The Traveling Vineyard Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales opportunity for people who love wine and parties. It is also a way the average person can learn more about wine, have a party for their friends, and buy the wines they love to drink.

Training and support of their wine guides is an important piece of the puzzle for the Traveling Vineyard. They want their newest guides to feel comfortable in what they are doing and to never feel as though they are alone. A leader is assigned to every guide. This person is available to take their newest guides along on parties or just to answer questions. Every year, team leaders hold a meeting to gather together all of the members in the area. This allows more information to be shared and new contacts to be made.

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Each new guide will make a percentage of all the sales made during each party. They will also make a percentage from the sales of the team they create. There is an online training center available to all team members, call the Tasting Room. This is where all the training modules are located. The Training Room has information on all the wines you will be handling, how you will build a team and your business, how to conduct a wine tasting party, and so much more. Every year a Harvest conference is held for all the members to attend. This is where connections are made, more understanding of the wines are taught, and your new business can be explained.