Betsy DeVos Has Made A Difference

Many people are known for a variety of reasons. While some people do very little to receive the attention that is shown, there are people who do a great deal and receive little in the way of personal attention for what they do. For people who help others, the reason is rarely for attention. Although attention is sometimes given to people who help others, the attention is usually brief and uncommon.

One of the people who has given a lot regarding financial contributions to charities, causes, and organizations is Betsy DeVos. She is known by many people as a caring person who wants to make a difference in the world. Betsy DeVos along with her husband Dick DeVos have given over 130 million dollars through the years to various charities, worthwhile causes, and organizations. Even though the couple has certain things that are very important to them regarding the world, they spread the help they give over many areas of concern.

Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have helped numerous communities by providing money and some of their personal time to help build hospitals, schools, markets, convention centers, and other buildings to help in whatever areas the communities need. The couple has given money in the form of scholarships to help students continue their education. Both Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos have provided leadership on many of the efforts that they have helped with to ensure the success of the projects.

An article written recently about Betsy DeVos and school vouchers made the case that people should give school vouchers and Betsy DeVos an opportunity. Many people who know about Betsy DeVos understand her concern regarding the education of children. One of her beliefs is that school vouchers will help many children receive a better education. She has pushed for the use of school vouchers in many public school systems.

An excellent communicator with a special skill for addressing sensitive topics, Betsy DeVos has used her wealth and influence to help many causes. Also, she has been able to achieve a successful professional career. She has provided leadership in many situations. She has been the chairman of the Windquest Group. She has served on various boards along with providing a lead role in numerous business tasks.

Betsy DeVos has achieved success that few have achieved by recently being appointed as the Secretary of Education. In this role, Betsy DeVos will have the opportunity to make changes in the public education system to help serve children.

I think that Betsy DeVos has given people a chance to see that there are people in the world who still care about others. She has shown that she cares through her various efforts over the years. Folllow Betsy on Twitter.

George Soros and the Asylum Seeker Crisis

George Soros has an interesting background. From fleeing Hungary in 1947 during WWII for England to being known as the “man who broke the Bank of England”, there’s a lot we know about him. According to Investopedia, he is also the one who is known as the “trigger” for the 1997 Asian financial crisis due to a large bet against the Thai baht. He is also known as a political activist and a philanthropist, overseeing the Open Society Foundations.

The latest thing that Soros has become known for, found in MarketWatch’s latest article about him, has to do with helping solve the latest global issue that has popped up: Syria’s refugees and those seeking asylum. He noted that the European Union needs a strong, centralized plan to deal with asylum seekers – both now and in the future. The reason this is needed is because each member state of the EU has only focused on themselves in a selfish manner. This results in them often going against the interests of other member states.

So…how does he think it should be done? Soros believes that the EU should take six steps to fix the problem, and the first people to benefit directly from them would be those seeking refuge from the problems in Syria.

The first step the EU needs to take, according to him, is that over all the member states, at least one million refugees need to be taken in each year – for a while in the foreseeable future. This means the burden would be shared equally between all the member states. Each asylum seeker would also need to receive 15,000 euros (or $16,800) for the first two years. Communication needs to be streamlined so that everyone is on the same page.

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Secondly, the EU needs to take the first steps and lead the global effort to support the refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Turkey alone needs about 20 billion euros to support all the refugees it has taken in. Third, the EU would have to streamline all the asylum seeking processes. Twenty eight different processes is too much! This creates a clunky and inefficient system.

The fourth step is to create safe passage to their destinations, and making it easier to get across the Mediterranean. The less danger there is in crossing this portion of the world, Soros argues, the numbers of refugees trying to cross will drop. Turkey would be the priority.

The fifth piece of this puzzle is to arrange global standards for dealing with asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. This would cut down on issues in misunderstanding conduct.

Finally, the EU would have to have private organizations as sponsors so that more than one million refugees can be taken in each year.

