The Beauty and Essence of Kabbalah

In a nutshell, Kabbalah is an ancient Judaism wisdom that essentially reveals to its followers how life and the universe work. When translated literally, Kabbalah means the act of receiving. It refers to the study of how people can receive fulfillment in their lives. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

Many people, in one way or another, have been overwhelmed with the gut feeling that they are not as fulfilled as they ought to be. Often, the harder they strive to attain fulfillment the more it eludes them. According to the Kabbalah, true fulfillment does not only mean temporary happiness or a fleeting sense of wellbeing.

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Kabbalah wisdom allows its followers to connect to energy and maintain this connection for sustained fulfillment. This ancient wisdom covers all facets of life including health, careers or relationships. It teaches key universal principles that can be applied to people of all religions and faiths regardless of ethnicity or race.

The Beauty of Kabbalah is that its followers and observers cannot be coerced to follow a certain line of thought. It simply teaches deep understanding of how the world works. This knowledge empowers its followers to achieve inner fulfillment using this knowledge.

The Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center is an international organization formed in 1984 that disseminates Kabbalah teachings and knowledge to the world. The center was founded by Philip Berg and its headquarters are based in Los Angeles, CA. It uses both online and offline platforms to reach its dedicated groups of followers globally.

The center primarily provides courses that center on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar. The center boasts of an international staff of multi-ethnic teachers who are tasked with offering guidance and teachings to its worldwide student fraternity.

History of the Center

The center was originally established in the US in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. It was established by Rav Tzvi Brandwein and Rav Philip Berg. Philip Berg relocated with his wife to the US in order to run the international organization. The head office was later moved to Los Angeles. Today, the non-profit organization runs offices in New York City, Toronto, and London. for more.


Kabbalah is an ancient strain of mysticism. This form of esoteric thinking originated within the Jewish tradition. Although it remains a feature of Judaism, Kabbalah has also been adapted by Christian, New Age, and other groups.

One key text for those who study Kabbalah is the Zohar. This is a mystical commentary on other foundational Jewish texts. The authorship of the Zohar is a question that is still debated today. Throughout Western history, from the Middle Ages to the present day, the Zohar has been studied and interpreted by intellectuals.

The ideas within Kabbalah are complex. Although Kabbalah proclaims the oneness of God, there is some tension with this idea. A sort of dualism exists, wherein good and evil are seen as separate. In that way, God is seen as the opponent of another force of similar power. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn.

The modern study of Kabbalah has evolved a great deal. In the past, a study of the Kabbalah was typically restricted to men of middle age or older. During the 20th Century, this changed significantly.

In 1965, Rav Philip Berg founded The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Berg and his wife Karen revolutionized the way Kabbalah was taught. One indicator of their break with past methods is that they did not require students to have prior knowledge of Hebrew.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was founded in 1984. Its accessibility and spirituality have held great appeal for many in the city. Students include a number of high-profile celebrities from the worlds of music and film. People who have studied at the Kabbalah Centre include Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, and Naomi Campbell.

Teachings at the Kabbalah Centre include a focus on astrology. Tenets include that human senses can only perceive 1% of the world around us. This means 99% of reality is unknown tof humans.

Another idea is that people have a clear connection to metaphysical Light, but it is blocked by impure forces known as Klippot. By studying Kabbalah and by following Jewish law, Klippot can be removed and the connection widened. This is the important service the Kabbalah Centre provides to its members. for more.


Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

Reaching Out to the Kabbalah Centre

When you want to add something to your life that will be useful, consider embracing the Kabbalah. You will be able to get in touch with the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn as much as you can about this aspect of faith. With this in mind, take advantage of these tips below so that you are able to reach out to the Kabbalah Centre and add this level of spirituality to your life.

What does the Kabbalah teach?

This is a form of biblical based spirituality that focuses on a few important concepts. Consider these concepts below:

#1: Balancing and quieting your ego

It is important to recognize the presence of your ego and use it to your advantage. You need to learn to quiet the ego when it is getting in your way and use in to take action whenever necessary. This is a balancing act that everyone needs to be aware of in order to live a fruitful life.

#2: The recognition of spiritual laws

There are spiritual laws that govern everything. By recognizing the spiritual laws, you will be able to embrace the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre and use them to your advantage.

#3: The connection to the universe and every other person

Finally, it is important to realize that we are all connected to the universe in some form or fashion. In this regard, we are also very much connected to one another. This is one of the most foundation teachings of the Kabbalah Centre.

With these three points in mind, you should reach out to the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn more. The Kabbalah Centre will be able to provide you a launching point for this area of faith in your life, which will be incredibly useful to you no matter your lifestyle. for more .

The Kabbalah Center Kabbalah University Program

The Kabbalah Center is a not-for-profit organization located in Los Angeles. It opened its doors in Los Angeles, after two decades in New York City.

The Kabbalah Center is dedicated to providing courses and other resources for individuals interested in the Kabbalist practices and traditions. Part of the Kabbalah Center’s programming is what is known as Kabbalah University. The Kabbalah University provides a person interested in learning more about Kabbalah with a wide range of learning experiences.

The Kabbalah University has thousands of hours of Kabbalist video instruction. These are accessible to people who want to embark on a course of study for a low monthly subscription fee. Visit

In addition, the Kabbalah Center has about 50 branch locations around the world in operation at this time. The teachings and other resources of Kabbalah University are now available through all of the these centers as well. This includes locations in large metro areas that include New York City, Toronto, London, as well as the main center in Los Angeles.

Finally, the teachings and resources of Kabbalah University are now accessible through hundreds of Kabbalah Center study groups that are in action all across the globe. A person interested in becoming a part of a Kabbalah Center student group can find information about locations at the organization’s website

Through its unique programming, like Kabbalah University, the Kabbalah Center is taking a bit a different approach to allowing people access to the study of Kabbalah. Historically, there existed some fairly stiff requirements governing who could study Kabbalah. For example, a person nearly always needed to be male, over the age of 40, and with a background in Hebrew and Jewish texts of different types. These requirements do not exist when it comes to studying these ancient teachings with the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center and its branch locations.