Bonn Óir Vodka Signs Wholesale Distributor

Timber Creek Capital is Marc Sparks’ private equity firm that aims to help independent ventures get off the ground, and become profitable. Just from reading his WordPress Blog, you can see Sparks has used his resources at Timber Creek to help over a dozen companies. Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka is one company with the Timber Creek pedigree. The Irish American vodka uses only the best soft white wheat to make their product that features a far cleaner finish than most other comparable vodkas. Their unique distillation and filtration methods produce a gluten free wheat vodka of unparalleled quality. 

Streetinsider is now reporting that Bonn Óir has allied themselves with Goody Goody for wholesale distribution in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas. The distribution company was established in 1964 and has met with succeess since then. They now run 16 locations in the state of Texas. Goody Goody will be responsible for getting Bonn Óir vodka into bars, hotels, and restaurants. Dan O’Shevlin C.O.O. of Bonn Óir was quoted as saying “Goody Goody is exactly the kind of business we can identify with as we grow.”

Bonn Óir is produced by the O’Shevlin Importing Company. Founded by Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II in 1916, this company has been on the forefront of Irish spirits in the Americas. The company is still being run by the family. They have developed state of the art distillation processes for creating ultra premium quality vodkas.