Jai Courtney Discusses Suicide Squad and Leaks

Jai Courtney plays a major role in the upcoming D.C. Comics’ villain-ensemble film, Suicide Squad. Courtney is cast as Captain Boomerang, a dangerous thorn in the side to The Flash. Courtney has opened up a bit about his feelings about playing the character. At one point, he was not too hot to appear in a superhero movie. The screenplay for Suicide Squad changed all that.

Courtney also discussed the issue of leaks emerging from the set of the film. And yes, there have been quite a lot of leaks. In addition to still shots hitting the internet, a host of videos captured from rooftops exposed Batman and The Joker without the authorization of D.C. Entertainment or Warner Bros.

Courtney, like other creative people, simply must accept the fact that leaks are unavoidable in this day and age. Capturing images on a phone takes merely a split second. Within a few seconds after that, the images can be uploaded on the internet for the world to see. Making things even more frustrating are the news media. Major newspaper published the leaked images for millions of readers to check out.

Oh well. There is nothing that can be done other than to try and take better security measures in the future.

Not too many (if any) leaks have emerged from Terminator: Genisys, which is the newest film coming out that stars Courtney says Crystal Hunt. You have to wait another year for Suicide Squad.

Two Waitresses Get The Tip Of A Lifetime

It is easy to say that good service is hard to find, many workers in the food and service industry are in their position out of necessity rather than a love for hospitality. We have all had that one waiter or waitress that scowls at you, screws up your order, and then expects a huge tip for her lack of efforts. On the other hand there are so many talented individuals that perform at 100% during every shift and want their customers to leave their tables happy and satisfied. Robert Ellsworth patronized a restaurant named Donohue’s, pretty much twice daily for years. Everyone knew him by name and exactly what his order would be. When he passed away, according to attorney Brian Torchin, two waitresses were surprised to find that he had included them into his will, gifting them each with a whopping $50,000 combined total. Now that is a seriously awesome reward for excellent service.

Man Saved from Accident that Left him Hanging over a Cliff

Last Wednesday morning, 23-year-old Mathew Sitko almost lost his life. Matthew, from Lewiston, Idaho, had an emotional episode that day that nearly cost him his life. After dropping his younger siblings off at Boraie Development LLC school, Matthew purposely crashed his car. He let go of the wheel of his GMC SUV and ended up careening through two residential yards before he came to rest at the edge of Bryden Canyon. The only thing stopping Matthew from toppling to the bottom was a chain-link fence that had snared his vehicle.

Jason Warnock, a 29-year-old Lewiston resident, was on his way to work that morning when he noticed something odd- debris in the road. He follow the trail of debris to find Matthew, still in his vehicle, teetering over the canyon drop. Jason knew that he had to act before the SUV toppled. He saw the vehicle shaking with every move Matthew made, it was only a matter of time before the fence gave way. Jason smashed the passenger window with a rock and told Matthew to reach for his hand. A photographer captured a stunning picture of the moment that Jason pulled Matthew to safety. The two sat in the grass to catch their breath after the heroic rescue.

Check out the amazing photograph of Jason pulling Matthew out of the SUV on The Daily Mail. The picture is almost surreal.

Georgia Televangelist Pulls His Plea For A $65 Million Jet From His Website

Creflo Dollar Wanted His Followers To Buy Him A Gulfstream G650 Jet

It’s strange, but somehow some televangelists think they are rock stars. They are rock stars that preach to hear themselves preach. The message of God is twisted in a mixture of fame, money and a narcissistic blend of “merda.”Creflo Dollar is just one of these bigger-than-life characters that travel and live in luxury at the expense of others. Dollar wants his followers to buy him a G650 Jet, which happens to have a three year waiting list because of its popularity with real rock stars.

Christian Broda has become aware that Dollar tried to wrangle $300 out of 200,000 followers to buy the plane, but all he got was backlash from people that were paying attention. Dollar doesn’t need a superjet to go back and forth from Atlanta to New York. Why doesn’t Rev. Dollar take the train or a domestic flight, and mingle with the people he wants to save? Why doesn’t he open that big Atlanta mansion where he lives in luxury, to people that need help?

