Stem Cell Therapy: A Revolution In Lung Diseases

Stem Cell Technique is a revolutionize treatment for many diseases. It has a couple of unique characteristics which make it appropriate for treatment or therapy for a rising number of medical conditions and diseases. Firstly, stem cells have the capability to multiple or reproduce more cells of the same type. Also, they can turn into specialized cells that would be suitable to perform a particular function, such as in the muscle, skin or bone.

Currently, despite apart from curing many health conditions like neurodegenerative ailments, heart diseases, and diabetes, with each passing year, more medical conditions and diseases are being known to be treated with the use of these stem cells. According to the PR Web, clinical trials are already in progress to treat stroke, blindness, and spinal cord injury by using stem cell. Even though there are people who are against this technique and they think of it as unethical, stem cell therapy is gaining popularity day by day.

For over six decades, transplant of bone marrow is the most common stem cell therapy being used in medical history, though that could be a painful, prolonged and expensive process. In contrast, deriving stem cells derived from the umbilical cord are less expensive and safer to use for treatment, and that’s where people found it unethical. The potential for tissue regeneration has led to treatments for injuries and diseases to the skin, bone, and surface of a human eye by implanting or grafting tissues.

The Lung Institute is a well-known and renowned medical research institutes that are helping people who are ill due to a different type of lungs diseases. They help their patient with an advanced therapy known as stem cell therapy that works the way that is mentioned above in this article.

This Cedars-Sinai based Institute aims to use stem cells to solve chronic disease problems related to lungs such as COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. The Lung Institute presently provides a range of treatments to the patients who are suffering from lung diseases. The patient can choose the treatment according to his ethical values between bone marrow treatments and blood (venous) treatments.