George Soros Has Always Focused on Achieving an Open Society as Evidenced in his Projects over the Years

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist world over. He has given out more than $12 billion so far that has gone to fund organizations and persons who fight for the rights of marginalized groups and persons, such as LGBTI people, drug users, and Roma people. The advocacy includes freedom of speech, government accountability, transparency, equality, and justice. George Soros was prompted to fund these groups by his own experience. Soros’ family survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary in the 1940s by faking their papers. He moved to London after the war and enrolled at the London School of Economics. He supported his studies through menial jobs as a railway porter and a waiter. George moved to the United States in 1956 to start his career in finance and investments. He started his company, Soros Fund Management, in 1970 and rose to become a prominent investor in the United States. After gathering enough resources, George Soros started the Open Society Foundations.


George Soros’ philanthropic works run far and wide. His first project was in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South Africans. He later got involved in photocopying texts that were banned in the Communist Eastern Bloc. His participation promoted the exchange of ideas more openly. George Soros later created a critical thinking platform, the Central European University which saw the Soviet community open up to the world. George Soros continued with his philanthropic work, expanding to the United States, Africa, and Asia. His mission throughout the causes he undertook was to achieve an open society. He was actively involved in protesting the war on drugs while criticizing the approach adopted. He was part of the founders of the medical marijuana movement in the United States. George has over the years funded the legal representation of unlawfully held individuals as well as education for marginalized people. The organizations that have benefited from his support include the International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Institute for New Economic Thinking among others. George Soros has continued to be actively involved in the running of the Open Society Foundations even in his old age. Read his profile at Forbes.

Ferguson and Missouri Protests Funding

George Soros funded the Ferguson, Missouri protest movement supporting the activists with 33 million dollars. The funding went to several groups that networked and shared ideas, creating a powerful effect. Groups, such as Make the Road New York and the Drug Policy Alliance, sent representatives early enough to Ferguson. He also financed the groups that created the Hands Up Coalition in Missouri and Dream Defenders. The Ferguson protests were supported by other groups such as the Gamaliel Foundation and individuals such as Kassandra Frederique from the Drug Policy Alliance. Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference also sent some representatives. Know more on about George Soros.

A Sneak Peek into the Life of the Famous Thor Halvorsen

Thor HalVorsen’s background check

Halvorsen was born in Caracas in 1976, and he hails from a family of leaders. His mother is a descendant of the first Venezuela president Cristobal Mendoza while his paternal grandfather Oystein was the consul of the Norwegian King during the World War II. He began advocating for human rights as an adolescent back in 1989 when he organized opposition to apartheid in South Africa. Apart from being a global human rights activist, Mr Halvorsen is also a film producer and an actor and is known for films such as 2081.

How Thor Halvorsen rose to fame

He was key in ensuring the release of his father after he was imprisoned without a rightful conviction. After his mother had been shot in a political protest in 2004, Thor Halvorsen founded Human Rights Foundation, an organization that is exceptionally vocal against human trafficking, dictatorship, slavery and all forms of democracy threats. His profound engagement in the convoluted and mostly frowned upon politics have continually put him in innumerable conflicts. His New York–based Human Rights Foundation’s key agenda is to battle abusive governments around the world. The organization stops at nothing to ensure that they achieve their goal whether that implies removing activists from their nations or campaigning for freedom of political detainees.

The Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halvorsen is also the brains behind the formation of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It was founded in 2009 and was meant to be a one-off event, but it has taken place annually since then. It was created based on the fact that in as much as everyone has a right to live and be free of political oppression, that right does not always defend itself. Its main objective is to bring together notable people from the world over so that they can exchange ideas on human rights, their reforms and at the same time expose dictators. Oslo Freedom Forum continues to receive immense media coverage, with the Wired Magazine suggesting that, “if the global human rights movement were to create its unified representative body, it would look something like this”.


The Illustrious Career of Thor Halvorssen

People are compelled to be who they are by circumstances and the things they have gone through in life. We are shaped by our past, and we continue learning as days go by. This is the life that Thor Halvorssen has lived since was a teenager. He was brought up by parents who never compromised on issues of human rights, threats to democracy and slavery. This may be partly from the fact that they all came from royalty. Thor’s mother was a relative of the first Venezuelan president while his father was of Norwegian descent. His parent were kings of Norway. Thor first involvement with human rights was helping abolish apartheid rule in South Africa back in 1989.

As of today, he has made numerous strides and has helped millions of people through the various organizations he has established. These organizations include the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York, Oslo Freedom Forum as well as the Moving Picture Institute. He serves as the patron of a children based organization called On Own Feet. His opinions have featured on various platforms such as BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Fox News and the New York Times. He has received constant praise from several print media outlets like the New York Times.

Thor Halvorssen is also an established film producer. This is an art that he has managed to perfect over time. Some of his most notable film works include Uprising and Halo of Stars as well as Freedoms Fury and the Singing Revolution. Like the names suggest, he concentrates on movies that advocate for human rights and threats to democracy. Currently, he is working with Brian Singer to produce a film called the Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The movie is expected to be released early next year and tells of the struggles that people face today.

