Alfonso de Angoitia: Top Media Executive In Mexico

     Between the late 90s and 2017, the Mexican media landscape has advanced rapidly. While TV is still dominated by the two giant media conglomerates Grupo Televisa and TV Azteca, many newspapers, magazines and radio shows have sprung up. The internet has also had a dramatic impact on how Mexicans procure and consume media content. YouTube stars who have millions of subscribers are shifting revenue from TV advertisements to the internet. On August 1, 2017 Mexican YouTuber Olalla Lopez signed with UTA, one of the top Mexican Talent Agencies. She has 10.4 million subscribers and she is work with global brands such as Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. This shift is happening fast and many existing media companies have to adapt to avoid being cannibalized.

Grupo Televisa is the largest mass media company in Mexico and Hispanic America. It also has a firm grip on the Hispanic market in the US via its exclusive contract with Univision. Since the company was founded it has been owned and managed by the Azcarraga family. The founder of the company is Mexican media legend Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta. The company is currently run by Vidaurreta’s grandson Emilio Azcárraga Jean. He has run the company from 1997. The Azcarraga family has managed to keep Grupo Televisa at the top of Mexican Mass Media by hiring managers who have deep experience in Mexican media.

Alfonso de Angoitia is the Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa. Before becoming an Executive VP Alfonso served as the Chief Financial Officer of Televisa from 1999 to 20003. Alfonso is a lawyer by training and he founded one of Mexico’s top law firms Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. before joining the media industry. Since he joined Grupo Televisa he has been a member of the board of directors. Angoitia was instrumental in helping Grupo Televisa sign a $1.2 billion deal with Univision.

Omar Yunes Achieves Success Within The Food Industry And Is Honored With A Hard Earned Reward

The Best Franchise of the World is a prestigious competition among different franchises. The last competition took place in Florence, Italy and Sushi Itto received the award. The owner of the franchise is Omar Yunes and he began running the Japanese food business when he was 21. He has since expanded to thirteen franchises located in Mexico which is the equivalent of ten percent of all the Sushi Itto franchises. His pride was obvious when he accepted the honor and he believes his employees have as much of a right to the award as he does.

There were 34 countries represented at the ceremony. The basis of the award was how individual franchises effected the network in terms of savings, knowledge, employee motivation, influence, improvements, and contributions. Omar Yunes received first place because of his excellence in management and the control boards he used to track his franchises. He offered his customers exceptional hospitality, professional service, and the perfect flavor. Partially due to Omar Yunes the Mexican franchises are no longer simply regional but are being recognized on an international level.

The award for second place was received by Iván Tamer for his contributions to Prendamex. The marketing system he provided revolutionized the pawn shop’s network. This award also contributed to the status of the Mexican chapter and made substantial contributions to the brand. The Mexican chapter had their own jury consisting of numerous representatives and entrepreneurs.

Omar Yunes is an investor of Mexican heritage and a representative of Sushi Itto. His interest in his business has led to him being honored with several awards. His marketing campaigns are of an aggressive nature and he has a lot of control over the industry of food. Due to the success of his brand 400 workers are employed within his thirteen franchises. His success is due to the way he motivates his employees to help them reach the goals set by the company. Omar Yunes is an excellent leader and has developed an incredibly strong network in his business. His business strategies have propelled his business forward and works well within his structure.

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Bruno Fagali And His Efforts At Cleaning Up The Legal Profession

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil. He founded the FAGALI advocacy. Bruno Fagali is well-known for the professionalism he displays towards legal services. His specialization in legal services includes Public along with Anti-Corruption Law. He handles several issues such as administrative contracts, besides urban law. He also looks after administrative along with civil liability processes. Others are the administrative improbity actions along with bidding law. Next is the regulatory law as well as public civil actions besides expropriation actions, and so on.

He is well aware of the corruption that is typically associated with all kinds of public funds. This is Bruno Fagali is initiating several actions that will help in cleaning up the system. One of these is the integrity drive. This is for all those departments as well as firms that get any kind of government contracts.

Recently several corruption scandals have rocked the nation. This is why the views of Bruno Fagali are receiving lots of attention. He is even helping various corporates in initiating drive that will bring transparency within their company. This would require special training as well as ethics. FAGALI advocacy has been set up by Bruno Fagali. It has a focus on public law, as well as compliance, besides election along with anti-corruption. These are the four characteristics that can be considered as the solution to achieve social equality.

