Nina Pham Sues Dallas Hospital

Nina Pham, the nurse who became infected with Ebola last October, is now suing Texas Health Resources for “gross negligence.” Pham claims that her employer did not provide adequate preparation, training or controls for preventing the spread of the virus when hospital officials knew that the emergency was impending.

According to AnastasiaDate, Texas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital was warned about the Ebola outbreak in August of 2014. When Thomas Eric Duncan was finally admitted to the hospital in September, Pham was given no choice in regards to caring for him even though she had not yet received any training on how to deal with Ebola. In fact, one of Pham’s supervisors printed information off the Internet after conducting a Google search and gave it to her to use as training material.

Pham was never given disposable clothing and her neck and part of her face were exposed as a result of the Texas Health Resources not preparing properly for an Ebola patient’s treatment. Worse yet, Pham noted that since she was not given disposable clothing, she also took home clothes that were likely contaminated with the virus. Supposedly, even as Pham was discussing End of Life options with her doctor, the THR PR team was telling the public that she was in stable condition. In fact, at one point, Pham claims that she was filmed and coerced into behaving positively on-camera to boost the hospital’s image.

Surgeon Dies from Ebola in Nebraska

The Ebola virus claimed its second victim on US soil after a surgeon from Sierra Leone died from the virus around 4 a.m. on Monday morning, Yahoo News reports. Dr. Martin Salia had been treating patients with the disease in his home country of Sierra Leone before being airlifted to the US on Saturday to receive treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center in a bid to beat the disease he had been treating since the outbreak began in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Salia is reported to have worked in at least four medical centers treating patients infected with Ebola. The surgeon is said to have begun showing the first signs and symptoms of the virus on Nov. 6th and the infection was confirmed on Nov. 10th, prompting the surgeon to be airlifted for treatment in Nebraska. Other Ebola sufferers have been successfully treated at the Nebraska facility, but arrived with fewer symptoms than 44 year old Dr. Salia, who arrived in Nebraska with kidney failure.

In a bid to beat the virus, Dr. Salia was treated with the experimental ZMapp medication, although this was a different batch of the medication than was used to treat the first two US citizens infected by the disease.  The surgeon joins the more than 5,000 people who have died of Ebola and becomes the second person to die of the virus on US soil.