A New Chance At Education Thanks To Keith Mann

Besides being a writer, Keith Mann is also an animal rights campaigner. He was a Briton at the top of the Animal Liberation Front Movement list in 2005. At the time, Keith was determined to consider all animal’s rights and hence would take extreme action. Additionally, Keith is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners in the investment industry. This company is amongst the executive search firms in the business.

This company was launched in 2002 and has now gained professional experience after putting together a network of experts in different categories of the profession. Additionally, Keith Mann has been in the industry long enough to have acquired the expertise needed in staffing and hiring and the compensation of hedge funds. As the Managing Director, he is in charge of all the daily managerial operations within the company.

Recently Keith announced a scholarship that he was offering to students in their final senior year. This scholarship was to ensure that students from less fortunate backgrounds not only join various colleges in the state but also make it to graduation. Only one student could get this scholarship at a time. To qualify, the applicant was expected to write a 1,000word essay explaining the importance of a degree in the individual’s career. The competition lasted until 29th February, and the results were released at the end of March.

The scholarship included $5,000 that was put into the college fee of the student. According to the Businesswire, the partnership with the Uncommon Schools was a great step to enhancing education and narrowing the schooling gap between the poor and the wealthy students. The Uncommon Schools were 44 in total, and they were putting up yet another institution in Brooklyn.
As the philanthropist that he is, Keith Mann is focused on picking out the leaders coming from low-income backgrounds and putting them into higher learning institutions to help tap out the talent of every student. In other words, this man is giving the less fortunate students a common play field to nurture their abilities. Additionally, this award is formulated to bring out the upcoming generation of business leaders who are innovative. Together with the Uncommon Schools, the Dynamic Search Partners will have the chance to put up a great team of leaders in the future.

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Avi Weisfogel Sets up a GoFundMe Campaign to Benefit Children

Operation Smile, an international medical charity organization that provides free surgical procedures for children, will benefit from a GoFundMe Campaign worth $2000. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards helping Operation Smile reach more children globally.

Operation Smile has been providing free surgical procedures and medical care for children and young adults suffering from cleft palate, cleft lips among other facial deformities. Operation Smile seeks to provide every child hope for a better and brighter future by providing them with the chance to afford a beautiful smile.
Speaking during a recent interview, Avi Weisfogel was of the opinion that every child deserves an equal chance. According to Weisfogel, all children deserve to be treated the same, as if they are our own. Operation Smile seeks to ensure that every child knows that there is always hope, no matter what life throws at it.
Avi Weisfogel also stated his belief that all children are entitled to the very best medical care available. He spoke of his background and passion, saying that they were his reason for selecting Operation Smile to benefit from his GoFundMe Campaign.
Founded in 1982, Operation Smile partners with local medical professionals, governments, and hospitals among other organizations to achieve its goal. The organization, with the help of other stakeholders, identifies the most effective solutions that will enable it reach as many children as possible.
The noble organization, which is a product of Bill and Kathy Magee undertakes medical missions in different locations around the globe annually. The organization works hand in hand with the local health providers to provide the much needed surgical services and patient care in the most comfortable state possible. The missions demand different logistics, sometimes involving the importation of medical equipment and expertise depending on the location.
The first task the organization undertook involved helping children in the Philippines. Over the years, the organization has built a global network of supporters and partners, attracting volunteers from 80 nations. Over the period of its existence, Operation Smile has positively influenced the lives of 220,000 souls through free surgical procedures.
Avi Weisfogel is a cosmetic dentist, who has been bright smiles to patients for over 15 years. Avi is based in East Brunswick, NJ where he specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants among other dental conditions. He attended New York University College of Dentistry where he learned his trade. Avi Weisfogel has also studied the subject of sleep disorders and is currently one of the best-established sleep doctors. Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Charles Koch Foundation Donates millions of money to George Mason University

Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are quite popular at the moment in the American media. This was not the case in the past. The popularity has come up due to their contribution in the American politics, mostly in the form of funding. The two brothers have used huge amounts of money to get more voters on the Republican side since the American general elections are just around the corner.

Charles Koch is the CEO of the Koch industries, a very wealthy company that specializes in several activities. They produce chemicals; they are involved in mining, and they are also in ranching. The business is an inheritance from their father, and they worked hard to ensure that it grows and becomes a strong emperor. They are some of the wealthiest family in the United States, having a net worth of more than one hundred billion.