He is working with nova/sb also. He is serving there as their Corporate Integrity Manager. It needs to be noted that Nova/sb is a reputed advertising firm. It gets several advertisement campaigns that come from the Brazilian government besides reputed international organizations such as WHO, International Labor Organization, and so on. Bruno Fagali has created an ethics committee within the agency. Besides, members, as well as employees within the agency, are being treated equally.

Cassio Audi Is Very Musical

Cassio Audi is a very musically talented person. He first rose to fame as the drummer and leader of the Viper Rock Music group. As a little boy, he identified his interest in music and sang in small groups. He also joined the school choir and learned instruments so that he would further grow his talent. However, his instrument of interest was the drum; he used most of his time practicing to play the drums.
Viper Rock Ban
Viper Rock Band was formed by the coincidental meeting of the five members. The two brothers Yvet and Pit enjoyed playing music together in their parents’ house. Consequently, when they reached 18, they decided to move out of their parents and rent a room together to keep playing music. They also added another roommate, Felipe Machande, to reduce the cost of the room. The three practiced music together not knowing that they were attracting their neighbors outside. Andre Mates, one of their neighbors, was very interested and he often joined them in their practice. He also happened to know Cassio Audi the drummer and he would sometimes bring him along to practice. The puzzle was now complete and they felt they could do commercial music.
Cassio Audi, the drummer, often pitched the ideas of the songs, which were formed by the group. He also constantly urged the members to be self-motivated and attend all practice sessions. Since none of them had another job at the time, they made music their full-time career, and they spent almost all their time practicing. Casio told them that passion and consistency are the keys that would take them to the top. Sure enough, their first album sold all over the world and made them famous. The second album was even more successful as it was launched in several continents and sold many copies.

Agora Financial a Leading Financial Solutions Provider in the Industry

Agora Financial is an organization that provides financial solutions to investors and companies from various sectors of the economy. The group offers independent economic commentary through online publications, videos, online seminars, and conference calls as well. Agora provides this coverage to businesses and investors without any charge or payments. Through the free publications and videos, Agora provides unbiased market analysis and developing news.

Clients that seek these services from Agora navigate numerous areas of the market with the help of 20 publications provided by the company. For more than 20 years in operation, Agora Financial has been focused on providing their clients with the most beneficial investment services and market research. In addition to the publications, the company also offers their customers trend trading, short-term income generators, and high growth opportunities.

About Agora Financial
The company is made up of a team of experts which include Harvard Trained Geologist, an Award-winning Filmmaker and a Three-Time New York Times Bestselling Author, a self-made Billionaire and a passionate philanthropist, and an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, and a Pulitzer Nominated Scientific Journalist. Agora is considered as one of the biggest research company across the world and has surpassed the Los Angeles Times regarding the number of people reading their information.

In 1978, William Bonner co-founded the mother company Agora Inc. in Washington Dc before turning into Agora Financial. Currently, the company is considered to be among the most successful newsletter publishers although it’s started as a small company. The team in the company travel across the world to study new investment opportunities. William Bonner has been recognized as a significant investor and has received several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year and Direct Marketing Man of the Year. Mr. Bonner has transformed Agora Financial into multinational and has services in over six continents.

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     The year 2,000 was not the year of the great financial global calamity, nor was it the expected year of the computer crash heard ’round the world: Neither was it the year of judgment, the great and dreadful day of the return of Jesus Christ to judge this world once and for all. Though Alexandre Gama – modern Brazilian copywriting publicist and true role model for all Brazilian writers and editors to follow – holds that either one or all of these events may still happen in the near future, he also holds that it’s always wise to be prepared and have a backup plan. His was Neogama, which he launched to success on his own efforts – right before the year 2,000. He notes that if he had not started his business as he did in 1999, then it would perhaps not be the same today- his golden opportunity.

Alexandre Gama Back to Roots in Brazil with Neogama

     Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur and creative professional in communications and advertising, operates one of the Top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil called Neogama. Gama is the founder, CEO and CCO. Founded in 1999, the company was the fastest growing agency in its first three years.

Using the degrees he obtained in advertising and communications from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, he humbling started as a copywriter in 1982. In 2008, he was the first Latin American to present Master Class at Cannes Festival in France, in later years, Alexandre Gama had been awarded 23 Lions from the Cannes Festival.

He has been recognized as the ‘Agency Director of the Year’, and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry’. After winning many awards and a short period where he sold part of Neogama, he is back in Brazil only and operating more independently.

