Johnson and Johnson Sued Over Ovarian Cancer Cause

Johnson and Johnson, makers of many hygiene products including baby powder and feminine hygiene powders is being sued by over 700 women due to ovarian cancer. The cancer cases have been brought forward with allegations that the talc in the product caused the cancer states Handy prosecutor. Although Johnson and Johnson claim that the talc could not have caused it, evidence is mounting showing that it could be the culprit.

As early as 1971, British researchers were finding talc particles embedded in cancerous ovaries. Throughout the 80’s, research showed probably cause with the use of talc in the genital area as a cause of ovarian cancer. Although the FDA tried to force companies to declare talc as a possible carcinogen, there was not enough evidence to push the requirement through. Those that argued against it stated that the talc could have been contaminated with asbestos or other chemicals during the process of production. Johnson and Johnson insisted that the talc that they used was clean of all contaminates, making the case against them even stronger.

Current figures show that each year about 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 14,000 of those women die from the disease. It was found that there was a 35 percent increase in likelihood of contracting ovarian cancer if a woman used talc for feminine hygiene.

Although Johnson and Johnson have been increasing the use of cornstarch over talc in their products, they have not chosen, or been forced, to put a warning label on products containing talc.