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Jamie Garcia Dias And Other Great Brazilian Writers

Brazilian writers are sometimes read by people from other countries and thought to be from ‘the continent’, that is, from Europe. People who think that are usually not well read, they have not yet learned to identify that distinctive style of uncensored action, deep passion, and direct honesty that is the hallmark of most writers from Brazil. More vivid prose with this style comes out of this great South American country than any other area on Earth. Most of these books and short stories qualify as true literature.

Brazil was and is home to some of the brightest, philosophers, deep dreamers, and eclectic intellects in history. Perhaps the most famous at the moment, to the rest of the world, is Jamie Garcia Dias. Señor Dias’ writings have garnered him many accolades. He comes by his talent most naturally. He is the son of another writer, Arnaldo Dias, the author and architect many have cited as one of the main people to revitalize Rio de Janeiro culture. Jamie Garcia Dias points to his father as his inspiration and mentor to begin writing seriously when he was only 15 years old. He says he inherited a good part of his writing style from his father, which he believes has a lot to do with his great success at a young age. Señor Dias published over twelve books by his 30th birthday, and was hired as a teacher of literature by Carioca Literature Academy for their advanced coursework.

There are many other fine authors that made their home in Brazil. Many of their names are household words in the world’s circles of the literati, such as Sonia Coutinho, Aurélio Buarque de Holanda Ferreira, Florestan Fernandes, Fernando Sabino, Chico Buarque, Caio Fernando Abreu, Gilberto Freyre, Luiz Duart, Samuel Wainer, Joaquim Nabuco, Pedro Bloch, Rinaldo de Lamare, Elsie Lessa, Carlos Lacerda, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Bernardo Carvalho, Roberto Drummond, and Dante Milano. Besides these better known writers, Brazil has produced many other quite good writers with talents across all genres, including poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, writers of operas, science fiction, and also many journalists.

Eucatex Becomes a Leader in Construction Supplies and Furniture Manufacturing Brazil

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that operates in construction and furniture manufacturing sectors. Eucatex started in 1951. It started in production and selling of linings and insulating materials made from eucalyptus wood fibers. It has evolved to become a leading company in furniture manufacturing, the supply of large industrial construction, cars, packaging, and toys.

Eucatex Group is made up of three factories one dealing with panels and flooring and another dealing with plates, paints, and varnishes. The latter works in Botucatu, and the former in Salto. There is a third factory that deals with forestry. It has a seedling nursery to offer raw materials for construction and furniture.

In construction, Eucatex produces materials such as laminate floors, doors, architectural coatings, modular partitions, and panels. It is the producer of Eucafloor brand, which consist of different lines including Classic, Elegance, Evidences, Prime, and Rustic.

Eucafloor Evidence line of laminate floors was developed in 2010 following an increasing demand by interior designers and architects for laminate floors. This project was aimed at meeting business environments and residential premises of low traffic such as guesthouses, hotels, and small offices. Eucatex doors are considered beautiful and strong. They have proven rigorous on testing.

The company also produces and supplies paint of different qualities and formulations including Acrylic, Latex PVA, and varnishes. In 2010, the company also introduced waterproofing materials. It launched a line of waterproof materials that help control and fight against water and moisture in buildings.

In the furniture industry, this company is a large supplier of wood fiber plates, Tamburato, and MDP. These materials are produced with advanced technology and systems using 100 percent eucalyptus wood. Eucatex was awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications because of its best practices in supporting sustainable development and conservation of resources.

It has also been awarded Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Eucatex is owned by Flavio Maluf, who is an entrepreneur as well as a mechanical engineer. Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of politician Paulo Maluf and is also the president of a company called GrandFood.

Apontador had a report that in 2011, Eucatex marked its 60th anniversary and celebrated being a leader in manufacturing and supply of doors, laminate floors, wall partitions, MDF and MDP panels, paints, varnishes, and hardboards in Brazil. The company exports to over 37 countries and has four modern factories located in Salto, and Botucatu. It is striving to be the market leader in the region in the supply of construction and building materials as well as furniture manufacturing for residential and commercial premises.

