How Equities First Holdings was Established

For those that are struggling with a personal or commercial loan, they should worry no more. Equities First Holdings has come to their rescue as it is offering stock based loans. The good thing about their loans is that you don’t need pre-qualification, unlike other financial institutions. Also, a loan from Equities First Holdings can be used to a purpose beyond which the loan was taken for. This is not the same for a loan from a financial institution. It must be used for the reasons it was borrowed for. Equities First Holdings was established in the year 2002 by Al Christy.

Long before we knew Equities First Holdings, the institution used to be called Meridian Equity Partners. It changed its name to Equity First Holdings through the help of a law firm known as Morgan Lewis. Back then, Chris Harrison used to lead the negotiations for EFH. Other lawyers that were crucial to EFH include Katrina Heal and Kate Habershon. These two specialized with advising the company on tax related issues. Other lawyers that were crucial in the establishment of the company were Iain Wright, Sergey Kvitkin, and Vinay Varma. The headquarters of Equities First Holdings are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Beyond the United States, Equity First Holdings has other subsidiaries in places like Australia, Canada, South Africa and Hog Kong. Equity First Holdings Singapore is also their subsidiary. In Australia alone, Equity First Holdings has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. In the USA, EFH has another subsidiary in New York City. for more information.