Sergio Cortes Explains the Current State of Zika and Dengue Virus

Doctor Sergio Cortes humanity overdoes his roles in the health care industry. Sergio Cortes is a hip surgeon who resides in Brazil. He is the former Rio de Janeiro health secretariat. Sergio showed his humanity after conducting a visit to Xerem center, a town that was being faced by the floods calamity challenge. He supervised the disinfection of water to prevent the infection of the residents. Cortes is also a well-known medical expert.
His expertise in social media influence also impresses many. Dr. Sergio holds a personal website that he uses to communicate with other international medical practitioners. He also trends in Twitter having more than two thousand followers at a global level. To follow Dr. Sergio on Twitter.
Doctor Sergio recently made a release regarding the various ways of differentiating dengue and zika virus. In his opinion, the Aedes aegypti also causes the transmission of the diseases mentioned above. According to health experts, symptoms of zika and chikungunya tend to be very similar. The health practitioners implied that the symptoms ranged from red eyes spots, high fever and body aches. Sergio added that this virus was even caused by mosquito bites.
Nurse Bruno Guerra conducted a research in an attempt of outlining the similarities and differences of the condition. She reported that predominance of signs lay with diverse diseases. She added that red eyes act as the official sign of zika virus. Bruno also sensitized people on the importance of consulting a licensed doctor for further checkup. Sergio depicted that the only way to treat the conditions was through mouth hydration.
Sergio added that hydration exercise should go hand in hand with adequate rest for at least one week so as to restore the normal physical condition. The Butantan Institute of Science and Technology has been on the move to administer and manufacture an antidote for the viruses. Sergio Cortes reported that the Institute had been carrying research for four years. The scientists are currently waiting for the health surveillance to pass the drug test to the last stage so that they come up with a complete antidote.
Sergio implied that dealing with the mosquito is one of the addressed issues to prevent the mosquito from spreading the virus.