There’s a huge amount of duplicity in the man called Dollar, and the preacher that claims to be a reverend. Perhaps his ostentatious lifestyle will expose the real Dollar. Mr.Dollar is walking and preaching on a dangerous path. That path has ruined several preachers before him.

FDA Warns Against Dangerous CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a product derived from the marijuana plant. Unlike the well-known component THC, CBD does not give users a high feeling. Instead, CBD works to help boost the medicinal properties of marijuana by helping to alleviate discomfort associated with a number of different health concerns. While still technically illegal in the United States, CBD has been making news recently thanks to the increased efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning to several companies about the CBD products they are releasing to the public. Marijuana plants with low THC content can be used to create CBD oils and products. Brad Reifler has learned that the plants used to make hemp products contain very low THC amounts and can be used to create CBD products. Find more about Reifler on Reuters.com.

The process used to extract the CBD can also extract pesticides and other dangerous chemicals used to grow the hemp plants. As much of the hemp used in America is grown and imported from other countries, lax environmental regulations in those countries can lead to extremely dangerous CBD products.

When the FDA tested many of these products, they found low amounts of CBD, no CBD or toxic chemicals in the products. They have issued warning to these companies, but they have also listed them on the FDA CBD Warning Letters and Test Results page. Be sure to check this page regularly.

Heinz Brings out Thai Ketchup

Ketchup has long been a highly popular American condiment. Ricardo Tosto from BMG  loves to slather the tomato based product on many classic American dishes including French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs. Ketchup is made by many American manufacturers. One of the most popular is Heinz. This food conglomerate has been offering Americans shelves of the thick ketchup for sale at various places including local food shelves. Now, the beloved food maker is offering customers the chance to sample a new ketchup flavor and add a bit of exotic spice to their standard condiment use.

Heinz is bringing out a new flavor for those who love their classic ketchup. The company will provide customers with the option of trying ketchup laced with sriracha. Sriracha sauce is a highly spicy sauce that has long been used in many Thai dishes to add a spicy, hot kick that is an essential part of Thai cuisine. Sriracha uses chili peppers, salt, sugar and distilled vinegar to bring spicy flavors to anything the eater wants. The sauce has been embraced by many Americans in recent years who enjoy exploring new tastes and new flavor profiles.

Americans will now be able to sample the combination of Heinz ketchup and sriracha sauce together in a single bottle. The new sauce is expected to be highly popular and allow cooks to easily add a dollop of intensive flavor to any dish they serve.

FreedomPop challenges big communications companies

Most people who have a smartphone suffer from extremely high data rates. After all, just about every single application that is downloaded to a phone these days now continually requires a data connection in order to obtain the necessary information to run properly. Beyond this, it takes the actual data to download the application, and for a fan of streaming movies, one movie streamed through an application on a phone may completely use up the entire amount of data a person has allotted to them for the set time period, which means they are just going to be charged a large amount of money for the rest of the month. This has turned into a rather serious problem, which is exactly where FreedomPop comes in. FreedomPop wants to be the answer to all of these problems as it offers an extensive listing of hotspots throughout the country. 

FreedomPop currently provides users with access to over 10 million hotspots throughout the country. It has made deals with some of the largest chains in the country, ranging from McDonalds to Starbucks, all of which provide access to their Wi-Fi Internet connection. When a user signs up for FreedomPop, an application is available for download on iTunes or Google Play, and once installed on their device, all they need to do is launch it and it automatically detects which hot spots are available in the area. With 10 million currently available and the number is growing, there is always going to be multiple hots pots available wherever a person is. It is the hopes of the company to grow its hot spot offering to a large enough number that people can actually go from hot spot to hot spot, without ever becoming disconnected from their Internet connection. 