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is one name that normally surfaces during discussions about investments. This hard-working gentleman is well-known for raising the bar in the investment arena. As the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has an exceptional reputation for managing valuable assets with ease. Many insiders attribute Highland Management’s success to Mr. Dondero’s vision, experience, and uncanny ability to interpret the financial markets.

Mr. Dondero’s path to success started when he was accepted to the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984. He also graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce the same year. He managed to earn dual majors in Accounting and Finance in accounting and finance with high honors.

With aspirations of climbing the ladder, Dondero joined American Express in 1985 as a Corporate Bond Analysis. His hard work, dedication, and loyalty to American Express helped him become a Portfolio Manager for fixed income bonds valued at $1 billon. He left American Express to become the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary.

Dondero wanted to make a big splash in the credit and equities market. He realized that institutional and retail investors were searching for new investment products and solutions. He helped lay the bricks for a new company that would fulfill this need. He knew that Highland Capital Management would offer a golden opportunity to investors that wanted to get behind investments that will grow and produce passive income with limited risk.

James Dondero also plays an active role in his community. He has donated millions of dollars to various non-profits and charities in the Dallas area. His efforts have opened the door for new partnerships and more donors. It’s also important to point out that Dondero is the acting Chairman of the board of NexPoint, CSS Medical, and Cornerstone Health. He also sits on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Mr. Dondero is a successful business man and treasured citizen in the Dallas area. It will be interesting to see what he will do in the future. It’s fair to say that he has left his mark on the world.

NuoBo: Preserving Database Integrity

An elastic SQL database for cloud applications called NuoDB is getting more and more attention from the Technology industry. Compliant with SQL the NuoDB cloud is deemed “NewSQL.” With architecture within the cloud database that is distributed object architecture it can be employed to help a new server work at efficient speeed, caling outdatabase manifests.
The database delegates work among various processors to deflect constriction of data.
The database uses a “Tiered approach – comprising multiple, redundant tiers of transaction engines and storage managers.” This formulation aids in scaling the data predictability in the cloud. NuoDB divides statistics factors into software gadgets called “atoms.” The database is built round a “long lasting allotted cache” design making use of a hard and fast caches to assist cloud-style elasticity concurrently ensuring that every fact gadget is competently saved and maintained.
Accelerating database capability can be done by increasing TEs or SMs. The NuoDB2.6 release added assistance for active-active database deployments across aggregate Amazon Web Services accessibility zones.
As a part of the Database technology industry, NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Bary S. Morris, Jim Starkey, and Bob Walmsley. The company currently employs 85 people. More information can be found at

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero and Media Companies in Mexico

     Mexico country has several top performing media companies. Most of these companies play critical roles when it comes to political, economic, social, and cultural life. Below are two media companies that have contributed to these roles.

Grupo Televisa

Grupo Televisa is the largest multimedia company in Mexico. The company based its operation on four segments, which are cable, sky, content, and other businesses. Grupo Televisa is capable of distributing the contents it produces through numerous broadcasting channels in Mexico and many other Hispanic countries. Apart from television networks, cable networks, and pay-television brands, Grupo Televisa also provides other services such as OTT (over-the-top).

Grupo Televisa owns and operates more than 14 television stations in Mexico. Some of these stations include channel 9, 5, 4, and 2. It also owns a digital sub-station that broadcasts its products in the English language along California border. Moreover, Grupo Televisa has the capability of producing and broadcasting more than 89200 hours programs on its network stations.

TV Azteca

TV Azteca is a Mexican multimedia company that is part of Grupo Salinas. The media company operates two popular networks, Azteca 7 and Trece. All of these two networks have national coverage, which is achieved through FTA, DBS, cable TV, and air TV. Most of the networks of TV Azteca are available in HDTV.

TV Azteca also has a network station known as Azteca 13. This particular network can also be accessed through the website of Azteca. TV Azteca also operates AA (Azteca América) and Azteca 13 Internacional network. AA (Azteca América) is one of the TV Azteca stations in the United States of America. On the other hand, Azteca 13 Internacional network reaches more than 13 nations in Central and South America.


About Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the current CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Grupo Televisa. He is also one of the BD (Board of Directors) of Grupo Televisa SAB. Before joining Grupo Televisa, Mr. Salvi also worked as the Chief Financial Officer and CEO of Comercio Más SA de CV. He also worked as the Vice Chairman of a banking company known as Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores.

Mr. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also worked as the Vice President of the department of financial planning at Televisa SA. He possesses a lot of experience when it comes to financial management and general management. He always delivers quality results.