Charles Koch Foundation was started by Charles to help in their philanthropic activities in the nation. The foundation donates huge amounts of cash to political parties and networks, most of the time, luring them to the Republican side of the political side.
Many billionaires in the world are believed to fund only the political networks and parties, but not many of them fund schools. The Koch brothers have surprised everyone in the entire country after they successfully managed to give amounts up to forty-eight million dollars to George Mason University.

George Mason University is a public university that is located outside the city of the United States. The huge donations given to the school was given around 2011 and 2014, and many experts say that they do not understand the reason behind the huge funding.

This is not the only university the Koch brothers and Charles Koch Foundation have funded in the past. According to tax reports in the media, the brothers have managed to donate huge amounts of money to several over universities in these years, but none of the donations were more than one million dollars a year. This has raised many questions in the minds of the students and other people in the university, because as we all know, the Charles Koch Foundation does not give their donations without giving some conditions.

In the past, many other billionaires donated huge amounts of money to universities, and this was for a specific purpose. The purpose of the donation is still not well known, but the people working in the Koch Foundation believe that the school has some connection to the Koch industries.

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Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners’ New scholarship for an Uncommon High School

In a recent announcement from Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners have partnered with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter management organization that’s based in New York City. The partnership will make a new scholarship program available to one graduating senior each year. The scholarship was implemented by Keith and Keely Mann who are outspoken advocates for education and Keith is a philanthropist. Keith founded Dynamics Search Partners, and is always looking for strong up-and-coming leaders to then pair with companies that will help to cultivate their long-term success in the business world.

Applicants simply submit a 1,000-word essay on how earning a college degree will assist them in their long-term professional goals. Joe Frick, college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School said that “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school. This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.” Keith Mann explained that “We want to support the Uncommon Schools’ goals of preparing low-income students to not only attend, but graduate from college and go on to succeed professionally using their degree.”

The application process will be open through Feb. 29, 2016 with one winner being announced by the end of March 2016. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship to apply towards their college tuition. Keith Mann has over 15 years in the executive search industry and is an expert in everything hedge fund from the staffing and hiring strategy to compensation. In 2002, Mann launched and went onto expanded his previous ventures in the rapidly growing hedge fund industry into very successful businesses breaking into the private equity industry in 2006, and in 2009 he established Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). The website for DSP says they “are a premiere executive firm committed to sourcing top talent for the hedge fund and private equity industries” DSP has an impeccable ten-year track record of successful pairing.

Uncommon Schools starts and manages urban charter public schools and help close the achievement gap for low-income students to graduate. As of 2015-2016 school year, Uncommon Schools manages a network of 44 schools across Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York with them serving over 14,000 students in grade K-12.
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Avi Weisfogal Requests Support for GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel and Philanthropy
Avi Weisfogel has his roots set in New Jersey. In fact, he is a well-known dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. He is a very skilled dentist who had even been labeled as the best dentist. He has been called that throughout the years. He is also passionate about smiles. He is a person who believes in philanthropy. He has always seemed to find ways to incorporate philanthropy into his own life. His compassion has benefitted many people. His current philanthropy endeavor is creating smiles all around the world. Dr. Weisfogel is requesting support from others for his GoFundMe campaign. He has his own page and would appreciate help and assistance for this worthy cause.

Operation Smile and GoFundMe
The GoFundMe page that Avi Weisfogel started is for an organization that had actually been started in 1982. The Operation Smile had been started when Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen were in the Philippines. They saw a need for children who had been born with facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. These two medical professionals, along with other medical professionals, wanted to help children to smile. This is the beginning of the entire Operation Smile charity. This is a cause that has spread through the world. This operation is in need of the following:
* donations
* surgeries
* supplies
* education
* training
* medical professionals
Operation Smile is helping to literally create beautiful and bright smiles all around the world. It is an operation that has much to offer to those in need of quality dental care. This is an operation that continues to spread like wild wire around the globe.

Avi Weisfogel Launched and Supported Campaign
Dr. Weisfogel is so passionate about Operation Smile, he has offered his 100 percent commitment to the campaign. The goal is set at 2,000 dollars for those children and young teens in need of dental care. The reason that Avi Weisfogel became involved in this operation is because creating effective solutions and reaching as many children as possible is a big reward. Beautiful smiles will spread through the world. The goal is to reach and help everyone who is in need of quality dental care from qualified professionals.

