Joe Biden’s Son Announced Dead

Joe Biden is the vice president of America, and many people respect him as a politician and leader. However, some starling news has recently been revealed about the vice president’s family. On Saturday May 30th, 2015 Joe Biden’s son died at the age of brain cancer. The news has caught everyone off guard, and Joe Biden appears to be extremely distraught from the loss of his son.

Beau Biden was the Attorney General in Delaware for more than 8-years says Ivan Ong on, and his death is mourned throughout the country. Many Americans feel extreme sympathy for the Biden family. Aside from being a politician like his father, Beau Biden was also a captain in the National Guard during the Iraq war.

Many people were unaware of Beau Biden’s brain cancer, and that’s because the Biden’s wanted to keep the news from spreading. However, Beau Biden has been retrieving treatment for the last year, and the Bidem family thought that Beau was cured of all cancer cells. Sadly, the cancer came back, and there was nothing that doctors could do.Yahoo! recently published an article with further information on this sad story. Beau Biden was only 46-years-old, and he will be missed by many.