The Career Achievements of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a business man and a philanthropist. He holds the position of the Chief Operating Officer at Solvy. He is a managing partner at A-Ventures Company and the chief executive officer of New Gas Technologies. In addition, he is the chairman and founder of Mechanicus besides serving as the counselor to the president of the Skolkovo foundation.

Before venturing into the business world, Alexei was a doctor in a provincial hospital. Despite having a career in the medicine world, Beltyukov was interested in the business world. He came across an INSEAD Business School advertisement from the Izvesia magazine and decided to fill out an application for an MBA degree. His application was successful but he was unable to raise the required fee for the MBA program.

His stroke of luck appeared when the Lister Vickery foundation was looking for recipients of scholarships. He was selected and became the very first recipient of the foundation and was able to join INSEAD. He received his post graduate degree in Business Administration in 1997. He jumped straight into the business world and in 2006; he successfully founded New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures. Later in 2013, he founded Endemic Capital then later added a conglomerate of auto repair shops called Mechanicus.

Alexei attributes all his success to INSEAD Business School. The campus is located in Fontainbleau; Russia.The institution focuses on global knowledge and tolerance of the diverse cultures. Students are able to achieve global success and equal learning opportunities regardless of their origin or cultural beliefs. Over the years, the alumnus of the school has donated funds to enable INSEAD to open up two more campuses. He has never forgotten to give back to the society. He has been particularly involved in ensuring that more Russians enroll at the INSEAD School of Business.

Yahoo Finance suggests that the financial aid and scholarship that Alexei received from the Lister Foundation inspired him to start a foundation aimed at helping students get scholarships. He formed a group with his wife, OLesia Chikunova and some former classmates. The foundation is called Russian Alumni Scholarship and it helps needy Russian students to be able to access the highest quality of education that they desire. The team donated $150k as a startup for the foundation to take root.

The philanthropist uses his company Endemic Capital to help entrepreneurs start up businesses. He understands that for first time business owners, capital can be quite a challenge. He therefore offers capital and suggests different ways on how the entrepreneur can maximize and make profits. He organizes workshops and training where he helps people understand how business works. He has been known to offer internship opportunities to students who he supports financially. His businesses have seen him chair different boards owing to his immense experiences that he has gained in business.

Alexei believes that helping others is a good way to create new and better opportunities for the future entrepreneurs. His passion for education enabled him to create Solvy.Com a platform that enables teachers and students to engage and interact with the view to enhancing students comprehension of math.

Fallon Takes a Fumble

Nightly talk show host Jimmy Fallon almost took his finger completely off from his hand late last week. The taping of Jimmy’s popular show on The Tonight Show had been cancelled for the evening and put on a hiatus. The talk show host sent his fans a tweet capturing a heavily bandaged hand that was covering the wound. Jimmy went on to explain in the next tweet how he suffered the incident. At his home Jimmy Fallon tripped and caught his fall. While catching himself was a good thing Jimmy did not expect to get up and see that his ring had caught the side of a table and almost took his finger completely off. TMZ followed the story and explained that the incident took place at Jimmy’s apartment early Friday morning.


The night before Jimmy had been traveling around New York City and was having dinner at an Upper East Side restaurant called Scalinatella. Jimmy was his usual self and was posing with fans and being friendly with other guests. CipherCloud thought that nothing was different at all. It is unknown whether or not Jimmy, who is an avid beer pong player, had too many drinks which led to his injury. The network that airs the show apologize for guests who had tickets for the show’s taping. They got in contact with the scheduled guests and had no problem in rescheduling their tickets. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is slated to be back on the air on July 10th.

Bill Cosby Wants His Words Sealed from the Public

It isn’t normal to hear that Bill Cosby actually wants to hide some of the words he has spoken, but that is exactly what is happening in a courtroom today. The courts are hearing from Mr. Cosby’s attorney, in an attempt to stop the courts from unsealing documents related to a case Bill Cosby settled 10 years ago. In that case which involved a women he sexually assaulted, Cosby answered an attorney questions very candidly, and now he wants those words sealed from the public.

