Explore the Success of QNet

QNet really is shaking the foundation of traditional direct selling. A mix of the right ideas with the right growth strategy combined with the right implementation aided QNet’s amazing success.

Direct selling is an extremely popular means of earning money among entrepreneurs all over the world. Although many top sellers have amassed great wealth, none are likely to suggest making money with direct selling is easy. A lot of hard work and effort is required. Also necessary is an affiliation with an established and successful direct selling company. QNet has been around 16, which is relatively new for such an entity. During its existence, QNet has achieved incredible levels of growth. Offices can be found in over two dozen countries. Entrepreneurs selling Qnet products are located in 100+ countries. Yes, QNet is an amazingly successful enterprise and is sure to continue succeeding for many more years.

QNet’s management also realized the company must put all products and services through serious testing stages to ensure quality. The added time and cost investment in testing has paid off for QNet. Improved quality aided the company’s growth.

And yes, this is a company growing in many markets across the globe.

Qnet has designed other strategies for India, a country the direct seller is turning into a second home. (QNet is based in Hong Kong) Recently inroads in the Indian market show QNet is poised for even more success in the future. In a surprise move, QNet chose to move the entirety of its manufacturing to India. Yes, entirety means 100%. Qnet has other designs for the Indian market as well. The company wants to promote itself to women entrepreneurs in the country to further establish a strong presence.

The most impressive moves in India are on the philanthropic front. QNet has chosen to work with a number of partners to help support scores of different charitable endeavors. Flood relief, clean drinking water, and medical care efforts have all been aided by QNet and partners such as Lions Clubs International.

QNet has only just started on its incredible journey. Keep an eye out for QNet’s next 16 years of achievements.