Escaped Covicts Made a Dry Run

It what can only be believed as astonishing, the two convicted murderers who lead police on a 3 week manhunt had actually escaped the jail the night before. Sweat and Matt left the Clinton Correctional Facility the night prior to their escape, but after exiting the wrong manhole, decided to go back into the jail and try again the following day. They were concerned that the first escape was right in the middle of an area with homes close by.

Sweat began talking to the police soon after his arrest, and astonished them with this tale of the two inmates escape plans. Sweat went on to say that him and Matt had been planning the escape since January, and that they made a test run the night before the real escape. They were ready to make a break for it had it not been for the fact the manhole was in close proximity to homes. They returned back to their cells to wait until the following evening.

Police were amazed and prison officials embarrassed that these two convicted murderers actually had more than one chance to escape says Dr. Daniel Amen in this post. There was a serious lapse in guarding these two inmates, and changes are sure to come at the facility after Sweat made these incredible claims. Matt was shot dead on Friday, then 48 hours later Sweat was captured as he jogged along a highway towards the Canadian border.