North American Spine Provides A Different Type of Care

Are you hurt and in pain? Does your back, neck, or spine hurt constantly, and you’re not sure what the cause is? This is something that many Americans suffer with; pain in the back area, and the source of the pain is unknown. You can only suffer from this pain for so long, before you decide to seek the help of a doctor, specialist, or if necessary, a surgeon. North American Spine specializes in back pain that is bothersome to many Americans today. Neck and spine pain is also something that is a specialty at North American Spine.

Because back pain can come from many different sources, it’s not always as easy as showing where the pain is, in order to determine what the exact cause is. Lumbar pains are pains that are in the lower part of the back, and there may still be several different reasons for this pain. You may also have a slipped disc, or a ruptured disc, as well as other back problems that need to be specifically diagnosed, in order to treat the problem. Many will have pain in their back, and think that it’s something simple, and will continue to work, play, and live normally, until the pain is unbearable.

Back pain is something that can be extremely serious to the point where you may need surgery on it. North American Spine specializes in back surgery, but the surgery performed is minimally invasive. The AccuraScope procedure is a specialty at North American Spine, and it only requires a small incision into an area of the back, in order to diagnose the problem the patient is having with their back, and to treat the problem. This type of surgery has a shorter healing time for the patient, and the scarring is kept to a minimum as well.

Because this surgery is simpler than any other previous surgeries before it, many choose the AccuraScope procedure, over any other back surgery if it’s recommended by a doctor. Not every patient will be able to get this type of procedure, but tests will be able to allow the patient know if they are eligible to receive the procedure. Once the patient becomes a candidate for the procedure, then the surgery can commence, and you can finally learn the cause of your back pain, and hopefully get rid of it for good. Unfortunately, many live today with constant back pain.

If you know that there is a way to permanently get rid of your back pain, the scarring would be very small, the pain would be lessened, and the healing time is quicker, why wouldn’t you consider getting the surgery? As long as you are open to getting rid of your back pain, there are many things that you can do to fix the back pain that you are in currently, and look forward to living a pain free life. North American Spine is an excellent company that deals with many forms of pain.

Flu Shot Not as Effective as Previous Years

We hear and read the same words (or at least the same message) almost everywhere we go: Get Your Flu Shot. This is the most common piece of medical advice doled out today, yet is it really an effective barrier between us and the flu virus?
Research conducted by the CDC conclude that only about one-half of the predominant strain of flu virus this season, the H3N2, is prevented by taking the flue shot. The research done by the CDC concluded that the H3N2 virus has mutated, also called a viral drift, and the current flu shot is not effective against it.
Mutation is not unheard of, but it is uncommon and what all of this boils down too is that the current flu shot is not as effective as it has been in the previous years. The effective rate of the flu shot this season is predicted to be 40%, not good, but admittedly better than nothing if you are numbered among the 40% that do not get the H3N2 virus because you were protected by the flu shot.
It’s too early in the season to predict whether or not the viral drift will create an epidemic of flu, even though the CDC reported epidemic rates last season and the flu shot was effective against the virus strain. This story was shared with me by friend Bruce Levenson.

Sweet 16 Birthday Going Viral Still Time To Be Part Of The Whirlwind

Kristie Rockweiler is the mother of a 15 year old daughter who is challenged by a health condition known as Noonan Syndrome. It makes her have to deal with serious health problems causing her have to make multiple trips to the hospital each month. Nicia Buttner the daughter feels she cannot relate to other teenagers while on their 16th birthdays they will be getting their drivers license and rambling about she does not have the chance to share in that joy.

But her Mother Kristie is determined that it will be a sweet 16 to be remembered. Last month having come up with an idea to make her Daughters 16th birthday really special She got on Facebook and created a group to send sweet 16 cards to make Nicia’s birthday an event to remember. Kirstie was surprised when the very next day there were 10 cards in the mailbox. Thhe cards keep coming and everyday and she wants more to come, so Nicia will never forget her 16th birthday.

Since she started the group on Facebook there have been cards and packages, even something from Amen Clinics. One Letter telling her that her card had traveled 1,257 miles from one door door to another. So far Nicia has cards from 32 states and 7 countries. Her birthday is coming soon, January 26.

Represent your state send Nicia a card to Nicia Buttner, P.O. Box 162, Cazenovia, WI

Accurascope is at the Forefront of Spinal Treatment

The healthcare industry is full of a wide range of individuals who can really get individuals back to their normal lives again. When it comes to matters of every day life, there is almost nothing more complicating than having back problems. This is where North American Spine comes in. North American Spine is a company that prides themselves in providing the most comprehensive and helpful care for those who are struggling with the most difficult spinal issues. These professionals (see some here on Facebook) give the top of the line care that is available in the industry to those who are in need.

North American Spine treats a wide range of different spinal discomforts. This is the focus of the company and its participating doctors. The aim of this treatment center is to restore health to those who are looking to get back into the normal swing of their life. The first thing that the facility works with the patient on is understanding their pain. Understanding this pain is the first step to really getting their pain taken care of. Understanding what type of back pain an individual is dealing with is the first step in really taking care of their problem. Not only does NASS focus on back pain, but Wikipedia states that they also specialize in neck pain as well.

There are many different treatments that can help individuals really get back to their daily lives.  Grammy award winning country artist Larry Gatlin is a great example of a patient that was helped by North American Spine. After being kicked in the back as a young teen, he had excruciating back pain at least once every day for 47 years. After being treated by North American Spine, he said that he only has a little bit of soreness. He is a new man. Here’s an interview with Gatlin that speaks to his experience with them:

The great part about the treatment options from North American Spine are the minimally invasive surgical options. With the new AccuraScope treatment option, individuals can have spinal surgery that is much less invasive than ever before. These surgical options allow individuals to really get back into the normal swing of life. No longer will they have to deal with the massive amounts of pain that they are used to.

If you are looking for relief from your back or neck pain, look no further. The professionals at North American Spine are ready to help you with all of your spinal care needs.