Instant Alliance Led by Rona Borre


Instant Alliance was initially founded in 2001 by Rona Borre

One of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the Chicago area is Instant Alliance. Instant Alliance is currently one of the leading providers for staffing solutions for companies in both the technology and finance industries. The company has been able to build its reputation by working closely with clients in an effort to fully understand their staffing needs.  More of this on


According to, while there are many different staffing and recruiting firms in the industry, Instant Alliance is different because they strive to fully understanding your business first. Prior to hiring any talent or going through the marketing process, Instant Alliance will first spend time to understand your company, your focus and vision, and get a sense of the overall feel of your office. This process will help to ensure that they are recruiting the right people for your firm.


Instant Alliance was initially founded in 2001 by Rona Borre, whom was already an experienced professional in the staffing and recruiting industry. Prior to starting her career, Rona Borre received a degree from the University of Arizona. After spending some time working for a few different years, Borre was able to build up the client base and reputation necessary to build Instant Alliance into the successful company that it is today. She has received a lot of recognition in the industry for building one of the top-recruiting firms in Chicago while also being regarded as one of the top entrepreneurs in the city.

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