The Story of Academy Success and its Positive Influence on Students

All children need a good education. It’s a foundation that is often necessary to live a good life. Eva Moskowitz founded this chain of schools back in 2006. Since that time, Moskowitz’s school has grown to become one of the best educational facilities within the city. Success Academy is now being honored as a great learning institution.

The teachers, administrators and staff at Academy Success prepare their students to be great achievers in school and in life. They don’t just tell them how to be successful they actually show them the pathway that they must take to get there. The members of this charter schools instruct students with an advanced form of curriculum that takes the fundamental educational material to the next level.

Kids don’t just learn by simply reading a book and listening to a teacher talk to them all day. Yes, this is a normal way that children learn and Success Academy uses this teaching process to instruct. However, they just don’t solely rely on it. They also infuse the learning environment with technology, highly interactive studies, field trips and 1st hand experiences. All of these different approaches to learning is what helps the students to excel at Success Academy.

In 2017, many students were rated as proficient in English and in mathematics. They actually received high marks in these areas. When compared to other New York schools, Academy Success students were rated in the top 3% of all learning institutions. In other words, most of the students are extremely bright and are passing their grade.

Parents enjoy the things that are going on at the school. Problems concerning student behavior is not out of control and students really want to learn. They also want to be at the school. Student attendance is at an all-time high and tardiness is low. Parental involvement is also high at this school as well. Success Academy is rated a great school because there are so many different elements working together to help students to thrive. Success Academy students are proud of their school and the fact that they are learning.