The Midas Legacy: They Know People

One of the best traits that The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, has its ability to read people. That is something that is not lost on its clients. That is why they approach The Midas Legacy and sign up for it. They are tremendous with people and have great people skills. They know how to get the best out of people too. They know that trust is not something that can be earned overnight and because of this, they need to put in the time to earn the trust of the people when it comes to their lives, their money, and their future.

It is not like once they get that trust, they are going to stop trying and back off. If anything, it just motivates them even more to keep that trust and never let it go away. It is important to them that they do the best job possible. These are also real, authentic, and organic people working for The Midas Legacy. They realize they play a big role in the lives of their clients and they want to do right by them. After all, when a company is named The Midas Legacy, that really means something.

They are all about making sure that the client has a life that is fruitful for them. One thing that the Midas Legacy understands better than anyone is that everyone has a different definition of what is a fruitful life. A lot of people feel as though they have worked their whole life and they simply want to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves. Maybe they want to just watch football, movies, and take it easy. That is fine by the Midas Legacy. They are not the type of people that are going to judge anyone for whatever they decide to do. They are going to support each and every one of their clients, as they know they have individual goals.

At the end of the day, they are there to serve their clients. They are there to be a support system and they want their customers to be as happy as humanely possible. They want them to feel comfortable with their money, their health, their life, and how they feel about themselves. They have a keen sense of people and that has really done them well and earned them a great reputation, one they are incredibly proud of, each and every day.

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Don’t Miss Out The Opportunity To Save For College

Parents are frustrated with the rising cost of college tuition because they can remember a time when college was more affordable. Students are finding themselves knee deep in debt and they aren’t sure if college is a solution when they graduate high school. They can’t pay for college without saving options and those are very hard to come by. However, in a recent PRN News article NexBank the fastest growing online bank account in the industry has recent merged with College Savings Bank based in New Jersey to continue bringing college students and parents at least 568+ college savings options to choose from.

NexBank is the leader in online banking services and are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They proudly serve their customers locally and offer them a reasonably affordable online banking option that gives you all the privileges of a land based bank. You’ll avoid the Friday check cashing lines and the expense of having to commute to a bank to deposit money. There are a number of ways that you can save your money, save for college expenses, and earn interest on your money in savings. NexBank is the superior banking choices for millions of customers worldwide.

NexBank Features Available To Customers Online

– IRA accounts
– Free deposit
– Direct deposit
– Mortgage accounts
and much more….

Finding a new vehicle can be hard enough, but finding a reliable method to finance your dreams of a new car can be even more difficult. There is a number of methods that will allow you to finance a new car with NexBank. They offer their customers flexibility and the option of having low monthly down payments. You’re invited to visit the official NexBank website for more details on how to save money and get the benefits that allow you to maximize your money too.

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Madison Street Capital Sees More Than The Bottom Line

Chicago, Illinois is home to a company that is setting a new standard in the financial and investing world. That company is called Madison Street Capital, and the standard they’re setting can be summed up by saying: they strive to see more than the bottom line for their customer’s needs. Their team of professional advisers have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the financial and investment world their clients need, yet also combine this with a unique emphasis on honesty and transparency.
With the ever-changing financial world and seemingly dwindling opportunity found for start-ups and established business trying to acquire vital financing for their survival and growth, the industry in general has become more secretive and complex. Madison Street Capital defies this trend and counts on trusting honest relationships with their valued clients to thrive. Their unique perspective and values work to provide companies and their CEOs with the transparent understanding needed to grow and prosper their businesses.
Advisers at Madison Street Capital have a vast knowledge of the financial and investment world, and are dedicated in gaining an understanding of each client’s business model. This allows them to tailor their strategy around each client from an outsider’s perspective looking in. Many CEOs aren’t aware of exactly what drives a companies’ value, or what key resources are available for their financial needs. Their advisers are expert in helping their clients resolve these factors with clarity and honesty.
In order to serve their clients with the best possible advice, Madison Street Capital starts out their encounter with a “tough love” approach. Whether a client decides to hire their services or not, advisers are intent on being honest in their assessment of each businesses’ strengths and weaknesses. The main emphasis here is to tell clients what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. This is key to understanding why Madison Street Capital is a unique company, and grasping why they base their success on seeing more than the bottom line in business relationships. They understand companies may be represented by the CEO, but many times comprise an extended group such as their family, employees and their families, and the community they serve.
With Madison Street Capital’s vast knowledge and use of capital market participants and their strategic partners, they’re able to provide businesses with the loans and direction needed to be successful and grow. Their unique transparency is a rarity in the financial and investment world, and results in clarity and understanding on an honest level. These combined factors make this company stand out and set the standard in an ever-changing financial and investment world.

