Second Arrest Made In Prison Escape

The hunt continues for the two men who escaped for a high security New York prison. It’s been nearly three weeks since the men carved their way out of the prison and escaped through the prisons pipe system and out a manhole. Since their escape, odd details keep coming out surrounding their escape. First, it was the volunteer prison tailor, Joyce Mitchell. She has been arrested after she admitted to helping the two felons escape. According to her statement, Mitchell supplied the men with power tools which they ultimately used to cut their way out of the prison.


As the story develops, it was recently discovered by Mikal Watts that she and another prison worker were smuggling a hacksaw blade to the two men in a block of frozen hamburger meat. The other prison worker involved, Gene Palmer claims he was not aware there was any type of contraband in the meat. Regardless, Palmer was arrested on Wednesday for his role in delivering the meat. He was “charged with one count of promoting prison contraband, two counts of tampering with physical evidence, and one count of official misconduct.”


It is also believe that Mitchell was having sexual relations with one of the escapees. According to a statement from a current inmate in the prison who also worked in the tailor shop, the two would often sneak off and lock themselves in a closet. These allegations are being investigated.