New “Scandal” Gets Added To Lime Crime’s Velvetine Lipsitck Series

The popular cosmetics brand “LimeCrime” has added a brand new addition to their line of Velvetine lipstick products and its name is “Scandal”. It features the same formula used for the other products in the line including being completely vegan and free from any animal products with a new Violet color scheme.

According to the CEO Doe Deere “Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge & have that don’t-care attitude”. The company seems to be aiming for a more alternative group of women with Scandal. With enough eye liner and other makeup, this lipstick would be perfect for anyone aiming to have a more gothic look or for those who want to stand out and look, well, scandalous.

Lime Crime is a company that’s stationed in California which has been setting fashion trends for years now and that doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Given the nature of the brand and the products they create, it only sounds to reason that the best products to work with the Scandal lipstick are other Makeup products by the same company. A popular example being the “Trip Diamond Crusher”.

Throwing some black Venus eyeliner helps create a more gothic look for someone and really helps you stand out. If you’re looking to dye your hair with it, why not look at their “Gargoyle” line? There’s a large number of possibilities and any makeup combination you’re looking for, it is guaranteed that they can provide it. They’ve been preparing for this and it shows.

When searching for makeup, many people are becoming more socially conscious and concerned about our impact on our environment, in particular, the other lifeforms that we share our world with. Many makeup companies, little do many people know, actually use a variety of animal based products or use some form of animal cruelty to make their products.

For those who are concerned about that here, you’re finally in luck, as Lime Crime is a completely vegan animal cruelty-free makeup company. Not only are you going to be getting great products, but you’ll be getting great products without harming anyone else in the process. They are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny.