Dr. Avi Weisfoge’s lCareer Milestone

Avi Weisfogel, born on 7/3/1972 in New Jersey, is an expert who specializes in treatment of disorders caused by sleep using dental formula. He holds a B.A. in biology and psychology from Rutgers University as well as DDS in dentistry from New York College of Dentistry respectively. Avi Weisfogel has made tremendous progress in his career after completing his education. This has enabled him to become a recognized specialist.

Despite working as a dentist for 15 years, he has had passion in treatment of disorders caused by sleep. This prompted him to venture into the world of sleep. Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s determination made him recognized for several years as the Best Dentist. He later created Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 that comprises of doctors all over the word and explained how sleep labs should be run.

Dr. Avis’ Approach to Sleep Apnea

In 2012, Avi was on the forefront of lecturing dentists on how to service and better patients with sleep disorders after creating Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. In the year 2014, he created Dental Sleep Masters with the aim of helping dentist to learn more about sleep apnea and its treatment orally. This has greatly been of help to other physicians who joined him by attending and treating more patients effectively. A combination of clinical support and high education level with advanced business ideas transform a doctors’ experience and practice.

Positive criticism and his approach to regional marketing enabled him to work harder and better his business. Praying, working hard, writing down any idea he thinks of, and being humble in his profession are some of the catalysts to his success. His love for family inspired him to help children who are vulnerable in the society

Technological Involvement in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Due to technological innovation, it has been easy for medical experts to tell the effects of sleep apnea. Dr. Avi believes that problems such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic heart failure, stroke, motor vehicle fatalities, injuries at workplaces, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular diseases are caused by sleep apnea. He has been working to ensure that this problem is addressed extensively, since more than 90% of patients suffering from sleep disorders go untreated. He is working to improving the lives of the community at large for both patients and medical practitioners.

Know more: https://americansleepandbreathingacademy.com/asba-members-directory/8774/avi-weisfogel/

The Innovative Services of Life Line Screening

Screening is an innovative method to detect illnesses and disease at an early stage, early enough as to prevent it from causing the patient further harm. Screening has been a way for people to detect life-threatening diseases and to treat them before they had started becoming worse.

A company located in the city of Independence in the state of Ohio has been doing screening for a few years now. The company is called Life Line Screening. Life Line Screening offers a number of services and kinds of screening. Preventative screening has been utilised more and more often over the course of the past couple of years as the successes of preventative screening have become more know.

The types of preventative screening that are being offered at the offices of Life Line Screening are ultrasound screening, finger – stick blood screening, limited electrocardiograph screening. Each screening has its own advantages and is used as a means to find out whether there is a carotid disease or not. Click here to know more.

The ultrasound screening indicates if there is a problem in the joints and the abdominal area. It will also find out if the patients are suffering from a Carotid artery disease. The finger – stick blood screening identifies if the patient is developing diabetes as well as heart disease. This preventative screening has a few methods, and each of them checks the patient for a different health problem. The types check for cardiovascular disease, a risk of diabetes, and one check for the levels of HDL and LDL. The Limited electrocardiograph screening is the preventative screening that will tell if there is an irregular heartbeat. That is a good way for the patient to know and act in advance because working in advance will prevent them from having a high risk of having a stroke.

YouTube: YouTube.com/user/lifelinescreening

Skills In Many Kinds Of Plastic Surgery

Any doctor can claim to be a top doctor in their field, but there are some who can actually prove it. Many doctors want to say that they are the best, but this is something that can easily be disputed, especially if a doctor has a lot of patients that are unhappy with their work. Texas is a state that is known for having everything big, so it shouldn’t be surprised that they have a large amount of doctors who feel that they are the best doctors out there, but one doctor that can actually prove it is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Besides her several magazine interviews, as well as having her own practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is miraculous when she performs surgeries.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has many before and after pictures on her website of her surgeries, and the surgeries performed are absolutely amazing, especially the surgeries that have to do with the genital area and the breast area. These two areas are the most sensitive for women, and those that see the types of surgeries that Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed are not only impressed but want her skilled hands to operate on their bodies. Many women like to go for bigger sized breasts, firmer breasts, or even having their breasts reconstructed, and these are surgeries that have been nearly perfected by Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s website not only shows pictures of these types of surgeries being performed but it’s also possible to read up on the surgeries, how they are performed, the scarring afterwards, and all the incidentals about the surgery on her website. Other surgeries performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden include a rhinoplasty, which is a surgery that changes the shape or size of the nose. Dr. Jennifer Walden also performs facelifts, which can help those who have sagging skin or skin that is looking less youthful than before. Fat transfers are a unique surgery that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs, and they are unique in the fact that not every doctor knows how to do them, but Dr. Jennifer Walden performs these surgeries and does them well.

