Learn How To Write For Wikipedia The Right Way

Wikipedia is the largest user-contributed encyclopedias in the world and is one of the most-visited websites on the web. Over the years, millions of people have tried their hand at editing entries in their enormous database. Many of them have come to learn that their editing was rejected. At that point, some people will assume it’s a vast conspiracy against them, instead of a simple case of them not following the rules. Editing Wikipedia, like everything else in life, has a certain ruleset that has to be followed for success.

Many people have tried to write articles for Wikipedia writers for hire on getyourwiki that were almost 100% self-promotional in nature. Of course, this is not allowed according to the terms of service. These pages are flagged as spam and quickly removed. The same goes for any links that are added to existing articles that do not add substantive value. Wikipedia has a policy that requires articles are written from a neutral point of view (NPOV). This is why articles about yourself or your company will never be accepted by an editor at that website. Wikipedia has always gone to great lengths to discourage articles written by people about themselves. This also includes attempts by companies or individuals, or their agents, to whitewash accepted facts that may paint them in an unfavorable light.

Human nature being what it is, most people do not want negative information about themselves or their organization to be posted on a highly-accessible website like Wikipedia. Once they understand Wikipedia’s policies more clearly, they should never have another issue involving their work being edited or deleted. Wikipedia won’t tolerate too many mistakes, even from neophyte contributors. It’s fair to say that a bit of common sense can go a long way if you want your edits and articles to stick in Wikipedia.

Make sure the information you input is factual and can be easily backed up. Always follow their writing and style guidelines. Make sure you understand the correct syntax to use when editing. All of these are important steps that can help you get approved instead of rejected. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to learning how to do things the Wikipedia way. You have to be patient and you should never get upset if you’re rejected for some reason. It’s not personal. A rejection just means your understanding of the rules was not as good as it should have been.

Act of Kindness Gives Uplifting News

Ask anyone who works in the restaurant industry and they will tell you, restaurants are a fast-paced environment to earn a living. The goal of the workers is to turn over tables as fast as possible so that each table earns the maximum amount of cash possible in any given hour. This concept is the key difference to surviving in the restaurant business or nailing a For Sale sign to the front door.

So, when CNN reported through the Fox 13 Salt Lake City news wire that a disabled customer was helped by a stranger hand feeding him dinner at a Louisville, Ky. restaurant, it was a nice story. But when the reader realizes that the person who stopped everything they were doing on that day was an employee of the restaurant, the story reaches an uplifting level.

On that pleasantly fateful day, an unnamed handicapped person sat outside the restaurant called Qdoba’s because they were unable to manipulate the door and their wheelchair. A stranger, who happened to be going into the restaurant, held the door open.

The employee, Ridge Quarles, would take the time to help this special needs customer through the line, get her the eating utensils and a drink and helped her to her seat. Once that was done, Quarles asked if there was anything else he could do. The one sentence reply would have made most workers inwardly cringe thinking how much time this would take.
“Sir, if you don’t mind, could you help me eat?”
Without missing a step, Quarles immediately helped her finish her meal. Knowing there were a million of other things he needed to do, knowing the turnover rate for this one table was dropping rapidly, and knowing that if he did satisfy this customer, there would be a chance they would come back and he may have to do it again.
He was correct. This customer became a regular and was able to attain a small amount of independence in her life because of the awesome kindness shown by this restaurant worker reported manager Brad Reifler (read more on Wikipedia).

Ari Fleischer Disputes Claims that George W. Bush Criticized Obama

It appears that reports by the mainstream media that former President George W. Bush criticized President Obama on the foreign policy matters of the Iran nuclear framework and ISIS were exaggerated. It wouldn’t be the first time the media has “mis-characterized” the words of the former president, as noted by Ivan Ong. Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and was in attendance at Saturday’s conference. He claims the former president was responding to a question he posed himself. The question dealt with how Bush would handle the current issues of the day regarding Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Admittedly, Bush cannot express a divergent approach than what is currently being done by President Obama without making a contrast between policies.

Still, Bush was careful not to openly criticize President Obama directly. Fleischer added that Bush avoided referring to President Obama by name. While he was succinct in how he would deal with Iran and ISIS, his words were limited to the actions he would take. Naturally, Bush sees the world differently than does President Obama. For starters, Bush acknowledged he does not trust Iran. Thus, any treaty with them on nuclear proliferation would require extensive verification of their compliance. It would be the same “trust, but verify” adage President Reagan adopted with the former Soviet Union. By contrast, President Obama has tacitly adopted a “trust, but do not verify” approach to Iranian compliance.