Thor has opposed many people in his time with the Human Rights Foundation, and they include local American politicians such as Jack Kemp, Jose Serrano, and John Conyers. He doesn’t agree on any issue with the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni. Thor is also an accomplished lecturer. for more.

Thor Halvorssen Sets His Sight On North Korea

Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his lie to fighting oppressive dictators around the globe and standing up for the human rights. As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), he has now set his sights on North Korea.

The ironically named Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been ruled by the Kim family for more than 70 years. Currently, the country is under the despotic rule of Kim Jong Un and has suffered through one of the worst famines in history.

Halvorssen and HRF are doing their part to draw more attention to the atrocities that are taking place and to empower the citizens as much as they can. Along with groups of Korean defectors, he has conducted “hackathons” in the country for some time now.

These groups, with the help of Halvorssen, have come up with ingenious ways to smuggle clandestine products and information into the country. These efforts include using giant slingshots to fire contraband over a river from China.

When the Hermit Kingdom expressed its disapproval of the film The Interview and launched a cyber attack on Sony Pictures, it was Thor Halvorssen and the HRF who launched a “Hack Them Back” protest that they hoped would raise one million dollars that they would give to defector groups who are on the front lines in fighting the repressive Kim government.

Thor Halvorssen grew up in an activist household. His parents were both anti-Chavez activists in Venezuela, where Halvorssen was born. His father spent time in prison after exposing government corruption and his mother was shot during an anti-Chaves protest.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 and has at is sole purpose the protection of human rights for all citizens across the globe, with a focus on closed societies like North Korea. Halvorssen and company will continue the fight against Kim Jong Un and other tyrants until they are relegated to the dustbin of history.



Thor Halvorssen: A Leader in Democracy and Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate and also a film producer, originally from Venezuela. He has made contributions in the world of public interest advocacy, individual rights, civil liberties, public policy, and pro-democracy advocacy.

He is founder of an annual gathering, called the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is a human-rights festival. He is also the President of an organization that devotes itself to freedom and human rights, the Human Rights Foundation. Halvorssen founded the Moving Picture Institute and is also a patron of On Own Feet, a children’s peace movement.

Halvorssen was originally born in Venezuela. His mother was a descendent of the country’s first president Cristobal Mendoza. His father was a Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotic affairs and a special overseas investigator for the country’s Senate Commission. He went to college at the University of Pennsylvania and received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science.

While attending college, in 1993, Halvorssen’s father was arrested while he was investigating a drug cartel for bank fraud and money laundering. During his 74-day incarceration in Caracas on trumped-up charges of terrorism, his father was beaten, tortured, and in constant danger. Halvorssen consequently led a campaign for the release of his father, receiving help from Amnesty International. His father was eventually found innocent and after his release the International Society for Human Rights hired him as the Director of their Pan-American Committee.

Halvorssen’s mother was shot in 2004 while attending a peaceful protest. The whole ordeal involving government supporters opening fire on the protesters was caught on film. Halvorssen wrote an article that was published in The Wall Street Journal regarding his mother’s shooting, claiming that she was gunned down by Venezuelan government members. The gunmen were eventually found, tried, and sentenced.

In 1999, Halvorssen became the very first CEO and Executive Director of the U.S. civil liberties organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He formed unions that united organizations like Feminists for Free Expression, the Eagle Forum, Heritage Foundation, and the ACLU. He is known for his continuous defense of freedom for both right and left side politics.

He founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005, headquartered in New York City. The purpose of his new organization would be to be a champion for human rights, focusing on self-determination and freedom from tyranny. Its international council consists of many well-known political prisoners and includes many democracy activists.

The Human Rights Foundation And Their Fight For All

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, is a non-profit organization strictly devoted to the protection and promotion of human rights on a global scale. The organization, with its main offices in New York City, defends its ideals on those represented by the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, strictly meaning that any human on the planet has the right to do, say, worship and be whoever they wish without anyone saying otherwise.

The HRF relies on donations from organizations and individuals that share the same principles. In a majority, the foundation does publish and release the names of those who donate. They also stick to not making anyone’s name or organization public, should those entities be fearful of others learning that information. The financial statements of the HRF are on their website,

The Board of Directors of the HRF are all people who share the same ideals that all serve on a pro bono basis. Such people on the board are leaders, political activists and former prisoners like Kenneth Anderson and Diego Arria.

The founder of the HRF, Thor Halvorssen, was born Thor Halvorssen Mendoza in Venezuela in 1976. He attended the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science. His mother is a distant relative to Venezuela’s first two presidents and was shot during a political protest, which led to his founding the HRF. Halvorssen’s father served as an ambassador for the anti-narcotic affairs of Venezuela. Halvorssen is a film producer and has contributed to being an advocate for public policy and civil liberties. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has been described by most as a “gathering of human rights heroes” such as Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Thor Halvorssen has also produced films on the ongoing strife of human rights such as “Sugar Babies”, a depiction of the Dominican Republic’s violation of children’s basic human rights by forcing them to work on sugar farms. “Sugar Babies” caught the attention of Amnesty International as well as an acclaimed award at the Delray Beach Film Festival. The films he has produced and the work the Human Rights Foundation has committed themselves to have earned Thor Halvorssen recognition for bringing the importance of basic human rights to the forefront on a global scale.