A New Chance At Education Thanks To Keith Mann

Besides being a writer, Keith Mann is also an animal rights campaigner. He was a Briton at the top of the Animal Liberation Front Movement list in 2005. At the time, Keith was determined to consider all animal’s rights and hence would take extreme action. Additionally, Keith is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners in the investment industry. This company is amongst the executive search firms in the business.

This company was launched in 2002 and has now gained professional experience after putting together a network of experts in different categories of the profession. Additionally, Keith Mann has been in the industry long enough to have acquired the expertise needed in staffing and hiring and the compensation of hedge funds. As the Managing Director, he is in charge of all the daily managerial operations within the company.

Recently Keith announced a scholarship that he was offering to students in their final senior year. This scholarship was to ensure that students from less fortunate backgrounds not only join various colleges in the state but also make it to graduation. Only one student could get this scholarship at a time. To qualify, the applicant was expected to write a 1,000word essay explaining the importance of a degree in the individual’s career. The competition lasted until 29th February, and the results were released at the end of March.

The scholarship included $5,000 that was put into the college fee of the student. According to the Businesswire, the partnership with the Uncommon Schools was a great step to enhancing education and narrowing the schooling gap between the poor and the wealthy students. The Uncommon Schools were 44 in total, and they were putting up yet another institution in Brooklyn.
As the philanthropist that he is, Keith Mann is focused on picking out the leaders coming from low-income backgrounds and putting them into higher learning institutions to help tap out the talent of every student. In other words, this man is giving the less fortunate students a common play field to nurture their abilities. Additionally, this award is formulated to bring out the upcoming generation of business leaders who are innovative. Together with the Uncommon Schools, the Dynamic Search Partners will have the chance to put up a great team of leaders in the future.

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Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

Act of Kindness Gives Uplifting News

Ask anyone who works in the restaurant industry and they will tell you, restaurants are a fast-paced environment to earn a living. The goal of the workers is to turn over tables as fast as possible so that each table earns the maximum amount of cash possible in any given hour. This concept is the key difference to surviving in the restaurant business or nailing a For Sale sign to the front door.

So, when CNN reported through the Fox 13 Salt Lake City news wire that a disabled customer was helped by a stranger hand feeding him dinner at a Louisville, Ky. restaurant, it was a nice story. But when the reader realizes that the person who stopped everything they were doing on that day was an employee of the restaurant, the story reaches an uplifting level.

On that pleasantly fateful day, an unnamed handicapped person sat outside the restaurant called Qdoba’s because they were unable to manipulate the door and their wheelchair. A stranger, who happened to be going into the restaurant, held the door open.

The employee, Ridge Quarles, would take the time to help this special needs customer through the line, get her the eating utensils and a drink and helped her to her seat. Once that was done, Quarles asked if there was anything else he could do. The one sentence reply would have made most workers inwardly cringe thinking how much time this would take.
“Sir, if you don’t mind, could you help me eat?”
Without missing a step, Quarles immediately helped her finish her meal. Knowing there were a million of other things he needed to do, knowing the turnover rate for this one table was dropping rapidly, and knowing that if he did satisfy this customer, there would be a chance they would come back and he may have to do it again.
He was correct. This customer became a regular and was able to attain a small amount of independence in her life because of the awesome kindness shown by this restaurant worker reported manager Brad Reifler (read more on Wikipedia).

Two Waitresses Get The Tip Of A Lifetime

It is easy to say that good service is hard to find, many workers in the food and service industry are in their position out of necessity rather than a love for hospitality. We have all had that one waiter or waitress that scowls at you, screws up your order, and then expects a huge tip for her lack of efforts. On the other hand there are so many talented individuals that perform at 100% during every shift and want their customers to leave their tables happy and satisfied. Robert Ellsworth patronized a restaurant named Donohue’s, pretty much twice daily for years. Everyone knew him by name and exactly what his order would be. When he passed away, according to attorney Brian Torchin, two waitresses were surprised to find that he had included them into his will, gifting them each with a whopping $50,000 combined total. Now that is a seriously awesome reward for excellent service.

Miami-Dade County Lifts Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Monday, January 5th, was a happy day for same-sex couples in Florida as the state joins 35 others and the District of Columbia in overturning their legal bans on same-sex marriage. I was feeding my dog his morning Beneful when I first heard the news. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel made the decision to end the stay that was placed on her ruling in July that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. While the rest of the state will begin to marry same-sex couples on the heels of a federal court injunction, Judge Zabel got the party started early, personally marrying the first two plaintiffs, Karla Arguello and Cathy Pareto. Both couples married by Zabel on Monday afternoon had been together for over twelve years before finally being able to legally seal their commitment to one another. 

The battle over gay marriage in Florida over the past decade has been one fraught with disagreements as the state contains healthy numbers of both liberals and conservatives. As the Miami Herald reports, the 2008 vote on the marriage ban drew support from 62% of the Florida population. Certain religious and family groups in Florida have already expressed their discontent with the court’s most recent decision, but come Tuesday, marriage equality will be the new law of the land across the state.

Clap Along if You are Happy: New Study Reveals Happier Outlook for 2015

There is a lot to be unhappy about, or even downright depressed in the world today; ISIS, Ebola, global warming, cancer scares, plane crashes, and job layoffs. We all face a lot of personal and family problems, as well as concerns regarding larger more widespread issues. No matter what country or region you live in, there many issues to be concerned or unhappy about.

However, my friend Dr Rod Rohrich shared an end of the year study on realself.com, which was conducted in 65 countries with 64,000 participants. It found that happiness is actually rising as the New Year approaches. WIN/Gallup discovered that 70 percent of those surveyed were content with their lives, whereas last year that same number was on 60 percent.

In addition, Fiji is reportedly the happiest of all nations, as 93 percent of residents there state they are happy with their lives. Not surprisingly, Iraq was the least happy, with only 31 percent of residents there reporting they were happy with their lives.

Africa, with 83 percent of its residents expressing happiness, or extreme happiness, is the happiest region. The least happy region was found to be Western Europe with a surprising 11 percent of residents expressing themselves as not happy or very unhappy.
Overall, 53 percent of participants believed that 2015 would be a better year than 2014. In Africa, 75 percent of respondents shared this optimistic believe. So, clap along if you are happy.