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Newsflash: Gold Is Not Dead

Is there a fear of gold, and if so, is it warranted? Many in the financial community are staying away from gold investing due to the opinions of a few nervous investor types. These investors claim that gold is no longer a viable investment option. Is this actually true? Has gold lost its carte blanche as an investment vehicle?
Observing the monetary actions of the larger countries in the world such as Russia and China, one would have to quickly disagree with the analysis of those putting gold in a negative light. More gold is being purchased by larger governments than ever before, to the point of hoarding. Whether it’s for capital protection or for future growth, gold is still very much in play in the financial markets of the world.
According to experts that understand the gold markets and their fluctuations, there is a substantial opportunity for profit coming for investors in the next 6 to 9 months. They believe that a bear rally, combined with a slowdown in the purchasing of gold will cause the gold market to increase substantially. Prognosticators are estimating that the price of gold will rise from 10% to 30% over a nine-month period. They predict that we could see gold prices go as high as $1300 per ounce over the next year.
Many people will be caught completely unawares, and not be able to take advantage of this change in the market. But for those who do know, getting expert advice regarding investments in gold is paramount for future profit and success.
Companies like US Money Reserve employ experts with years of experience to help their clientele achieve their financial goals. The company specializes in gold coin investments, as well as other precious coins. They have a wide assortment of gold available for purchase, as well as experts in gold coin investments to help investors whether they are new to gold or experienced individuals in the market.
The lack of confidence in gold by some in the financial markets is really much ado about nothing. Gold has always been a major driving force in the world economy. The value of gold may fluctuate up and down, but in the end, it will always be worth more than most paper money, and safer too. This is why investors commonly seek and procure gold for their own safety and peace of mind.

A Bold Lawsuit Against the Company Syngenta Leaded by Mikal Watts and His Firm as a Resut of GMO Corn

Suing Syngenta due to GMO Corn Production
Farmers are being encouraged by Watts Guerra to sue the company Syngenta that produces the swiss seed. Mikal Watts is leading his legal team as of July 13, 2015 to help farmers sue the company Syngenta for selling China GMO( Genetically Modified Organisms) corn in the year 2013 through 2014. Crops in which China boldly refused to import.

U.S. Farmers export 20% of the corn they produce internationally as per PR NewsWire, and China rejected all of the corn shipments from the United States in the years 2013 through 2014. The reason is because the swiss seed producer Syngenta sold GMO( Geneticallty Modified Organisms) corn which ended up causing billions of dollars to the United States corn industry. Syngenta is only one of the many industries that produces GMO corn, but is one of the main substantial producers of this corn. As a result of China refusing to import millions of American Corn bushels due to them being GMO there was a significant price drop in corn. The sudden price drop in corn affected thousands of our American Farmers finances and earnings.

Mikal Watts goals are to help farmers recover some of their continuous financial damages that were caused by Syngenta’s actions. Mikal Watts attorneys in his firm, Watts Guerra, have fantastic; and qualified experience in handling lawsuits involving the agriculture of this country.