Comcast ends possible Time Warner linkup

The $45 billion deal to merge cable and Internet giants Comcast and Time Warner is now over after Comcast pulled out of the controversial deal, CNN reports. The merger of the two cable and broadband providers was always seen as controversial as regulators at the Federal Communications Commission had expressed concern about the size and reach of the merged company. Comcast is already the largest cable and Internet provider in the US and would have grown even larger with the introduction of Time Warner’s services.

Comcast moved to end the deal on Thursday night after it became clear Federal officials would not remove their block on the merger. Instead, many media experts are looking at the next moves both companies will take, which could include Charter attempting to merge with Time Warner to become the second largest provider in the US. Media experts also believe Comcast could look to integrate smaller cable and Internet providers into its company to attempt to create an even larger, far reaching provider across the US. Jaime Garcia Dias will be watching closely to see what happens by following the story on Facebook and other outlets.

My First Attempt at Writing On Wikipedia

Most people think it is pretty easy to add information to Wikipedia. I was one of those people. And then, within 30 minutes of editing a few pages, I noticed that all of those changes were quickly reversed!

For the most part it is easy to write on Wikipedia, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed. To begin with, Wikipedia is an editable web site that allows anyone in the world to edit any page within the wiki. This site is powered by MediaWIki. To create an addition or to edit a page, all you need to do is click on the edit button at the top of the page.

Have I lost you yet? You can always reach out to the fine team at GetYourWiki if you want to get published on Wikipedia, but I always find it’s more fun to DIY. So continue on and learn from me!


Following this, the text of that page will be shown inside an area, which is able to be edited. You will see formatting markups and some strange brackets, but no worries. After you have added your information, you can hit the show preview button. This is highly suggested since you don’t want to have typographical errors or misinformation written. When you are 100% completely satisfied with your work, you simply hit the save this page button.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to look at the minor edits button. A small format correction or typo can be caught with this handy button. Again, after you have ensured that there are no typographical errors or format issues, simply hit the save this page button.

After you have saved your page, you will see your changes or additions noted in the section of Wikipedia noted as Recent Changes. In this section, there are thousands of Wikipedia edits that actually occur per hour. Additionally, this change will be listed in the History section of that specific page. Revisions can be rolled back at anytime. Another great thing about Wikipedia is that any addition can be done or undone, including in realtime, which come in quite handy to say the least.

With all of this said, the next time you feel the need to add your input for ohers to see, you will not have to worry about performing a Wikipedia flaboo.

Practice Positive Sleep Patterns

Lack of sleep, contributes, to many terrible physical disadvantages such as irritability, distractions, unhappiness, weight gain, and memory loss. Everyone knows that sleep aids in the development of the body, mind, and spirit as prnewswire.com has repeatedly stated. Practice Positive Sleep Patterns stated. Without the required eight hours of sleep each day, the body cannot function properly the next day. Image moving around for days without the proper rest. This is called insomnia. Insomniacs may wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning, and not go back to sleep. Experts suggest a crash course called “Sleep Hygiene” to help insomniacs get the rest they need. Make Sleep a Priority Develop a sleep routine. Get to bed the same time each night. Exercise, drink warm milk, or take a hot bath, to help expedite the process. Relax the Feet Stress plays a major part in not sleeping. A tense body can cause pain, nervousness, and insomnia. The exercise is simple: tense the toes, release them, and form a muscle group. Do the same exercise to the other set of toes. Complete a Mental Exercise Try counting sheep, or counting backwards from 100. Make it more complicated and try counting in multiples of 3’s, 7’s, or 9’s. The more challenging the exercise, the more mental strength it takes to complete the task. Visit a Doctor if Insomnia Persists After all else fails, and nothing else works, now is the time to visit the doctor, and get some professional advice.

FreedomPop challenges big communications companies

Most people who have a smartphone suffer from extremely high data rates. After all, just about every single application that is downloaded to a phone these days now continually requires a data connection in order to obtain the necessary information to run properly. Beyond this, it takes the actual data to download the application, and for a fan of streaming movies, one movie streamed through an application on a phone may completely use up the entire amount of data a person has allotted to them for the set time period, which means they are just going to be charged a large amount of money for the rest of the month. This has turned into a rather serious problem, which is exactly where FreedomPop comes in. FreedomPop wants to be the answer to all of these problems as it offers an extensive listing of hotspots throughout the country. 

