Samuel Strauch And His Rise As A Real Estate Developer

Samuel Strauch is one of the fresh faced leaders in the real estate industry. Strauch graduated from Hofstra University back in New York before going on to study at both Erasmus U and Harvard. Strauch started out as a banker before taking a headlong dive into the real estate realm thanks to an integral trip to Miami, FL that opened up his eyes.

Strauch visited Miami on a business trip and noticed immediately how many real estate developments were moving in. He also noted that the city was undergoing a transformation — a true tourist destination. We can dive into Strauch’s thoughts in order to find out how he succeeded in the way that he did.


Strauch starts out each day by focusing on strengthening the most important aspect of his work in real estate: relationships with people. Strauch knows that the real estate game is almost completely run by who you know, how well you know them, and how well you get along with them. Strauch starts each day by looking through his business meeting list and preparing extensively in order to mingle, work toward better relationships, and find tips that lead to new opportunities.

Any prolonged look into Samuel Strauch will lead you to understand that he is completely focused on implementing the best team possible. Strauch says of his company, Metrik Real Estate, “Being forward thinking and creative is part of our DNA and it clearly sets us apart as leaders in our industry.” Samuel Strauch goes on to applaud his team and focus on how he delegates resources to certain tasks. Strauch believes that it is absolutely critical to be willing to put in the groundwork to actually complete a task.

Samuel Strauch is the President and CEO of Metrik Real Estate. The company was established in 2002 and is succeeding as one of the foremost real estate developers in Florida and abroad.

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Chinese Are Taking a Bigger Bite Out of the Big Apple.

Town Residential is marked as the leader in sales and services of luxury real estate. The firm was founded in 2010 but has at is core a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals that can lead one with a personalized approach in finding the perfect place in NYC apartments for rent. With 10 offices located in favorable places throughout town, it is easy and beneficial to find one. The experience within the firm is beyond compare as they are the most quoted source in the news media with regards to New York City’s luxury real estate.

This article appeared in the Real Deal with the title “Chinese are spreading their wings in NYC, resi experts say at TRD Shanghai forum” written September 12, 2015, reports that there was a meeting of residential experts from some of the leading real estate firms in New York to discuss this change in needs for the Chinese client looking to buy in New York City.

It was acknowledged that the Chinese understand the growth potential in the property of New York City. One positive thing about New York City is “demand is constant.” Some developers use the idea of owning property in New York City as a sign of success. Jonathan Simon brought out the importance of safety as a key factor in ones deciding to move to New York City. Stephen Kliegerman highlighted that the Chinese are looking beyond Manhattan for opportunities to purchase. But with financing a problem for foreigners it was recommended to bring “a lot of cash reserves.” One positive thing is that New York is well regulated and the Chinese can rest more easily knowing that the rules will be followed.

The group of professionals finished up the forum talking about their own personal interests as to where they would like to live or purchase property in the New York City area.