Greg Secker Opens about His Career and Plans for the Future

While undertaking his studies at the University, Greg Secker was also making and trading in computers. It is at this time that he learned to code and managed to build a fluid dynamic follicle in a 3D interactive model. He then encountered a guy from Thomas Cook Financial Services at a job fair. The guy had great knowledge in computer, and through their interaction, the guy invited him to an interview, and he secured a job with this firm.

His interest in the foreign exchange reached the peak at the time he was working with Virtual Trading Desk. Those trades made tremendous profits, and he wanted to get a bit of it. Greg Secker then borrowed £5,000 and pumped it into the business, and managed to earn £60,000 in revenues in under a year. He came to learn that every trade should be given a risk-managed approach, discipline is paramount and sticking to the trade plan is key.

The next move for Greg Secker now is to assist the Filipino people. He aims to build a program that will prove to them that they too can succeed in their undertakings and that they can live their lives to the fullest. He wants to give them life skills the same way it is done in the Youth Leadership Summits. They are launching in six months’ time, and he plans to roll this program worldwide after that.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker, an English businessman, was born in 1975. He has founded several companies including Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, Learn To Trade and FX Capital. He is a native of Norfolk in England. Secker studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

Thomas Cook Financial Services is where Greg Secker began his career. He, later on, ventured into the foreign exchange business where he ran the newly opened business by the name Virtual Trading Desk™. He soon after became Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. Secker’s trading account grew tremendously up to the point that he decided to set up his one trading floor. His company Learn to Trade materialized just after three months.