A New Way to Stay in London for Work or Pleasure

I was recently assigned by my company to spent 10 days in London, England taking care of a very important matter. It was only my second trip to that wonderful but expensive city, and I had a good idea of what I was getting into. The weather can be horrible with rain and wind and bitter cold even in the summer months and the hotels are among the most expensive hotels on the planet and judging from my last visit, London hotels offer a very small amount of comfortable living space for the buck, er…quid. But on the bright side Londoners are great people, civilized and friendly and they even speak our language. I do enjoy riding the double decker public transport buses and seeing the many sights of London. Taking a shopping trip for souvenirs in Camden Town is always fun and a chance to sample many kinds of food including fish and chips. Just being in London is fun, walking down the streets looking into shop windows and entering the local Sainsbury’s grocery store for unusual but delicious cheeses, and I always try a new flavor of beer. In London beer is everywhere and, beyond doubt, world class.
Knowing what I knew about the hotel situation in London, I was convinced this time to avoid the costly hotels and their cramped rooms. I was working after all and didn’t have much time to spare. But I wanted space to stretch out and a fridge for beer and cheese. A bedroom and a living room would be nice and I was lucky to find the perfect place thanks to LondonEscape. The cost of the apartment was considerably less that an upscale hotel and I felt at home thousands of miles away from home.
After completion of my work I left London and my little flat knowing that the next time I’d return I’d stay at the very same apartment and stock that fridge with cheese and beer from Sainsbury’s grocery and the next time I’d build up my courage and climb aboard and ride the Eye of London.