William Skelley Of iFunding Hailed As An Up And Coming Leader In The Real Estate Industry

Ifunding founder William Skelley is being touted as one of the future generation leaders in the real estate industry. Mr. Skelley was formally invited to the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. This a prestigious and exclusive group that features the brightest and best minds in the real estate industry who are coming up with innovations that are changing the way the industry functions.

The first annual gathering for the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders will take place in New York City and be hosted by the Columbus Citizens Foundation in Manhattan. The event is being lead and organized by Michael Stolter who is a director at real estate company Madison Reality Capital. Mike Stolter is also the host of a popular weekly TV business show called the The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report. The report highlights real estate and business deals that have occurred in the tri-state region. The tri-state area cover the regions of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut that are adjacent to New York City. The Stoler Report has been running for over fifteen years now. Besides William¬† Skelley of Ifunding, representatives from companies such as Cushman and Wakefield, Merill Lynch, the Carlyle Group and CIT will be present at the event.

Let’s take a look at William Skelley and why he was selected among the hundreds of real estate agents, developers and businessman to be inducted into the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. Skelley is considered to be a pioneer in the real estate industry. He combined the concept of crowdfunding with real estate investment and development to create a highly successfully idea and company. His startup ifunding has seen tremendous growth since being founded in 2012.

Ifunding is unique and new in the real estate industry for several reasons. First, it breaks the barrier of having to be an accredited investor or large institution with financial clout in order to invest in a real estate development project. The individual investor can now invest in projects that were once only available to accredited investors or corporations. The single investor can have a stake in world class projects with as little as $5000 to begin with. Another reason ifunding is unique is that it caters not only to the investors of a real estate project but to the developers as well. Real estate developers and construction projects can crowdfund capital for their projects. Ifunding creates a win-win situation for both investors and developers.  Check out iFunding on Twitter, and also Facebook where they have a big following.  William Skelley runs both accounts.