About the Man Behind the Movement
– Born in Christi, Texas.
1987- received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas.
1989- Graduated from the University of Texas School of Law with honors.
1990- first became an associate; and later made a partner of David L. Perry and Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas.
1997- Formed his own firm called Harris and Watts P.C.
2002- Formed Watts Law Firm L.L.P.
2009- Joined with Francisco Guerra lV to become Watts Guerra LLP.

QNet Is A Godsend To Millions Of People

QNet is a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong with more than 4.5 million independent representatives throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company, which was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the QI Group, sells consumer goods, luxury goods, personal care,home care, nutrition and weight management items, fashion accessories, energy, and much more. The company and its products are in great demand as QNet provides excellent job opportunities and a wide range of quality products at a fair price.

For millions of people in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East, QNet offers them access to reasonably priced products to which they would otherwise not have access. Many of these people are some of the poorest in the world and the access to consumer goods that the army of QNet independent representatives provide are the only way many of them can get the basic necessities they need for daily life. For them QNet is a lifeline that binds them to the modern world. Many of those people don’t have televisions or radios, or stores within walking distance. They see the QNet independent representatives with their range of products as a godsend.

The QNet independent representatives themselves thank God for the company. Unemployment in the parts of the world where they live is very high. Were it not for QNet most of them would not have a job and a way to feed their families. What many of the independent sales representatives really like about QNet is the company does not just offer them a job. QNet provides them with the opportunity to start their own business. For a small fee they are provided with a wide range of products which they can then sell at a profit. The opportunity offered by QNet has pulled many people out of the jaws of poverty, starvation, and despair and turned them into prosperous businesspeople.

The products offered by QNet are many and diverse and they practically sell themselves. Plus QNet provides training to better equip their independent representatives with the most effective approach to offering the products to potential customers. After attending the training sessions, the sales people are usually energized, optimistic, and better prepared. This results in increased sales, higher incomes, and the ability to be able to get the finer things in life for their loved ones and themselves.

BRL Trust 101

BRL Trust is an investment company that was founded in the year 2005. The company started its activity by offering trust services via private loans. Once the company’s first year of operation came to a close, BRL had already obtained over 100 loans. As a result of its commitment to excellence and expedience, the professionals of BRL Trust developed an exemplary reputation that resulted in expansion and diversification. These measures included the emergence of new business spheres like Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Capital Markets, and Mergers and Acquisitions. At this time, Anbima ranks BRL Trust Investments as the largest independent administrator for investment funds within Brazil.


Our Services


BRL Trust is proud to offer a wide range of services to the public. Some of those services include:


Fiduciary Services


As a result of global credit market development and the increasing sophistication of capital markets, many investors have become increasingly scrutinizing regarding the collection and control operations. In order to meet market needs, the professionals of BRL Trust offer clients innovative services that will manifest the reliability and security that investors now demand.


Funds Administration


BRL Trust has gained authorization by the Securities Commission to manage investment funds and we have participated in a plethora of structured, innovative transactions. At this point, we have nearly 100 funds under administration. These funds total $18.25 billion.


Funds Custody


BRL Trust is authorized to perform a wide range of funds custody operations, some of which include custody and settlement of assets, control of corporate events, centralization of procedures settlement, and cash settlement.


Resource Management


BRL Trust is authorized to manage investment funds, and we have both individuals and institutional investors as customers in the global and local markets. More information can be found on Esportes for people to read through. By generating sound, strategic investment solutions for customers, we help our clients align their needs with those of their investors.


A Customer Oriented Approach


Here at BRL Trust, we’ve attained extensive education and experience in the dynamic investment industry. As a result of this experience, we’ve attained the knowledge and “know-how” that helps us empower customers to see the results that they want. One of the reasons that BRL Trust is so effective in the investment sector is the fact that we operate according to customer-oriented principles. At BRL Trust, we continually communicate with our clients to learn more about their needs and objectives. In so doing, we’re able to offer erudite advice and suggestions that help them realize their personal and/or professional goals.