QNet Is A Godsend To Millions Of People

QNet is a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong with more than 4.5 million independent representatives throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company, which was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the QI Group, sells consumer goods, luxury goods, personal care,home care, nutrition and weight management items, fashion accessories, energy, and much more. The company and its products are in great demand as QNet provides excellent job opportunities and a wide range of quality products at a fair price.

For millions of people in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East, QNet offers them access to reasonably priced products to which they would otherwise not have access. Many of these people are some of the poorest in the world and the access to consumer goods that the army of QNet independent representatives provide are the only way many of them can get the basic necessities they need for daily life. For them QNet is a lifeline that binds them to the modern world. Many of those people don’t have televisions or radios, or stores within walking distance. They see the QNet independent representatives with their range of products as a godsend.

The QNet independent representatives themselves thank God for the company. Unemployment in the parts of the world where they live is very high. Were it not for QNet most of them would not have a job and a way to feed their families. What many of the independent sales representatives really like about QNet is the company does not just offer them a job. QNet provides them with the opportunity to start their own business. For a small fee they are provided with a wide range of products which they can then sell at a profit. The opportunity offered by QNet has pulled many people out of the jaws of poverty, starvation, and despair and turned them into prosperous businesspeople.

The products offered by QNet are many and diverse and they practically sell themselves. Plus QNet provides training to better equip their independent representatives with the most effective approach to offering the products to potential customers. After attending the training sessions, the sales people are usually energized, optimistic, and better prepared. This results in increased sales, higher incomes, and the ability to be able to get the finer things in life for their loved ones and themselves.

Poll shows Support for the Keystone Pipeline XL Still Strong

Americans continue to exhibit strong support for the Keystone Pipeline XL. The latest CNN/ORC Polls shows that 57% of the public want to see the pipeline built. The measure enjoys bipartisan support across all age groups and political ideologies, but has its strongest support among Republicans at 80% and the elderly (those over age 65) at 67%. Democrat support for the pipeline is at 39%. Millennials (age 18 to 34) are virtually split with 47% in favor. In total, the poll found that opposition to the pipeline is weak at 28%. The poll is sure to boost the GOP’s position that authorization of the pipeline should occur immediately.

President Obama has promised to veto the bill because he says it takes the decision making authority away from him. However, it is actually the State Department’s decision. The president’s remark seems to confirm what critics have charged that for six years the State Department has delayed their authorization at the insistence of the Obama administration. And in more news with your freedompop phones and app you can stay connected in this subject,

Environmentalists loathe the project out of their belief that the use of petroleum feeds an “addiction”. They view anything as benefiting the oil industry as behaving like an enabler to the nation’s terrible oil addiction. They also claim it will worsen global warming. On that point, the State Department has confirmed the pipeline would have minimal impact on the environment. A showdown is headed to the president as the GOP nears passage of the bill. The president will then have to decide whether to make good on his veto threat.

Woman Returns Lost Wallet found in Cab

When faced with the finding of Tom Rothman and a wallet filled with $340, many would choose to keep it, or at least think about keeping it. After all, what are the odds of the wallet’s owner actually being found, and how long would it take?
Makeup artist Annie Martin, however, found one such wallet in a taxi cab and opted to find the owner. Because the wallet contained no clues as to who its owner was, she reached out to WABC-TV’s Nina Pineda for help.
A trip to the Baychester Payment Center, a check-cashing business that a clue in the wallet led her to, gave Pineda success as cashier Sonya Carballo recognized the customer.
The wallet belonged to hard-working father Gabriel Hernandez, and the money was from one of his three jobs. Hernandez truly experienced a Christmas miracle when his wallet was returned to him with the cash for his two sons’ presents still inside.

Economic Guru Christian Broda

I’ve been doing some investigating in Macro and came across an interesting person. His view on the state of the US dollar were spot on for me, so I’d like to share something about a guy that shares the same economic philosophy that I do.

Christian Broda works as the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. Coming from a position as professor at the esteemed University of Chicago, he holds claim to credits from the Booth School of Business and Lehman Barclays Capital. He earned a Ph. D from MIT and also attended the University of San Andres. He is part of the organization known as the National Bureau of Economic Research and is also an editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

Professor Christian Brody talks of issues within the realm of international trading, general finances, and macroeconomics. He is a widely published author in the American Economic Review, the Journal of International Economics, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He has been the powerhouse behind many hedge fund start ups and is a tenured professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Broda is married with two sons and enjoys his personal life with his family, as can be seen on his Twitter account.

He writes about economical issues affecting the United States and the world with great passion. In 2005 and 2008 he was awarded grants from the National Science Foundation to help support his research and was named the James Kemperer Scholar award in 2006. He has given his expertise to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and has spent a good amount of time accomplishing financial achievements that many bankers and financial specialists would be quite envious of across the globe.

With his many accomplishments, CNN has stated that he has the financial world at his fingertips and will be sure to make many positive changes in the economy. Christian Broda has written many published pieces for magazines such as The American Economic Review and renowned magazines for the economic community and has published a litany of newspaper articles for the likes of The New Yorker and The Economist.

After I read his profile in ValueWalk and some of his thoughts, it is clear that Christian Broda will no doubt be one of the most influential voices in economics for this generation of bankers and investors.


Christian Broda is not the Austrian politician of the same name. See more about him on his website.