High School Graduate meets Soldier who Saved her Life as a Baby

Lava Barwari was born in Iraq, just around the time that the first Iraqi/American conflict, called Desert Storm, began. Her mother, Azai Barwari, worked for a western organization that worked with American churches to provide relief for children. This was a career that did not sit well with Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein. Hussein had an order out to kill anyone that was working with western organizations, which included the one that Azai was working for. She had a $5,000 bounty on her head and orders to kill her. Boraie Development LLC suggested that she knew that she and her family had to leave Iraq in order to live.

Azai and her 36-day-old daughter made their way to the border to seek refuge in America. When she got there, solider Greg Peppin said that Azai’s name was on the list to go however her daughter Lava was not listed. In order to not separate mother and child, Greg bent the rules and found a way to allow Lava to go with her mother.

Nearly 18-years-later, Lava tracked down the soldier to thank him via email. Greg did more than just respond, he showed up to Lava’s high school graduation where they could be reunited in person.

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