in the beauty department of the family. Forbes wrote their father, has officially came out as Caitlyn. The Vanity Fair issue showed him/her on the front cover and looking really well. I just have one question for all this, if making you a woman changes your anatomy, it still can’t change your DNA right?

The fact is that Bruce Jenner was born a man. He has male DNA, which means he has the XY chromosomes inside his body. No matter what he does, he has no ability to alter his make-up. So he’s confused and he has been a woman trapped inside a man’s body, but the DNA doesn’t lie. I will admit that Jenner looks stunning in his/her new release photos that the magazine has displayed all over the internet. But the real problem is going to be his family. What does this mean for his daughters? Do they call him dad still, or now must they call him mom too?

It’s a very confusing situation and the public appeal of opinions is split right down the middle on it. It’s not a good feeling to be trapped, but it’s also weird to alter the very way you were made to try to fill a void inside. I just wonder if he thinks that this will make him feel better as a person.

The Controversy of Rebel Wilson’s Name and Age

Is it really that big of deal of shave years off your age, and reinvent your history to be successful in Hollywood? Apparently, Yes, you do need to fudge your life story in order to move ahead.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has become a source of controversy over her name, age, and a lot of her background story.

Wilson is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, but recently a former schoolmate outed her real age and name, which precipitated journalists to dig a little deeper.

Although the actress claimed her real name was Rebel, turns out her birth name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Did she lie about her name? Depends on how you look at it. People change their name all the time and when they do, they consider their new moniker the real name.

Business records were searched in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission that record Rebel’s birthdate as March 2, 1980, not not February 3, 1986 as claimed by Wilson.

InsiderMonkey even said that’s not so shocking, since many celebrities typically change their birthdate to appear younger.

Wilson has also claimed that she grew up an Australian ghetto, when in fact, she lived in Castle Hill, a upper class area of Australia, and attended Tara Anglican School, which is even more privileged than you think.

In recent days, Wilson has done her best to nonchalantly cover up this controversy with her comedy, but the tabloids won’t let it go. Headlines that yell out “Old As Hell” certainly explain why a celebrity would shave a few years off their age.

If you’ve seen Rebel Wilson in Pitch 1 or 2, and enjoyed her comedy, does her name, age, and background really matter?