The Ambition of Jason Halpern

Real Estate Development is one of the most profitable industries in society especially if you know what you are doing. One of the top developers in the country is Jason Halpern and his company JMH Development is at the top of the apex in this exclusive field. Jason Halpern is a third generation individual who’s been around the business for years. The Halpern family is well known in this line of work and has been stellar list of accomplishments that spans more than 50 years. This remarkable guy has led JMH Development to great success up and down the eastern seaboard including from Miami to New York City.


Development of Growing Markets is where this company stands out as it has multiple projects in the works for both commercial and residential areas. Being the founder and managing partner of the firm, Halpern implements his on-site expertise and development skills. This is a full service development company that specializes in luxury. Jason Halpern has worked in historic areas as well all while developing these projects to match the area’s unique appearance. Everything is done by the book and are well researched before work begins. Thanks to this brilliant way of respecting it’s communities, JMH and Jason Halpern seem to have the keys to the city. Miami Beach, Florida has surely benefited from this firm with a 235 Room Aloft Hotel. Later named “The Gates” Hotel South Beach, this luxurious grand hotel was by JMH for a whopping $105 Million to Rockpoint Group Real Estate Company. Halpern and JMH Development are setting the tone of modern day development and have many more projects in the works. JMH obtained the affluent Brooklyn Heights Cinema in New York and have turned it into luxury condos.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Another big accomplishment was the “184 Kent” in Brooklyn. This old constructed building of 1913 has been reworked into a turn-of-the-century style of luxury apartments along Brooklyn, New York’s waterfront. Even the Townhouses at Cobble Hill has Jason Halpern written all over it. This is fast paced action at it’s finest in many of the nation’s most desirable markets. This strong passion of construction is what sets Halpern apart from his peers and this very passion is what’s pushing his company forward well into the future.