Florida Officials Find A Number of Credit Skimmers At Gas Pumps

Officials in Florida, conducting a sweep of gas stations state wide have found a number of the stations had been fitted with illegal skimmers. Officials recovered over 300 of the illegal units which fit over a regular gas pump card scanner. The device records the card holder’s information and if the person tries to pay with a debit card, the criminals are able to gain access to the cardholder’s pin code and can then create a clone card and use the card to make purchases and charges. The pin code also allows the criminals access to the user’s cash in their account. Florida is Plagued By Credit Card Skimmers The same technique is used on some ATM machines. Officials caution card holders to use the credit option at the gas pump which does not require a pin code like a debit option does. Additionally, they recommend that users pay cash for their gas. The Aspire New Brunswick suggests to its tenants that all card activity should be monitored each month for unusual activity. Any suspicious activity on one’s card or at an ATM or gas pump should be reported to authorities as soon as possible. Individuals should also use means at their disposal to protect their identity and credit from identity theft and fraud. The high number of incidents in Florida is not unusual according to law enforcement. identity theft is prevalent in every state and has become a major crime with the advent of computers and the internet.