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Sanjay Shah Creates More Money For Autism Research

Autism research is a hot topic in the world of education today, and Sanjay Shah has made a commitment to raising money to help kids who have autism. Sanjay created Autism Rocks to raise money for research, and his role as head of Solo Capital makes him the perfect person to manage this money. This article explains how Mr. Shah has created a partnership between his hedge fund and a concert organizer.#1: Solo Capital And Autism Rocks Work Together

Solo Capital is the brainchild of Sanjay Shah, and he was the first person to conceive of Autism Rocks. Sanjay helps organize concerts with the largest acts in the world, and he partners with Solo Capital to make it happen. The Facebook page for the two works in tandem, and Sanjay routinely advertises his hedge fund as part of each concert. The duo creates far more opportunities for autism research than they would alone.

#2: Autism Rocks Gives Huge Concerts

The concerts created by Autism Rocks are massive events that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time for autism research. Every dollar raised is managed by a trust created by Sanjay, and the trust ensures that allow the money goes directly to research. There is no middleman in the process, and Sanjay sends more money to research programs than anyone else in the world.

#3: Who Has Performed With Autism Rocks?

Joss Stone, Lenny Kravitz and other major acts have worked with Autism Rocks on their concerts. Each concert is given with help from Sanjay, and the concerts are attended by thousands of people at a time. The concerts show that there is a genuine interest in raising money for autism research, and the concerts feature only the greatest acts that will draw many people.

Sanjay Shah has one of the most progressive ideas for fundraising in the world today. He gets the help of major rock acts who will give their services for fundraising concerts, and he works with these acts to create as many concerts as possible. Autism Rocks has revolutionized the fundraising industry for the better.

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Keith Mann Shows His Support For The NYPD

Keith Mann, a New York based businessman is showing his strong support for the New York Police Department by buying a whole squadron of police officers lunch as a way of saying thank you for your service. Mann has bought the 54th street precinct police unit lunch not just once, but twice as his way of saying thanks for keeping the city safe for residents and visitors. During a time of increased unrest and groups such as Black Lives Matter calling for action against police officers Keith Mann is taking a stand and is standing with police officers against such groups that are advocating against the police and the rule of law.

The founder of Dynamic Industries is not alone in his support of the New York City Police officers. A small rally with about 150 people was held in New York City that supported the efforts of police to keep the city safe, and showed that people still backed and supported their police officers. The rally paled in comparison to groups such as Black Lives Matter, but it helped boost morale that police officers are not alone and they have the backing of citizens. Mann who has worked in hedge fund staffing for over 15 years, believes he is not alone. The vast majority of people, the so called silent majority, he believes still supports the admirable job that policemen and women are doing despite attacks and cries of injustice directed at them.

Keith Mann‘s wife has relatives who work in the New York Police Department, and Keith feels it is imperative to support officers during a troubling time when their integrity and motives are being questioned by left wing groups and even some politicians. Mann believes in helping his local community and standing up for what is right. The staffing company founder who now helps not only hedge funds, but also equity firms believes that taking a stand and making your voice heard in support of a cause, in this case the New York City Police is important. Rather than giving in to the negativity and pressures exerted on the police force, citizens must respond with acts of support and kindness to counter the critics of the NYPD. Follow Keith on Twitter and Vimeo to stay up to date on his ventures.

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GOFUNDME for Operation Smile By Dr. Weisfogel

How you would feel if your child was born with a birth defect. The birth defect is affecting the child and his or her ability to eat. What can you do? There is a large bill to have the babies face and mouth repaired. The surgery is more than you could ever afford. What can you do? You are sad for the baby. You know the struggles this baby will go through as he or she gets older. Peer pressures and bad comments will cause the child to withdraw. There is a campaign that is set up to help people with birth defects such as cleft palate and cleft lip. Operation smile performs thousands of surgeries around the world and they are free for the family. Medical personnel works alongside the surgical team to provide healthy recoveries from these surgeries.

Operation smile is always looking for more funding so they can reach more individuals with this second chance at a smile. Without people like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, children would continue to suffer. The surgeries would not be an option. Dr. Weisfogel set up a campaign on go fund me to help with raising money for the cause. This wonderful caring dentist is responsible for changing so many children’s lives. He full fills so many dreams by helping with removing deformities. He helps by providing necessary contacts for people that not only need surgery but also appliances.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel works closely with the community and other dental professionals to provide the needs and care that is necessary to help with sleep issues. Sleep apnea is something that is dangerous to adults. Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing throughout the night. With his business, Dr. Weisfogel is training other dental professionals how to use appliances and guards to correct dental issues.

It is very important for people to step up and help campaigns such as the GOFUNDME campaign that Weisfogel set up for Operation smile. People always feel better when they help children. Check out the operation smile website.