Georgia Televangelist Pulls His Plea For A $65 Million Jet From His Website

Creflo Dollar Wanted His Followers To Buy Him A Gulfstream G650 Jet

It’s strange, but somehow some televangelists think they are rock stars. They are rock stars that preach to hear themselves preach. The message of God is twisted in a mixture of fame, money and a narcissistic blend of “merda.”Creflo Dollar is just one of these bigger-than-life characters that travel and live in luxury at the expense of others. Dollar wants his followers to buy him a G650 Jet, which happens to have a three year waiting list because of its popularity with real rock stars.

Christian Broda has become aware that Dollar tried to wrangle $300 out of 200,000 followers to buy the plane, but all he got was backlash from people that were paying attention. Dollar doesn’t need a superjet to go back and forth from Atlanta to New York. Why doesn’t Rev. Dollar take the train or a domestic flight, and mingle with the people he wants to save? Why doesn’t he open that big Atlanta mansion where he lives in luxury, to people that need help?

There’s a huge amount of duplicity in the man called Dollar, and the preacher that claims to be a reverend. Perhaps his ostentatious lifestyle will expose the real Dollar. Mr.Dollar is walking and preaching on a dangerous path. That path has ruined several preachers before him.

Nina Pham Sues Dallas Hospital

Nina Pham, the nurse who became infected with Ebola last October, is now suing Texas Health Resources for “gross negligence.” Pham claims that her employer did not provide adequate preparation, training or controls for preventing the spread of the virus when hospital officials knew that the emergency was impending.

According to AnastasiaDate, Texas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was warned about the Ebola outbreak in August of 2014. When Thomas Eric Duncan was finally admitted to the hospital in September, Pham was given no choice in regards to caring for him even though she had not yet received any training on how to deal with Ebola. In fact, one of Pham’s supervisors printed information off the Internet after conducting a Google search and gave it to her to use as training material.

Pham was never given disposable clothing and her neck and part of her face were exposed as a result of the Texas Health Resources not preparing properly for an Ebola patient’s treatment. Worse yet, Pham noted that since she was not given disposable clothing, she also took home clothes that were likely contaminated with the virus. Supposedly, even as Pham was discussing End of Life options with her doctor, the THR PR team was telling the public that she was in stable condition. In fact, at one point, Pham claims that she was filmed and coerced into behaving positively on-camera to boost the hospital’s image.

What’s The Future of The Antique Wine Company?

Going with market information and demographic coverage, the Antique Wine Company can be ranked among the best performing companies in the wine industry. Since its establishment back in 1982, AWC has seen a vertical growth in not only its resource base but also in achieving customer loyalty. With the company serving more than 150 countries, AWC is currently reaching more than 20,000 customers from different parts of the world. You will not be surprised to realize that the AWC maintains the best physical premises as well as offering the best brands in the market. All these achievements have been possible courtesy of their able managers and CEO Stephen Williams. Their future is promising after its new expansion strategies kicked off.

Stephen Williams started the Antique Wine Company in 1982 specializing in rare fine wines also known as vintages. This is a market that had not been flooded with too much investment and for this reason, the Antique Wine Company has managed to navigate flawlessly. The successes of this company during their first decade in operation motivated more investors to venture in the same field. Competition can also be seen as a factor that catalyzed the efforts of AWC to keep their brand higher than what others could offer.

One of the biggest milestones the Antique Wine Company has managed to achieve is to get several awards for their outstanding performance. For example, they broke the world record for selling the most expensive wine bottle back in the year 2013. This was an additional benefit on their side because the publicity obtained from that release made their products more acceptable all over the world. The AWC has also been regarded as a mentor in the rare wine industry. As a result, they have been invited to several forums where they have guided upcoming firms in the same industry.

In 2013, AWC amalgamated to form AWC Global PLC, which is a UK public limited company. The main aim of this amalgamation was to create a favorable environment that could spur expansion and growth. With the acquisition and maintenance of a seamless IT network, AWC has been able to get information about different markets all over the world. Therefore, they hired Stuart Young and Philippe Guillot with the sole aim of expanding their operating staff as well as ensuring improved customer contact and retention. The company has been experiencing international expansion because of increased demand for rare wines all over the world.