Sergio Cortes Greatest Michael Jackson Impersonator Not Just Another Fan. True Talent Doesn’t Lie!

Michael Jackson dubbed the “King of Pop” have a throng of fans. The interesting reality is that there’s an impersonator who’s done very little to become Michael Jackson. Dino Entertainment hosted an interview with Brazil’s Sergio Cortes as explained here on R7 Noticias. So, makes Sergio Cortes the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator? While he’s undeniably a spitting image of the pop star, Cortes behaves, walks, dresses and talks like MJ. Fascinating, isn’t it? In addition, Cortes composes music, does acts, dances and sings professionally, Dino Entertainment learned while interviewing him.

Cortes admitted that the art of impersonating someone especially an entertainer as prolific and loved as MJ isn’t a casual walk-in-the-park. With an army of fans that treasure MJ’s body of work, Cortes faces an enormous challenge. What’s amazingly admirable is that he’s extremely talented. In fact, he’s been dubbed the world’s best Michael Jackson lookalike. Of course, he’s got rivals, but with his charm, winning fan votes’ isn’t a challenge. In another
Dino Entertainment article, celebrity reporters discuss matters of Cortes’ motivation to take on impersonating Michael Jackson. After all, it’s not his only muse. He’s a licensed medical practitioner according to his official Wikipedia page. Interestingly, he’s been fascinated with MJ since childhood and his parents supported the idea, a dated NewsPress Release article reports. They’ve also remarked on how he resembled the beloved “Pop King.”

His memory goes back to the days when M.J. was a proponent of the group act, Jackson 5. Cortes’ long-nurtured fascination with MJ didn’t fade. Today, Cortes runs a successful entertainment agency. Additionally, he makes appearances at concerts impersonating Michael Jackson’s elaborate dance moves, singing, etc. A passionate entertainer, his masterful choreography, artistic talent and awesomeness has earned him his keep. The Brazilian media outlet Direitoenegocios gave commentary on the auctioning of the creatively designed glove, Michael Jackson once wore. It specifically discussed the expensive price tag as the starting bid for the piece was $20,000. He further deliberated that MJ’s globe has been auctioned before, having reached a bid of $402,000. Certainly, the latest auction has agreeably generous Sergio Cortes reported.

Although impersonating Michael Jackson isn’t just an ordinary job for Sergio Cortes, it’s something he constantly looks forward to doing. The affection, his lyrics, dances and whole persona embraces Michael Jackson in the truest form. With an extensive career impersonating Michael Jackson, Cortes has amassed a sizable social following on Facebook and Twitter. He shares his concert performances, photo stories, and videos on both accounts. Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009 had devastated fans. At least Sergio Cortes, with talent, charm, and devotion, keeps the celebrated pop king’s memory alive through impersonating. Cortes Michael Jackson impersonating is an act he does willingly to extend homage to the forever remembered pop king, he admitted in an interview.

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