Clap Along if You are Happy: New Study Reveals Happier Outlook for 2015

There is a lot to be unhappy about, or even downright depressed in the world today; ISIS, Ebola, global warming, cancer scares, plane crashes, and job layoffs. We all face a lot of personal and family problems, as well as concerns regarding larger more widespread issues. No matter what country or region you live in, there many issues to be concerned or unhappy about.

However, my friend Dr Rod Rohrich shared an end of the year study on, which was conducted in 65 countries with 64,000 participants. It found that happiness is actually rising as the New Year approaches. WIN/Gallup discovered that 70 percent of those surveyed were content with their lives, whereas last year that same number was on 60 percent.

In addition, Fiji is reportedly the happiest of all nations, as 93 percent of residents there state they are happy with their lives. Not surprisingly, Iraq was the least happy, with only 31 percent of residents there reporting they were happy with their lives.

Africa, with 83 percent of its residents expressing happiness, or extreme happiness, is the happiest region. The least happy region was found to be Western Europe with a surprising 11 percent of residents expressing themselves as not happy or very unhappy.
Overall, 53 percent of participants believed that 2015 would be a better year than 2014. In Africa, 75 percent of respondents shared this optimistic believe. So, clap along if you are happy.

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