Sergio Cortes Explains the Current State of Zika and Dengue Virus

Doctor Sergio Cortes humanity overdoes his roles in the health care industry. Sergio Cortes is a hip surgeon who resides in Brazil. He is the former Rio de Janeiro health secretariat. Sergio showed his humanity after conducting a visit to Xerem center, a town that was being faced by the floods calamity challenge. He supervised the disinfection of water to prevent the infection of the residents. Cortes is also a well-known medical expert.
His expertise in social media influence also impresses many. Dr. Sergio holds a personal website that he uses to communicate with other international medical practitioners. He also trends in Twitter having more than two thousand followers at a global level. To follow Dr. Sergio on Twitter.
Doctor Sergio recently made a release regarding the various ways of differentiating dengue and zika virus. In his opinion, the Aedes aegypti also causes the transmission of the diseases mentioned above. According to health experts, symptoms of zika and chikungunya tend to be very similar. The health practitioners implied that the symptoms ranged from red eyes spots, high fever and body aches. Sergio added that this virus was even caused by mosquito bites.
Nurse Bruno Guerra conducted a research in an attempt of outlining the similarities and differences of the condition. She reported that predominance of signs lay with diverse diseases. She added that red eyes act as the official sign of zika virus. Bruno also sensitized people on the importance of consulting a licensed doctor for further checkup. Sergio depicted that the only way to treat the conditions was through mouth hydration.
Sergio added that hydration exercise should go hand in hand with adequate rest for at least one week so as to restore the normal physical condition. The Butantan Institute of Science and Technology has been on the move to administer and manufacture an antidote for the viruses. Sergio Cortes reported that the Institute had been carrying research for four years. The scientists are currently waiting for the health surveillance to pass the drug test to the last stage so that they come up with a complete antidote.
Sergio implied that dealing with the mosquito is one of the addressed issues to prevent the mosquito from spreading the virus.


Considering Plastic Surgery in Texas? Don’t Settle for Less than the Best!

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, with a successful background in practice in New York, as well as impressive training and education by some of the world’s leading experts in cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery. After nearly a decade of successful practice in busy Manhattan, Dr. Walden has moved her practice to Austin, TX, to be closer to family and to give her twin boys a wholesome childhood filled with family.

Here in Texas, Dr. Walden has already received recognition for her skills and expertise, having earned the distinction of one of the Texas Super Doctors (Texas Monthly.) She has also been quite active in helping her local community, participating first hand in Junior League of Austin’s Food in Tummies program (helping to provide food on the weekends to children who qualify for reduced or free lunches at school) as well as being a volunteer surgeon for Austin Smiles (providing cleft palate and lip surgery to children born with congenital difference.)

Dr. Walden received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology, with honors, from the University Texas at Austin, and then went on to receive her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. While working on her Medical Doctorate, she also did an externship with Drs. Tom Baker and James Stutzin, pioneers and teachers of facelift surgery and anatomy at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, FL. From there, Dr Walden was selected to complete her fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. This highly competitive fellowship allowed her to learn the most state of the art methods and techniques for cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body as she was able to study beneath leading experts in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, such as Dr. Daniel Baker, Dr. Gerald Pitman, Dr. Nicholas Tabbal, and Dr. Alan Matarasso.

Upon completing her fellowship, Dr. Walden seated her position as one of the highest trained and skilled aesthetic plastic surgeons by working with the world renowned Dr Sherrell Astin for eight years in New York. It is there that she mastered the subtle techniques necessary for truly natural looking cosmetic surgery and perfected her bedside manner and utmost professional and confidential nature with her clients.

In addition to her illustrious background, Dr. Walden has won numerous awards throughout her career, such as, most recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate. She is also a member of several professional organizations, including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she serves on the Board of Directors and is also the Vice Commissioner of Communications and media spokesperson,and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, where she is also the media spokesperson.

Dr. Walden has offices both in Austin and Marble Falls.