Rocketship Education: The Rise of an Illegal Immigrant to an Inspiring Educator

Angelica Del Rio never thought that she would be able to stay in the United States legally or that should work as a teacher after graduating college. She was an immigrant from Mexico, and her family struggled to make ends meet, but her father had always told her that her job was to go to school and get good grades. She improved throughout middle in school and did even better in high school, but English was not her strength. As a teacher, she can relate to her students when they have a hard time speaking or writing something that is grammatically correct.

After high school, she wanted to apply for college but she could not because she was undocumented meaning she did not have a social security number, which was needed when applying for colleges. Luck was on her side when her counsellor found out that she could attend a UC school and also pay in-state resident tuition under the California L AB-540.

She was eventually accepted to college, but the tuition was still too expensive, so she ended up attending community college. She was able to pay for community college by working at restaurants, earning scholarships and her parents also helped her pay for it.

After President Obama had passed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, she applied for a permit and was able to remain in the United States legally. She wanted to help kids like her, so she applied for a job at Rocketship Discovery Prep. Angela started as a part of the support staff but eventually made her way to being a teacher. She began as a substitute and under the wing of Principal Kaur, and she was offered a job to teach first-grade literacy. As she completes her first year of teaching, she has struggled a lot and also grown. This has helped her feel the real power of Rocketship.

Angela knows she is not the first and will not be the last teacher at Rocketship from the neighborhood. The Rocketship schools are built around the community for the community. The teachers are committed to helping not only the students but also the teachers and the parents in the community.

Angela has acknowledged that there is no better place for her to mature as an educator and also positively impact her community than at Rocketship.