S’well Keeps Its Promise!

Recently I saw a report on the S’well water bottle, a stainless steel bottle that has recently come onto the market. The promise? That it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for significant periods of time. The report from KWCH 12 put it to the test. 

The bottle was filled with ice and cold water and given to a woman who regularly runs at a local track. They measured the temperature of the water right at the beginning, where it was around 40 degrees. They also used a standard plastic water bottle as a control. After sitting at her work, in her hot car, and then in the full sun at the track, the water was still around 40 degrees, some 8 hours later. The regular plastic water bottle, which had undergone the exact same conditions, was over 70. 
They weren’t done with the test there. The S’well boasts on its Wikipedia that it will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, not 8. So the next day, they checked it and the regular plastic bottle again. The regular bottle was well over 80 degrees, where the S’well was around 65. 
The report also tested the promise to keep drinks hot for 12 hours. It passed there as well. Hot coffee around 140 degrees was poured in, and 12 hours later it was 125. Still hot enough to be drinkable. 
The report did say that the price was a little prohibitive, the S’well retailing for $25 to $45, depending on the size. Still, once you add it all up, including that the S’well doesn’t sweat and does fit in a standard size car cup holder and you’ve got one product that does live up to its hype and pays attention to the details.