The lawyer for Bill Cosby has been extremely busy as of lately. There are at least 12 lawsuits filed against the aging comedian for sexual assault, and opening the files on a previous case could cast serious doubt on Cosby’s innocence. The lawyer feels if the words are released, the public will have inside information on the sexual habits of Mr Cosby, something that should be kept private. The lawyer went on to say that he feels releasing this information will embarrass his client.

This is of no consequence to the dozen ladies that claim he sexually assaulted them by drugging them and then taking advantage of them. Susan McGalla couldn’t believe all of those stories. They feel that they have lived with this pain and embarrassment long enough, and that Mr Cosby should have nothing to hide if he is in fact innocent of the charges. Future trials are pending, and this appears to be just the beginning of a long road for the comedian.

Bank Robbers Gets A Job Instead Of Time Inside

A man who was once pushed aside from society deciding to take a total change of direction last summer- one that landed him in jail. David Potchen purposely robbed a bank last year and wrote a note on the back of his resume and waited for the police to arrive to arrest. him. Clearly if someone is doing these crimes just to get a roof over their head and a meal, there is something wrong and they should be given a helping hand.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Daily Mail UK, the man currently lives in Indiana but was stuck without a job for so long that he had no choice but to resort going to jail for his own safety. Instead of giving him a sentence, the judge clearly realized that he was just in the need of some help and even helped him get a job at a local company that does welding. Potchen had some handy skills that and he got hired by the man to do some welding and even gets paid up to $18 per hour.

It is already great when the story ends this way as opposed to someone who is not really a bad person having to be stuck doing things that they don’t want to do. It was nice that the judge saw his true needs and helped him get employed and happy. In a few FreedomPop review examples, that was definitely pointed out.

Religious rule put aside to help another

“Man removes turban and places it under head of injured child hit by car outside primary school”

It always amazes me when people react to a situation without thinking about it, or without thinking of themselves. These are the honest from the heart reactions, when there is no time to second guess yourself or talk yourself out of getting involved. This is exactly what happened with 22 year old Harman Singh, who was at home when he heard car wheels screeching and a commotion going on outside his home. Harman, running outside to see what happened saw a child on the ground bleeding from his head. Moving immediately into action he removed his turban to cover up the young child’s wounded head. Some may think, this is not a big deal but for Harman in the eyes of some it is. Harman is a Sikh and for him being in public without his turban is frowned upon, but Harman said “I wasn’t thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, ‘He needs something on his head because he’s bleeding.’ That’s my job – to help. And I think anyone else would have done the same as me.” Members of Harman’s community largely Indian praised him for his actions, as he put the needs of a stranger above their strict protocol. Humanity still triumphs, which surprised internet marketers everywhere.

Sci-Fi Skin Cells

Cosmetic companies are often under fire for their use of animals when testing out new and updated products. L’Oréal has become the first cosmetic company to test products on something other than animals. The company has used 3D printing to produce synthetic human skin to test cosmetics. This comes at a day in age where companies are being held accountable for their morality and ethics. L’Oréal hasn’t faced too much criticism when it comes to animal testing, as they have not been on record as testing on animals since 2013. However, the L’Oréal executives want to reestablish they’re testing practices before there is a problem to be solved. Since 2013 the company has spent a lot of time growing human skin samples in a lab. They would take discarded skin samples from cosmetic surgery procedures and break the cells down to their most vulnerable state. Once the cells were broken down, the company used an accelerated procedure to grow more skin. The company has teamed up with a bioengineering lab to produce more skin fragments at a larger more efficient rate. This is the first time that the beauty and cosmetic industry has used technologic means to test their cosmetics according to a few Brazilian lawyers. The program is still in its early stages, but L’Oréal isn’t worried about competitors getting their hands on this technology. The company will retain exclusive rights to use 3D printing as a means to test their cosmetics.