Rick Smith:Innovative, Visionary Leader Of SECURUS Technologies

When Rick Smith was tapped by the board of directors of SECURUS Technologies, Inc. to take over the company as its CEO in June 2008, many people were very excited. Smith has loads of experience and a track record for success. He is also known for his expansive vision and his ability to work flawlessly with diverse forces to make his vision a reality. And he has done just that at SECURUS Technologies. He has helped to make the company and even more powerful force in the corrections community by helping it to continue to create innovative products to better service the corrections industry.

Smith was the ideal person to take over at SECURUS Industries because of his years of experience and his focus on driving the company to maintain its position as the undisputed leader when it comes to providing effective solutions to problems faced by the corrections community. He has done so by continuing to create excellent initiatives in a number of key areas that have helped SECURUS Industries develop new technologies that have been embraced by the corrections industry. His work has helped the company continue to be a formidable force in the corrections market. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on bitsylink.com.

With his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, an MBA and a master’s degree in mathematics, Rick Smith has the right educational background to move the company forward. Plus his experience in operations, business development, information technology, finance and telecommunications gives him the ideal set of skills for running SECURUS Technologies and leading them to continued success. Many also point to the astute leadership Rick Smith has displayed at the positions he has held prior to taking over a SECURUS Technologies.

For over 9 years Smith was the chief executive officer of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. When he took over at Eschelon, the company had about $30 million in revenue. Due to his vision, leadership and innovative ideas, he helped to increase the revenue the company generated to as much as $350 million. He was also instrumental in leading them through a very successful IPO in 2005. Prior to working with Eschelon Telecom, Smith had worked with the Frontier Corporation. The company was so impressed with his diverse skillset that he was awarded a series of promotions that enabled him to help the company to grow to become a leader in its industry.

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Now at SECURUS Technologies, Rick Smith is leveraging his skills, experience and impressive background to help the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas based company to even greater heights than they had previously attained. He has proven that he was the right man with the right skillset to take over the leadership of Securus Technologies and help the company continue its exponential growth.


Securus Technologies – Building Technology That Saves Lives

Securus Technologies’ contributions in the field of civil, crime and crime prevention segment have been tremendous. The applications and products of the company help in the field of corrections, public safety, investigation, crime prevention, and monitoring. As the crime rate is increasing across the globe, especially in the underdeveloped countries and even underprivileged regions of developed countries, I personally feel that the technology can help in promoting better security and ensure that the criminals know that they are being tracked, watched and monitored, so that they think twice before committing any crime.



And, this is the kind of technology that Securus Technologies offer, which serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, police and public safety agencies. The technology offered by the company also serves over 1,200,000 inmates spanning across North America. As the company recently took out a stream of comments that its customers sent them, I went through them and felt much safer already. The technology offered by Securus, which has received an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), helps in putting criminals behind bars by providing justice system with sufficient evidence against them. It helps the public safety agencies to prevent crime in many different ways, which includes monitoring and surveillance.



Few of the services offered by Securus Technologies include biometric analysis, information management, public information, emergency response, monitoring services, surveillance systems, communication, incident management, and so on. When I was in incarceration a couple of years back, I have personally experienced how technology helps in keeping things in order and ensure safety even within the jail, which has the potential to be dangerous, even for the most seasoned criminals.



The rate of inmate-on-inmate crimes has dropped effectively with the help of technologies provided by Securus. The company is very transparent about what it does and is confident about its products and services. This is why it has also given an open invitation to investors and potential clients to visits its technology center in Dallas, Texas for a presentation.


The Video Visitation Technology Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American company that specializes in non-profit technology for prisons. They began in 1986 and their corporate headquarters is in Texas. About one thousand individuals are employees by Securus. They are also contracted with over twenty-six hundred separate facilities for corrections throughout the United States. In the last three years, Securus has made investments totaling over $600 million dollars in technology.


Securus Technologies has begun a campaign promoting the benefits of having video visitation available on a remote basis for inmates in the United States. Commercial highlighting this ability will be seen for the next thirty days. This negates the need for families and friends to have to make the drive to the prison. This technology is able to allow fathers to see their sons for Christmas and daughters to receive help with difficult homework. Father’s can actually watch their children grow with this technology.

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There are adversaries to these remote visits because they lack the understanding of what it feels like to be incarcerated and not have this option available. They have not taken into consideration the time it takes to drive to the prison, the cost, the time spent waiting in a line and the expenditure for parking. This is not Skype, it is a service built on a technology that is safe, partially because it requires registration. The technology is in such a high demand, it is being used to connect 160,000 of these visits each month and is doubling every single year. The visitation via video has one-hundred-seventy-eight agencies in the United States offering this technology. Mobile applications can be used for this as well and 110,000 visits have been connected this way with a price of just $2.72 a visit.






Securus Creates A Better Calling Network For Us All

I have family spread out all over the country that I am having a very hard time keeping in touch with because we are so far apart. We have family in jail who need us to talk to them, and these people will not do very well if no one is talking to them at all. They need to know that we are here on the outside and ready to help them. I know that it sounds like a crusade, but Securus has been great for us as a family. They have a family calling in from all over the place, and it helps us to see our family members.


Securus has been sending people in to do video and audio installations, and they are doing it on a level that most people cannot do it on. The whole plan is to make video calling available in every jail, but they have to have the best installers do that work for them. The work that is done puts a video camera and an audio system in every jail where people can sit down and talked to loved ones like we are. We are trying to keep the family together, and that is why I believe in this platform so much.


I know that a lot of people have not heard of Securus before, but I think that they are doing the right thing. They are taking their calling system which is already revolutionary and making it available to everyone. We have apps on our phones for this, and we are using it every day to check in with family. I am struggling to keep this family together, but I think that it is working. We know that everyone who is apart from us right now is not forgotten because of Securus.