FreedomPop currently provides users with access to over 10 million hotspots throughout the country. It has made deals with some of the largest chains in the country, ranging from McDonalds to Starbucks, all of which provide access to their Wi-Fi Internet connection. When a user signs up for FreedomPop, an application is available for download on iTunes or Google Play, and once installed on their device, all they need to do is launch it and it automatically detects which hot spots are available in the area. With 10 million currently available and the number is growing, there is always going to be multiple hots pots available wherever a person is. It is the hopes of the company to grow its hot spot offering to a large enough number that people can actually go from hot spot to hot spot, without ever becoming disconnected from their Internet connection. 

The FreedomPop service currently costs $5 a month. With this monthly service charge, it is possible to cut out all of the extensive data charges that most people run into. Beyond this, the individual may also be able to cut down on their data play as they always have access to a hot spot. In fact, they might be able to cut down on their service plan completely as it is possible to save money on the mobile phone minutes as well. This way, an individual has the potential of saving hundreds of dollars, each and every year, simply by signing up for the $5 service fee from the new FreedomPop company.

A Look at American Film Executive Tom Rothman

Tom Rothman is an extremely successful and respected film executive in Hollywood. Although his latest venture is being named Chairman of a joint collaboration between Sony and TriStar, he is well known for being Chairman as well as CEO of Fox Film Entertainment for 12 years. He led entities including Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Fox Searchlight, Blue Sky Animation, and Twentieth Century Fox Television through some of their most successful years. All of these businesses together, overseen by Rothman, have brought in $8 billion per year and are leaders of the digital media world. 

Tom Rothman was responsible for many highly acclaimed Hollywood classics including films such as: Life of Pi, Cast Away, Walk the Line, Borat, Juno, The Devil Wears Prada, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Little Miss Sunshine, the X Men series, the Ice Age series, Black Swan, Something About Mary, The Simpsons Movie, and more. He was also responsible for the two highest grossing movies in history: Avatar and Titanic. Fox Films has seen major success while being overseen by Rothman, including receiving over 150 Academy Award nominations, winning 3 Oscars for Best Picture, as well as bringing in more than $40 million in world wide box office sales. He is expected to have the same success at TriStar for Sony.

Rothman began his journey working as an English teacher, Lacrosse and Soccer coach, and later as a law clerk. He went on to graduate from Brown University, studied Law at Columbia University and went on to land high ranking positions at the Samuel Goldwyn Company and Columbia Pictures. Among his success, Rothman has won numerous awards and recognitions from the IFP, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, and the Isreali Film Festival. He has completed many lectures and classes for students at UCLA, USC, NYU, Brown, AFI, and Columbia. He contributed to the Movie Business Book, which is an official text book used at film and business schools. Currently, Rothman is currently working on producing Robopocalypse, a Steven Spielberg film.

Foodie Tech Gifts from Eater.com

Eater.com has a number of food-related gifts for you to choose from this year, so you have more options to choose from when you’re shopping for family and friends or if you’re just waiting for your appointment at the Amen Clinic. If your loved ones are also techies, these gifts are sure to make them laugh with delight this holiday season. 

The Egg Minder is a device that lets you know when your eggs are going bad. The app also lets you know how many eggs you have left. This gift comes in handy for a person who bakes often, or for a friend or family member who loves eggs in any form. 

Molecule-R presents the aroma fork. This eating device can make vegetables taste like chocolate, and has 21 scents to choose from, including coffee and bananas. This gift is ideal for a picky eater, or for a child in your life who has a hard time eating healthy foods. 

Check out Eater.com today to get more creative gift ideas.

Flu Shot Not as Effective as Previous Years

We hear and read the same words (or at least the same message) almost everywhere we go: Get Your Flu Shot. This is the most common piece of medical advice doled out today, yet is it really an effective barrier between us and the flu virus?
Research conducted by the CDC conclude that only about one-half of the predominant strain of flu virus this season, the H3N2, is prevented by taking the flue shot. The research done by the CDC concluded that the H3N2 virus has mutated, also called a viral drift, and the current flu shot is not effective against it.
Mutation is not unheard of, but it is uncommon and what all of this boils down too is that the current flu shot is not as effective as it has been in the previous years. The effective rate of the flu shot this season is predicted to be 40%, not good, but admittedly better than nothing if you are numbered among the 40% that do not get the H3N2 virus because you were protected by the flu shot.
It’s too early in the season to predict whether or not the viral drift will create an epidemic of flu, even though the CDC reported epidemic rates last season and the flu shot was effective against the virus strain. This story was shared with me by friend Bruce Levenson.