Bulletproof and Amazing, It’s Coffee by the Way…

Imagine people drinking coffee that tastes as frothy and rich as latte without the toxins. Imagine that it gets better than that. Envision the coffee with no acidity, but with all the health benefits associated with caffeine like improving brain function and energy level without feeling wired. That is precisely what Dave Asprey achieved when he invented Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee was inspired by Asprey’s trip to Tibet, where he had the most memorable experience of his life—yak tea. Yak tea is part butter. Tibetan had been drinking yak tea for centuries. It gave Asprey a wonderful sense of well-being that he felt compelled to share the drink with others in the United States.

Bulletproof Coffee was formally launched last year with over three million consumers to date. A large part of the company’s success is due to Asprey’s resourcefulness and altruistic desire to replicate and share the healthfulness he experienced with yak butter tea. For someone who suffered from fatigued everyday of young life, yak tea made him feel incredible. Once he was back in the United States, Asprey devoted himself to concocting the right coffee brew, not tea, to recreate the beverage. The outcome, Bulletproof Coffee is a work of utter genius. By adding unsalted grass-fed butter and triglyceride oil in his own coffee bean recipe, he was able not only to copy the flavor and benefits of the Tibetan beverage, but to curtail the mycotoxin levels of caffeine. Mycotoxins are harmful chemicals found in plants. Aside from that, Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee is also advantageous to the existence of a healthy brain. The fat content in the butter aids daily brain activity.

Busy celebrities have been raving about Bulletproof Coffee. In fact, it was featured favorably on Good Morning America in 2014. Film and TV actress, Shailene Woodley wrote that it is one of the greatest human achievements in her Tweeter account. Talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is another fan. He and comedian/actress Maya Rudolph chatted about it on his show. Given their super hectic schedules, there is no doubt that athletes, executives, artists and professionals are aficionados too.

Bulletproof Coffee recently opened a stand-alone store with a café in Los Angeles. Asprey is planning on opening stores in other locations. In the meantime, consumers can buy Bulletproof Coffee on the store website. The website also lists the store locations that carry Bulletproof Coffee products including tea.