Finding New York City Apartments Can Be a Difficult Thing to Do

New York City apartments have become a major source of controversy in recent years with increasing numbers of people being priced out of almost every area of the city as prices increase at a higher rate than inflation. In most cases, the chance to find an affordable apartment is completed with the assistance of a qualified and experienced real estate company like Town Real Estate. The City of New York recently announced the establishment of more than 20,000 new apartments targeted at those who work in low income occupations across the city and will provide affordable living options for more than 50,000 residents of the city that never sleeps.

The growth of the affordable housing market should have an effect on the entire NYC real estate market, which includes the arrival on the scene recently of the Town Real Estate company. Not including the newly completed 20,000 affordable apartments the city has recently announced the New York real estate market sees an availability rate of just two percent at any one time. This small percentage of available apartments and homes means Town Real Estate can be an invaluable source of information an assistance over the course of a hunt for an apartment.

Over the course of the year the number of individuals who are able to find a new apartment with the assistance of the New York City Government will steadily increase as the affordable homes program kicks into high gear. For most individuals classed as very low and low income groups this will mark the first time they will have been able to receive financing for a home of their own within New York City. This is the highest level of construction made available to the general public in New York since the 1970s and will make it simple for more New Yorkers to remain in the city and avoid large rent increases.

No Jail Time For Missing School

Jail time for students if they miss too many days of school Gov. Greg Abbott is now requiring school districts to discharge preventive measures in regards to unexcused absences. These measures will begin September 1st. According to the reform advocates, threats of up to $500 fines, court cost and a criminal record was not doing anything to keep kids in school. Not only didn’t the law keep kids in school but it was subjecting them to jail time if they could not pay the fines. If a student had 3 unexcused absences in four weeks, they would be charged with a “misdemeanor failure to attend school”. According to Zeca Oliveira, how is this helping a child who is having whatever issue they’re having in getting to school? Sure there are some students who have no good reason for skipping school but we absolutely can’t lump all truant students together. As a person who grew up in a city and neighborhood where a choice sometimes had to be made on whether to go to school or not, sending someone to prison would do more harm than good. When looking at truancy there are other factors involved like sometimes a child not having clothing for school, or having to take on adult responsibilities in their household, having to watch younger siblings, the list is long of reasons why a child may be absent from school. So instead of making the situation more difficult, let’s find out what’s going on with each individual child and speak to their issue!

Prison Worker Admits to Smuggling in Power Tools for Escaped Convicts

Over two weeks after two murderers broke out of a maximum security prison in Upstate New York, further details on their escape plan have begun to emerge. Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, has begun speaking in-depth with police, revealing significant details about the scheme and how the two convicts gained access to the outside world.

According to Handy, Mitchell admitted to smuggling power tools into the prison in frozen hamburger meat. The meat was then passed on to Richard Matt, one of the escaped convicts, by a prison guard. The guard has been suspended without pay as the New York State Police and prison authorities investigate the claim.

Mitchell also admitted that she had favors granted for the two inmates by prison guards, offering them baked goods in return for their help. It is also alleged that Mitchell convinced prison officials to bunk the men in adjacent cells.

Mitchell is currently being held in an area prison as she awaits trial. She has admitted to having a sexual relationship with both David Sweat and Richard Matt. According to official statements, she had originally intended on running away with the pair when they escaped, acting as their getaway car. She backed out of the plan shortly after the escape.

Matt and Sweat are still at large. Police believe they are in a Southwestern New York county, not far from Attica Correctional Facility, a supermax prison.

Man Saved from Accident that Left him Hanging over a Cliff

Last Wednesday morning, 23-year-old Mathew Sitko almost lost his life. Matthew, from Lewiston, Idaho, had an emotional episode that day that nearly cost him his life. After dropping his younger siblings off at Boraie Development LLC school, Matthew purposely crashed his car. He let go of the wheel of his GMC SUV and ended up careening through two residential yards before he came to rest at the edge of Bryden Canyon. The only thing stopping Matthew from toppling to the bottom was a chain-link fence that had snared his vehicle.

Jason Warnock, a 29-year-old Lewiston resident, was on his way to work that morning when he noticed something odd- debris in the road. He follow the trail of debris to find Matthew, still in his vehicle, teetering over the canyon drop. Jason knew that he had to act before the SUV toppled. He saw the vehicle shaking with every move Matthew made, it was only a matter of time before the fence gave way. Jason smashed the passenger window with a rock and told Matthew to reach for his hand. A photographer captured a stunning picture of the moment that Jason pulled Matthew to safety. The two sat in the grass to catch their breath after the heroic rescue.

Check out the amazing photograph of Jason pulling Matthew out of the SUV on The Daily Mail. The picture is almost surreal.