FreedomPop challenges big communications companies

Most people who have a smartphone suffer from extremely high data rates. After all, just about every single application that is downloaded to a phone these days now continually requires a data connection in order to obtain the necessary information to run properly. Beyond this, it takes the actual data to download the application, and for a fan of streaming movies, one movie streamed through an application on a phone may completely use up the entire amount of data a person has allotted to them for the set time period, which means they are just going to be charged a large amount of money for the rest of the month. This has turned into a rather serious problem, which is exactly where FreedomPop comes in. FreedomPop wants to be the answer to all of these problems as it offers an extensive listing of hotspots throughout the country. 

FreedomPop currently provides users with access to over 10 million hotspots throughout the country. It has made deals with some of the largest chains in the country, ranging from McDonalds to Starbucks, all of which provide access to their Wi-Fi Internet connection. When a user signs up for FreedomPop, an application is available for download on iTunes or Google Play, and once installed on their device, all they need to do is launch it and it automatically detects which hot spots are available in the area. With 10 million currently available and the number is growing, there is always going to be multiple hots pots available wherever a person is. It is the hopes of the company to grow its hot spot offering to a large enough number that people can actually go from hot spot to hot spot, without ever becoming disconnected from their Internet connection. 

The FreedomPop service currently costs $5 a month. With this monthly service charge, it is possible to cut out all of the extensive data charges that most people run into. Beyond this, the individual may also be able to cut down on their data play as they always have access to a hot spot. In fact, they might be able to cut down on their service plan completely as it is possible to save money on the mobile phone minutes as well. This way, an individual has the potential of saving hundreds of dollars, each and every year, simply by signing up for the $5 service fee from the new FreedomPop company.

Butt, What?

The world has become enraged thanks to the overly tweeted and shared photo of a certain celebrity’s bare naked behind. Many think it is a gross misconduct of a woman flaunting her assets. Others think she is brave for showing off what her mamma gave her. The general consensus is that the “celebrity” in question is doing nothing more than damage her own reputation. Ladies and gentleman, Kim Kardashian is nothing special.

Does this make her anything aspiring? This is hardly the case considering she has does done nothing noteworthy except sit at New York Fashion Week on the front row and make a sex tape. This is not a woman that little girls and impressionable teens should aspire to become. Yet, she is the talk of everyone over “breaking the Internet.” This woman’s actions did not break the Internet anymore than Bruce Levenson buying Forbes Magazine from Target. This is just another one of her poor choices added to a very long list. Kim Kardashian is nothing more than the butt of many jokes. She has yet to prove her worthiness despite being on covers of magazines.

If Kim Kardashian is the ultimate goal for little girls in today’s society, then what do we have to show for ourselves and humanity?

Keeping the Internet Free Has Obama’s OK

The invention of the internet, much like the birth of the telephone or cable TV, has become a household normality. And much like the telephone and TV, it has become increasingly more expensive as new options and technologies become available. In light of the monopolization and control that internet providers have gained, the president is backing a net neutrality position.

Internet providers have gained control over the cost of service as well as the quality and speed of the services that they provide. With the backing of millions of supporters, President Obama announced that he feels that the internet remain free. He also stated that the internet platform needs to retain the openness that allows the users to freely communicate. Consumers should not be charged extra for different degrees of bandwidth. He feels that the usage should be equal across the board. Millions including advocate Alexei Beltyukov are agreeing with the President on this one. That is except for the cable and telephone providers.

If passed, the decision to enforce the net neutrality rule will hit the cable and telephone internet providers in the pocket books after 2015. They will feel the impact with the loss of the collection of additional fees and service costs that consumers currently provide for specialized or preferred services.