The Exemplary Career Life of Gregory Aziz

Career experts often say that a smart mind is a crucial component when it comes to achieving the best in the fully-occupied market. Gregory Aziz is among the few individuals in the motor industry whose career story attests to the experts’ saying. Gregory, in spite of his Canadian nativity, has managed to win a credible reputation in Hamilton and across the globe.

Gregory Aziz James serves today as the President, CEO and the Chairman to the board of directors of National Steel Car. The company has a credible reputation when it comes to the delivering of quality railroad freight cars. Across the borders, and under Gregory’s leadership, National Steel Car has managed to win the hearts of the world’s market. The company takes pride for being in the game for more than a century having been established in 1912, a period that has enabled it to understand the market in detail.


As professionals would, the key to growth is understanding the client’s needs as they are subjected to changes and National Steel Car boasts of owning the trick. The engineering company has continued to design freight cars based on an in-depth research meant to understand the changing needs and caliber of its clientele. Therefore, the company has always remained relevant, a legacy that Gregory continues to deliver as the new CEO.

As stated earlier, the respected CEO is of Canadian origin and was born in Ontario. His childhood was just like that of other kids. Since childhood, Gregory portrayed a character of a smart individual and always tried new things. Gregory attended the Ridley College to pursue his career dream. After graduating, the successful CEO went ahead and joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.


Gregory J Aziz was brought up in a business environment as his family owned a food business. Therefore, on acquiring his papers, Gregory did not hesitate to join his family venture in 1971. Affiliated foods, Gregory’s family investment would soon win an excellent reputation as a top provider of fresh foods in the US and Eastern Canada.

However, Gregory’s dream did not just cease upon serving his family’s business. In fact, the smart CEO was just using the opportunity as a platform to shoot for higher margins. After several decades of service at Affiliated foods, Gregory had accumulated more than enough wealth and sought to venture solo. The talented CEO went ahead and bought National Steel Car Limited from Dofasco and set his new task to reigniting the great company.

Today, under the ownership of Aziz and his outward leads, National Steel Car has grown to incredible margins. Within half a decade, Gregory’s company increased its manufacturing capabilities by triple which means business. Over the past few decades, Aziz’s company has been receiving the TTX SECO top award, an assurance that Gregory is the man with the key to the company’s success door.