FreedomPop challenges big communications companies

Most people who have a smartphone suffer from extremely high data rates. After all, just about every single application that is downloaded to a phone these days now continually requires a data connection in order to obtain the necessary information to run properly. Beyond this, it takes the actual data to download the application, and for a fan of streaming movies, one movie streamed through an application on a phone may completely use up the entire amount of data a person has allotted to them for the set time period, which means they are just going to be charged a large amount of money for the rest of the month. This has turned into a rather serious problem, which is exactly where FreedomPop comes in. FreedomPop wants to be the answer to all of these problems as it offers an extensive listing of hotspots throughout the country. 

FreedomPop currently provides users with access to over 10 million hotspots throughout the country. It has made deals with some of the largest chains in the country, ranging from McDonalds to Starbucks, all of which provide access to their Wi-Fi Internet connection. When a user signs up for FreedomPop, an application is available for download on iTunes or Google Play, and once installed on their device, all they need to do is launch it and it automatically detects which hot spots are available in the area. With 10 million currently available and the number is growing, there is always going to be multiple hots pots available wherever a person is. It is the hopes of the company to grow its hot spot offering to a large enough number that people can actually go from hot spot to hot spot, without ever becoming disconnected from their Internet connection. 

The FreedomPop service currently costs $5 a month. With this monthly service charge, it is possible to cut out all of the extensive data charges that most people run into. Beyond this, the individual may also be able to cut down on their data play as they always have access to a hot spot. In fact, they might be able to cut down on their service plan completely as it is possible to save money on the mobile phone minutes as well. This way, an individual has the potential of saving hundreds of dollars, each and every year, simply by signing up for the $5 service fee from the new FreedomPop company.

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Skout, What Is It All About?

Let’s face it, meeting new people to go on dates isn’t always easy but with Skout is gets much easier. Skout, you might have heard about it or you might know nothing at all. Skout is a social networking application and website that can help you with dating. You can get this app on the Apple iphone or an Android platform. This application has been around forever, in fact it was one of the first dating sites to help people discover each other by it’s use. The system works by using GPS and searching out users that are near each other. As a user your location is never precise. You can also take the option of opting out of location tracking too.

Skout is a great way to meet new people. With this site you can post your photos as long as they can see your face. They won’t allow any explicit photos, but, you can post photos in good taste as long as they can see your face. You can chat instantly and meet new people with ease using this application.

Skout has been featured on popular network sites like Fox, CNN, NY Times and ABC to name a few. This is the fastest growing network when it comes to mobile networks. This is in part because the application is very easy to use and fun too. Imagine being able to see all the dating potential within your area by simple a touch of the button.

Being on Skout is like having a huge party with lots of dating potential. You can click on Skout at any time or place and check in with an endless source of new, friendly people. You can sign up and use Skout’s instant chat. This feature has many people ready to find their dream date.

It does not matter if you are using your mobile phone or your cousin’s laptop, the site will work the same way and get the same results. The system is full of lots of fun things too. Stuff like virtual gifts, a built-in nightlife finder, emails that arrive weekly and singles galore. You can find a new lover or a few more friends, the choice is yours.

Skout is not like your run of the mill dating site. It is easy to use and very fun. Many users report on their Twitter page that they enjoy using the site to meet new people and many have set up real dates that have led to long lasting relationships. To think that all of this is possible because of a simple mobile and website application.

The best way to know for sure if Skout will work for you is to try it out for yourself. You are really under no obligation, you just sign up, create a profile and start meeting new people by using text and other features that are available. Using Skout is quick, easy and safe for everyone involved. Regardless of what you are looking for, new friends or a new lover, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing site and it’s many applications.