The FreedomPop service currently costs $5 a month. With this monthly service charge, it is possible to cut out all of the extensive data charges that most people run into. Beyond this, the individual may also be able to cut down on their data play as they always have access to a hot spot. In fact, they might be able to cut down on their service plan completely as it is possible to save money on the mobile phone minutes as well. This way, an individual has the potential of saving hundreds of dollars, each and every year, simply by signing up for the $5 service fee from the new FreedomPop company.

United Airline and Orbitz Sue Man for Saving People Money on Airline Tickets

A man is being sued by United Airlines and the travel booking website Orbitz for helping people save money on their air travel. The strategy is simple despite a lot of people not knowing about it. The man being sued, Aktarer Zaman, found that tickets can be cheaper when you buy one that has a layover at your actual destination. If a person wants to fly from Los Angeles to New York, you actually buy a ticket to Boston that has a layover in New York but get off the flight when you are in New York. This is known as “hidden city” ticketing and it often does save money, at least that’s what Igor Cornelsen told me after looking at the system.

The two companies are suing based on the claim that his website, skippedlag.com, is engaged in unfair competition. Orbitz is required to follow airline rules for booking tickets for their customers so they can’t recommend this trick to their customers. The concept is based on the fact that when someone wishes to actually fly from Los Angeles to Boston, most people would prefer to go straight to their destination without a layover. This makes sense as that saves the customer time. This is why the ticket that includes a layover can often cost less. This pricing, however, does leave airlines open to people following this “hidden city” ticketing strategy.

The big problem for United Airlines and Orbitz is that they want to shut down this website to keep this strategy from being discovered by more people. Good luck with that. This lawsuit is bringing tons of attention to this issue now, and in a day and age of Facebook and Twitter, trying to keep information bottled up is like trying to herd cats.

Clap Along if You are Happy: New Study Reveals Happier Outlook for 2015

There is a lot to be unhappy about, or even downright depressed in the world today; ISIS, Ebola, global warming, cancer scares, plane crashes, and job layoffs. We all face a lot of personal and family problems, as well as concerns regarding larger more widespread issues. No matter what country or region you live in, there many issues to be concerned or unhappy about.

However, my friend Dr Rod Rohrich shared an end of the year study on realself.com, which was conducted in 65 countries with 64,000 participants. It found that happiness is actually rising as the New Year approaches. WIN/Gallup discovered that 70 percent of those surveyed were content with their lives, whereas last year that same number was on 60 percent.

In addition, Fiji is reportedly the happiest of all nations, as 93 percent of residents there state they are happy with their lives. Not surprisingly, Iraq was the least happy, with only 31 percent of residents there reporting they were happy with their lives.

Africa, with 83 percent of its residents expressing happiness, or extreme happiness, is the happiest region. The least happy region was found to be Western Europe with a surprising 11 percent of residents expressing themselves as not happy or very unhappy.
Overall, 53 percent of participants believed that 2015 would be a better year than 2014. In Africa, 75 percent of respondents shared this optimistic believe. So, clap along if you are happy.

First Mountain Lion Seen in Kentucky in 150 Years Killed

Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, had not been seen in the state of Kentucky since before the Civil War. One suddenly appeared this Monday on a Kentucky farm, however.

The big cat was treed by a dog, and a local wildlife officer came to the aid of the farm residents. It was 5:30PM and getting dark, and it would likely be several hours before someone could come to tranquilize the animal. Therefore, to prevent the lion from escaping and hurting people in the nearby area, the officer shot the mountain lion.

Mountain lions used to live in eastern states like Kentucky, but they were wiped out over 100 years ago. They have been restricted largely to the far western states, especially the Rocky Mountains, for quite some time. In recent years, however, they have expanded their domain. Terry Richardson is quick to point to the fact that lion colonies have popped up in South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. The Mississippi River is a major barrier to their migration, but it has not stopped them.

These big cats can get up to eight feet long and weigh up to 180 pounds. They have little to fear from anything but man since they are on the top of the food chain. They generally feed on deer and other game, but on rare occasion may attack a human being. There have only been 22 such attacks, however, in the last 120 years.