Trending Styles For Men’s Shoes This Fall

Autumn is here. The leaves are changing, the weather is changing, and so your wardrobe must also change. With the onset of nature’s autumnal palate comes the onslaught of scarfs, overcoats and shifting wardrobes.

The fall is an interesting time for a wardrobe because, like the spring, it is neither hot nor cold. The key to dressing for autumn is versatility in everything, including one’s leather shoes.

Choose Quality Shoes
This fall, make it a point to invest in at least one pair of high-quality shoes with a timeless style. A well-made pair of shoes can last years, but the style may last a lifetime. Make the effort, invest in quality, invest in style, and invest in yourself. Consider buying hand-crafted shoes of quality from a trusted name such as Paul Evans.

The Paul Evans brand began with two men from New York City who wanted to help men look their best. From the outset, these men know that they wanted to create beautiful timeless shoes using quality materials and timeless techniques.

A good shoe is an investment. Well-made shoes are functional, stylish and will last for many years. The key to buying a great shoe is choosing a shoe that is classic, well made and stylish. With so many styles in shoes, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, we have curated a list of essential styles that are right in line with today’s trends in men’s shoes.

The Leather Lace-Up Boot
The leather lace-up boot is a classic style that is making a comeback in a huge way. These shoes are particularly valuable in any wardrobe as they may either be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion. Investing in a pair of leather lace-up boots is a wise choice as these boots tend to last for many years and yield a great return on one’s investment.

The Suede Loafer
Another versatile shoe, the suede loafer may be dressed up or down with ease. The loafer is a simple yet elegant style that has been favored by people of all walks of life since the mid-1800’s. A great pair of loafers will last for many years, through many seasons and many wardrobe changes.

Chelsea Boots
These classic boots recall the styles of the Victorian era. The historical boots were invented as a remedy to lace-up riding boots that were impossible to fasten by oneself. Although the style may be Victorian the name harkens back to the Chelsea scene of the 50’s and 60’s when the style was popularized in modern men’s fashion. Today the Chelsea boots are a staple in the fashionable man’s wardrobe. Beloved by many, the boots are arguably one of the most versatile styles in modern men’s footwear.

The Brown Leather Brogue
The Scott-Irish leather brogue is a must-have for the modern man. The classic and versatile style has a distinctive character that other men’s styles lack. The style’s traditional punch hole marks add interest and character, creating a look unlike any other in modern male footwear.